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Keva Anti Diabetic

I am a diabetic patient and also had knee pain for the past 10 years. I consulted doctor but was not cured. Then my friend suggested for using Keva Anti diabetic in combination with KAMD 10 drops daily. At present my knee pain is reduced and diabetes is much controlled. My sincere thanks to Keva for these wonderful miracle products!
Dhaanraju Priya Anand(Age - 52 Yrs)
(Cuddalorei, Tamil Nadu)

Diabetes made my life miserable. I used to have severe weakness, fatigue, fragile bones problem & many more. Every morning I wake up with severe weakness. My fast sugar was 200 above which is not normal at all. One day one of my friend told me about Keva Anti Diabetic when I saw his confidence in that product. I decided to give it a try. To my surprise this product brought me a lot of relief from this stubborn problem. It has been around 4 months I am taking this product and now I am feeling full of life & energy. My sincere thanks to Keva Industries!
Vipin Gohain (Age-49years)
(Barpeta, Assam)

I am very happy to share my experience with Keva Products specially Keva Anti Diabetic & Slim Tea. I developed severe fatness and tiredness. When I started using these wonderful products I have seen tremendous effects in my condition. Getting rid of excess weight, constipation and my sugar has come under control.
Smruti Gowitrikar (Age-45years)
(Washim, Maharashtra)

I would like to thank Keva and all your staffs for the invaluable help on my diabetes. I have not been thinking that I can stop injecting myself insulin. After 15 years of my diabetes, my sugar was not under controlled, so I was taking insulin. After I started the Managing Diabetes with the help of Keva anti diabetic, regular health checkups, little exercise and healthy diet, I achieved cutting down my insulin injection. Now I’m quite happy to take medication only. I lost 4 kg in three months and my waist circumference has reduced by 3 inches. Cheers to Keva products!
Nediguti Ralaya Seema (Age-63years)
(Barpeta, Assam)

I do not believe myself that my diabetes has gone now. I was shock when the doctor told me that I’m a diabetic. My mother had diabetes and she had several treatments for 15 years before she passed away. I work very hard and no time for exercise. My husband told me to take care as I am so young and responsibilities of kids so take care of yours. One day his office friend told us about Keva Anti Diabetic and I started taking this products. I was very astonished to see the results on my problem. My sugar came down below 100 mg/dl in merely 15 days of intake and I stopped my medication. This was really possible just because of this wonderful product.
Kiren Tacho (Age-41years)
(Changalang, Arunachal Pradesh)

This is just a short note to thank you for making such a lovely and effective product. As I was fairly ambitious in my goals but to lose 2 Kg is 21 days, and to honestly not feel weak at any time whilst taking the product on the contrary I was feeling so full of energy! I was quite skeptical but the regular dosage of the product to take account of my various needs and limitations was wonderful. My sugar was under control and saw noticeable difference in my condition just because of Keva Anti Diabetic.
Ram Dulari Shukla (Age-53years)
(Gopalganj, Bihar)

I am Sarita want to confirm that after taking Keva Anti Diabetic for last two months my condition has stabled. During this period my sugar level has brought down from 150 in fasting to 110. This product has made me more energetic. This is really good product for diabetic patient. I wish grand success to Keva Industries.
Sarita Gaikwad (Age-37years)
(Banaskatha, Gujarat)

I am a diabetic for the last 5 years. When I added Keva Anti Diabetic on the recommendation of my friend in August 2012, I was already taking medicines to deal with diabetes but they have lot of side effects on my health. Keva Anti Diabetic was added at the dose of one capsule three times a day for 2 months regularly. My HbA1c is 6.2% and C-peptide 2.12. Now I am feeling better than previous condition. I am hoping my sugar will completely come under control in next 6 months. All my thanks to Keva Industries!
N.R Nilekani (Age-49years)
(Mandya, Karnataka)

I don't know where to begin to explain my story about your wonderful company and incredible products. I really feel great and look great after I started using the Keva Anti Diabetic in combination with Keva Ancient Mineral Drops just after 1 and half month of use. This product has really changes my life. I am not feeling any weakness or pain in legs while walking. Now I can enjoy my life that I was missing.
Kamta Gurjar (Age-55years)
(Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh)

Hello to Keva Team, this is Santhana from Kerala; I was so upset due to my uncontrolled sugar problem. I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 48 and since then I was on medication. Now it has been 7 yrs I got several negative effects on my body as I was having severe pain in my knees even I could not bend them easily. My health was debilitating day by day and but one day my physician told me about Keva Anti Diabetic I started this as a supplement. After merely seven days of use I felt some difference in my condition. Then I started taking Keva Bone Health along with KAMD drops massage then in a month my knee pain was gone completely. Also my sugar has come under control. I really want to thank all Keva family, researchers and experts to innovate such a wonderful product for mankind.
Santhana Nambiar (Age-59years)
(Quilon, Kerala)

I am so grateful to Keva Products especially Keva Anti Diabetic as my father was suffering from this critical problem for the last 10 years. He was regularly on medicines that dealt with this problem. But there was no relief from this problem, his condition got unstable with every single day. After using Keva Anti Diabetic his blood sugar level has gone from around 180 - over 200 down to 95 - 114 on an average day. Now he is able to control the sugar with proper dosage and regular checkups.
G.D Kanetkar (Age-36years)
(Raigad, Maharashtra)
We all know diabetes is very critical problem; I was victim of this problem for the last 4 yrs. I was taking my medicines regularly and proper checkups but still not much difference I felt in my condition. Always there are some pros and cons related to every medicine so do I have. I really want to thank Keva Anti Diabetic for making my problem so small. I am much relieved after taking this product really.
Khekiho Zhimoni (Age-51years)
(Tuensang, Nagaland)

Keva Anti Diabetic is one of very good herbal product. I am glad I got to know about this product well on time. Actually I developed this problem 9 months back and my physician told me to take some medicines. I was continuously taking them but no improvement in my condition. Then on suggestion of one of my friend I started taking Keva Anti Diabetic on daily basis. In merely 15 days of use I noticed much improvement in my condition. I am so thankful to Keva Industries!
Sudarshan Mahatab (Age-42years)
(Sambalpur, Orissa)

My problem of increased sugar level was getting even worse with time. I am just 41 yrs old and all the day my body was full of pain, laziness. My routine activities disturbed a lot and when I started taking Keva Anti Diabetic, my condition started improving now. I am very much satisfied with this product as I am completely free from this problem in two months.
Ram Gopal Halwai (Age-53years)
(Karauli, Rajastham)

My daughter Ashika developed diabetic symptoms at age of 13 only that was on very early stage. Luckily one of my family friend who is working in Keva Industries for the last one year told me about this Keva Anti Diabetic. Without any delay I ordered this product and based on physician directions I started giving this product to my daughter. Also we took care of her health. Now to my surprise she is completely free from this disease in just one month of use. Today we went for her check up and our physician told her sugar is under control. Nothing to worry about now I am so happy. Certainly want to thank to Keva for bringing forth this kind of innovative product in the market.
Saddagopan Karthik (Age-53years)
(Perambalur, Tamil Nadu)

I was diagnosed with diabetes six years ago. I didn't have the energy that I had before I started taking Keva Anti Diabetic. After I started taking this product, I got more energy. I feel much better. I can move around much better. I can run. I can walk distances! I am highly thankful to Keva Industries!
Om Prakash Rai (Age-51years)
(Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh)

When I first learned I had diabetes, I worked for a while and then I had to come off. I was having problems with my knees and my legs, I couldn't even walk to the some steps without getting tired. About two weeks after I started taking, I could do all of that and now everything seems to be better with the help of Keva Anti Diabetic. So thankful to this innovative product!
Yashwant Singh Dutta (Age-49years)
(Palamu, Jharkhand)

I am a diabetic patient. My blood sugar level used to read between 150-180. After I started using the Cellular Nutrients it came down to 125-130. My doctor lowered my insulin intake from 15/10 to 7/5. Now my blood sugar is even lower it is 90-105. Since I have been on Keva Anti Diabetic, everyday marks a remarkable improvement in my health.
Pranati Ghjatak (Age-46years)
(Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal)

I was a diabetic patient. I had to take special care of myself & visit my doctor daily but my reports were getting worse. Then my doctor referred me to take Keva Anti Diabetic daily. After 35 days I felt great relief being a better and energetic person. I have stopped taking other medications now.
Manish Bisht (Age-42years)
(Rudraprayag, Uttaranchal)

I have been dealing with Diabetes for the last 10 years. Many other complications started in my body, like pain in legs, severe weakness, weak eyesight etc. My life was like over. When I started using Keva Anti Diabetic, my problems really started reducing. I have personally noticed tremendous change in my body. I am feeling myself much relieved that is because of KAMD.
Shyam Charan Verma (Age-61years)
(Jashpur, Chattisgarh)

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