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Keva Anti Pollution Drops

I had developed pimples and acnes all over the face and some rashes on the body parts. My problem was increasing day by day as my office was near a chemical factory. Then I heard about KAPD and used it regularly for 10-12 days. I found that within two to three days, the sore dried up and started to heal. I regained my natural and healthy skin all because of KAPD!!.
Anthony Cobusen (Age- 37 Yrs)
Sha Tin, Hong Kong
I developed allergy past summer due to excessive sweating when I went out in the day. When I went out for work, I felt redness, itchiness and burning in the skin. I tried many products but did not get any relief from them. My skin problem was even getting worse and that made me disturbed the whole day. But when I started using Keva Anti Pollution Drops on the suggestion of my mother I felt so much relaxed, there was no itchiness in my skin. And now I am using this product on a regular basis.
Mohan Vasanvatty (Age-33 Yrs)
Puttur, Karnataka

My daughter of 11 years has an abundance of allergies. She had severe allergy to dust particles, smoke and chemicals like phenyl etc. That was disturbing her studies also. She sometimes got irritation in her eyes and that took many days to cure. We were really worried about her health. Then one day my old friend Sangeeta told me about Keva Anti Pollution Drops. I immediately brought this product for my daughter but that was really surprising to see her improvement level. I am so impressed with the effectiveness of Keva Anti Pollution Drops. Now she is regularly using this product and enjoying well.
Kadambari Raghavan (Age-38 Yrs)
Suryapet, Andhra Pradesh

I had a terrible allergy mess all over the body because of smoke, dust and sand. I am living in Pipar and this area is full of sand, which was also one of the reasons of my allergy. Severe headaches were also disturbing me. I tried so many herbal products, used allopathic medicines but that were relieving me for some time not permanently. But with Keva Anti Pollution Drops I saw wonderful effect on my skin, within one week. My allergy has completely gone and I am feeling healthy.
Sulochana Meena (Age-43 Yrs)
Pipar, Rajasthan

I would like to share my experience with KAPD. For the last 6 years I had suffered from skin rashes, sinus, and itchiness in the eyes, nose and ears. I usually suffered from cold and headaches; I could not go in the bus or train, because that increased my problem. I went through so many treatments to alleviate this disease but of no use. Once I started using this product my problem has really reduced to a great extent. I don’t have any headaches, ugly rashes on nose and ears. And my skin is healthy and normal.
Deepali Mehta (Age-29 Yrs)
Naroda, Gujarat
My 12 years old son developed allergic asthma; he regularly suffered from wheezing, coughing and breathing problem. Also sometimes I saw the rashes on his chest, legs and neck. He was really in the miserable condition; we all were worried about his problem. My mother- in- law suggested to use Keva Anti Pollution Drops. We followed her advice and started giving him proper recommended dose everyday and we saw marvelous improvement in her problem. He is improving day by day and dealing much easily with his problem. I am so happy with the results of this product.
Vijayalakshmi Rao (Age-39 Yrs)
Dandeli, Karnataka

I was suffering from breathing problem and nasal eczema for the past 10 months. My physician told me that it might have developed because of pollution and dust particles in the air. My problem was not that serious earlier but as the days were passing my problem started increasing. Then I got proper checkups and medications but very minor improvement was there. My brother told me to use Keva Anti Pollution Drops so I started using this product. This has reduced my problem to a very large extent, my breathing problem has gone and I am leading very normal and healthy life because of this product.
Pallavi Desai (Age-23 Yrs)
Gondal, Gujarat
I am a tourist guide. Due to lot of travelling I started suffering from skin allergy, sinus and sometimes fever. It is so hard to sleep every night because of this. I have tried many lotions and medicines but nothing proved effective on this. What I have found to be most soothing product on my problem is KAPD. I have used this product for just 10-11 days and I am feeling much comfortable. Now I have decided to use this product regularly because this is pure and herbal product hence will cause no side effects. My heartiest thanks to KAPD!!
Chau Dai (Age-29 Yrs)
Uong Bi, Vietnam
I am travelling a lot because of my field job. I had developed asthma because of traffic 12 months back. My problem was continuously increasing day by day. My professional life started disturbing and no medication and therapies were helping me to fight against this disease. I was very badly suffering from breathing problem. When I used KAPD, it gave me such a relief. It helped me to return to my normal life, I cannot express my happiness in words, but that really improved my condition.
Nurdin Sumarjdo (Age-33 Yrs)
Pare Pare, Indonesia

I am working in the company dealing in dyes manufacturing for the last 10 years. But for the last 3 years I developed allergy related to breathing and headaches. When I consulted my physician he told that I am suffering from allergy due to polluted environment of my company. But I could not help it as that was my earning source. My condition was getting even worse as the days passed. My wife one day brought Keva Anti Pollution Drops and I started using it on regular basis. After 3 weeks my allergy was completely diminished and I am living a healthy life. My heartiest thanks to KAPD!!
Butch Randt (Age-47 Yrs) ()
Paarl, South Africa

I am working in the metal refining industry that developed some disorder in my lower respiratory tract. I was experiencing trouble in breathing. My problem started 2 years back. Nothing helped me to cure this problem. But when I used KAPD I noticed much improvement in my problem. And now I completely free from this irritating and chronic disease. In fact I am feeling much healthier by using KAPD!!
Manuel Gonzalez (Age-36 Yrs)
Valencia, Spain
I am suffering from allergy for the last 3 years that made my life miserable. I am working in drug manufacturing company and perhaps my allergy started from this. I was feeling trouble in breathing, my digestive system got disturbed and my health was declining day by day. Once I got many treatments but when nothing seemed to be working on this, I got depressed. Then one day my mother called me and suggested me to use KAPD. This product made me to deal with my problem in a very effective way. There is a lot of improvement I noticed after using KAPD. Thanks to KAPD!!
Earnst Osim(Age-45 Yrs)
Linz, Austria
I am 45 years old, suffering from various health problems; Asthma, for the last 12 years; severe headaches, skin allergies, breathing problem and BP for the last one and a half year. Then my colleague Mr. Suresh Deshpande told me about a health product called Keva Anti Pollution Drops. I started taking Keva Anti Pollution Drops and you will not believe me, all my health problems have solved within a month. Now I am feeling healthy, with lots of energy throughout the day. At nights I get sound sleep which wasn’t the case earlier at all. I am giving this health enhancer to everyone in my family.
Ramdas Padher (Age-45 Yrs)
Falna, Rajasthan

I was suffering from breathing problem for the last 13 years. Due to this I used to feel tired and sweat during working and also while walking. Doctors advised me some medicines and told that I was suffering from asthma. But there was no improvement. Mr. Chitranjan introduced me Keva Anti Pollution Drops. I started consuming this wonderful product. After taking this for 1 month I could see improvement. Now I am not having breathlessness during walking or working. Now I am able to work smoothly and efficiently. Thanks to Keva Anti Pollution Drops!!
Kaushik Banerjee (Age-52 Yrs)
Tamluk, West Bengal
I developed severe allergies by working in the petro chemical refinery 9 months ago. That caused skin rashes and breathing problem. Sometimes my throat choked even I could not speak a single word. I consulted many physicians but medicines they recommended were relaxing me for very few hours. I thought I had to quit my job as it is spoiling my health. But all thanks to KAPD, I am able to fight against this dreadful problem. Now I don’t feel difficulty in breathing and my skin problem has completely gone. I am still working in that company and feeling much comfortable.
JSteve Murray (Age-37 Yrs)
Levin, New Zealand
I am dealing with severe skin rashes, blisters, stress, chest tightness and cold for the last 6 months. Actually my working location has been shifted to industrial area. My physician told me that I had developed some allergy because of working in that area. I used proper medication and followed my doctor’s advice but I did not get any relief. Then I understood that I have developed severe problems. My father in law suggested me to use KAPD, as it is an herbal and natural product. I immediately started this product. And believe me in just 20-21 days my problem reduced to a great level. One of most effective and beneficial product I have experienced in my life I must utter!!
Aleksander Williams (Age-33 Yrs)
Lewiston, Poland
I developed cold very often due to my field job. I consulted my physician & he told me to save myself from outer pollution because that might cause me this problem. I was always feeling very irritated and disturbed because of severe cold and headaches. But after using Keva Anti Pollution Drops, my allergy has gone in just 2 weeks and I got number of fanciful health benefits including increased energy, improved mental function and a vitalization of the immune system after using this wonderful product.
Raghav Kumar (Age-29 Yrs)
Polasara, Orissa
Just one year back I developed severe allergies like cold and cough, skin rashes nausea, constipation and headaches. I was very disturbed then I decided to consult my doctor. But all his treatments failed on me, he told me I might have developed this allergy by working in the aluminum industry as aluminum dust is very big source of allergies. My friend Pilar suggested me to use KAPD as it is very helpful in the treatment of various allergies. I followed his advice and used KAPD for a month regularly; it showed its effectiveness on my problem. I am very much satisfied with KAPD. And want to give many congrats to KAPD team for making such an innovative product.
Mathew Beasley (Age-55 Yrs)
Hunter, Australia
My daughter has been suffering from common cold and leg pain for a year. She was not eating her food properly. We were little bit worried about her general health. I was introduced to Keva Anti Pollution Drops by a leader. I gave her the drink and found the results were amazing. She had improved a lot and now leg pains and cold are the things of the past. She is able to concentrate on her studies, and thanks to Keva Anti Pollution Drops.
Suman Khanna (Age-39 Yrs)
Bareta, Punjab
I know that I have an allergy to smoke and dust. I felt restlessness all the time because of heavy cough and cold. Out of the many things that I have used, Keva Anti Pollution Drops is the only one that stopped my cold and coughing. Every morning when I used to get started for work, I was spitting up blobs of mucus, and I couldn't stop coughing. Then, after 10-12 hours, coughing started again. My eyes & face used to be swollen and bloated. I didn't have energy; sometimes I had hard time breathing. But the day I am using Keva Anti Pollution Drops, my problem has completely vanished and now I am feeling healthier.
Praveen Upadhyay (Age-24 Yrs)
Begusarai, Bihar
Recently I have just started having itching, headaches and eczema on the left arm. Initially I could not know its reason but when I went to my skin specialist, she diagnosed some kind of allergy. I am working in marketing field and daily I need to travel. She gave me various anti allergic medicines, skin ointments but nothing was relaxing me. But KAPD has given me perfect solution to my problem. I am much comfortable now!! Believe me it works.
Mike Tan (Age-39 Yrs)
Tarlac, Philippines
I was suffering from severe allergies like cold, several fatigue, headaches and sometimes high fever when I went anywhere. My health was declining day by day. There was no relief from anything. I could not concentrate on my studies due to this allergy. One day I was just discussing this with my friend Arundhati, she told me to use KAPD. Within 7 days this product has given so much positive effect on the allergy that was really surprising. And this problem never recurred. This is so effective and innovative health product.
Saumitra Debbarma (Age-33 Yrs)
Kakching, Manipur
I am working in the pharmaceutical company and dealing with lot of allergies like skin rashes, itchiness, and redness all over the body, headaches and stress that stole all my happiness and peace. I was very much disturbed because of this chronic problem. I discussed my problem with many allergy specialists for proper treatment and elimination of this disease but I did not get any way to relieve myself. My mother brought me KAPD and its regular use of 10-12 days, my problem resolved. My all efforts were answered and I am living a healthy life. All my thanks to KAPD!!
Dusan Kopunik (Age-42 Yrs)
Zilina, Slovakia
6 months back severe itching started with my legs and then to my lower back up to my shoulders and arms and to the back of my neck. I have never had this happen before. I can't figure out the cause of itching and it happens once or twice a day. I have tried to go through medicines, lotions, creams etc, and there is no relief. But with the regular use of KAPD I am much able to deal with this problem in just 15 days. My office is in the industrial area and that may be the cause of this problem. KAPD solved my problem and relaxed me a lot!
Leong P. Pang (Age-43 Yrs)
Nee Soon, Singapore
I am 20 years old, studying in a college. It takes one and a half hour to get me there daily. And I am dealing with a lot of smoke and dust particles in the air that gave itchy skin, red bumps, swollen eyes and lips. I used so many products for a smooth and non itchy skin but everything I was trying proved useless as my problem was not relieved. I was continuously feeling irritation and pain in my eyes. When I consulted my physician, he diagnosed skin allergy and suggested to use Keva Anti pollution Drops. I daily use this product as it has given me 100% solution to this problem just in 1 week. It is such a wonderful product, I will recommend to all dealing with allergies and skin problems.
Kripa Jethmalani (Age-20 Yrs)
Gevrai, Maharashtra
I got some serious allergies with sand and dust particles for the last 4-5 years which caused regular cold and cough. I felt difficulty in breathing and sometimes I could not speak because of throat infection. I was regularly taking strong medicines that were causing various side effects like sleeplessness, stress, skin rashes etc. One day my husband’s friend Nikhil Juneja suggested me to use KAPD, and the day I started using KAPD, I felt some relief in my condition. Then I regularly took KAPD for 2 months and believe me I got permanent relief from this problem. KAPD helped me a lot in regaining my normal health.
Chitra H Lobo (Age-31 Yrs)
Yanam, Puducherry

In my early 30s’ I started to experience itchiness in hair scalp, white hair and suffered with various types of rashes on my face, neck and arms in winters. I was suffering from this problem every year and after 2-3 years swelling and stiffness started in my hands. I could see that my problem was developing more and more. I consulted many skin and allergy specialists but nothing was helping me. When I used KAPD, my skin problem has cured completely. My heartiest thanks to Keva Anti pollution Drops.
Ramneesh Kapur (Age-36 Yrs)
Garhshankar, Punjab
I am in the plastic industry for many years; I am doing well in my professional life. But suddenly 10 months back I developed some breathing problem and sinus. I tried many treatments and followed my physician’s advice but that was merely helping me. My father told me to use some health product with the medicines as I was very getting very weak. He brought me KAPD and in the time of just 9-10 days I was feeling very much relaxed. It has been more than two months I am using KAPD and I am completely relieved from this problem.
Dudgi Harare (Age-34 Yrs)
Mutoko, Zimbabwe
My problem is associated with the severe sinus pains and watery eyes. I developed this allergy because of working in the sulphur industry. Severe pains spoiled my life; sometimes I felt somebody is hurting my head with hammers. The pain was unbearable. I did so many treatments but that were not helping me a bit. Then I came to know about KAPD through my friend Alisa, She told me its various benefits. Earlier I did not believe her but when I used KAPD; I personally felt its benefits. It gives complete solution to the allergy related to pollution. I am feeling myself full of life after using this.
Waldhof Frankfurt (Age-41 Yrs)
Ruhrgebiet, Germany
I was continuously dealing with various skin problems like acne, ugly pimples and rashes all over the face especially on the chicks and forehead because of dust. I used so many acne treatment therapies but that did not solve my problems. My face looked so ugly because of this and I did everything that could be done for its cure. I came to know about KAPD from my aunt, she told me how it is effective on the different type of allergies. I used it properly and within 7 seven days I noticed much improvement in my skin. It has been 3 months I am using this and my problem has completely solved and I like myself seeing in the mirror.
Aditi Kulnav (Age-25 Yrs)
Bhiwandi, Maharashtra

My problem was associated with skin diseases like acne, aczema and blisters on the lips for the last 7-8 months. My physician told me there was some kind of allergy I might have developed because of pollution. I used many therapies herbal as well as allopathic but nothing was relieving me. I was so depressed because of my skin problem. Then I used KAPD and believe me within 7-8 days this product has shown its effects on my disease. My acne was reducing and in one and half month my disease was completely cured. This is very effective on allergy and now I have a healthy skin.
ASanjeev Banger (Age-27 Yrs)
Rania, Haryana
I am sharing my experience to deal with allergy through using KAPD. 15 months back I was suffering from very severe allergy in skin because my work was related to field and lot of travelling. I had severe acne problems, rashes, blisters on the lips and lot of redness all over the body. I used many products but they were relaxing me for very little time. My problem recurred every time. That was really disturbing me. Then I used KAPD on the recommendation of my physician. I used KAPD regularly; it was so effective on my skin allergy. I am now dealing with my problem more confidently with KAPD!!
Micheal Dominique (Age-33 Yrs)
Gemeaux, France
I had suffered with various types of skin allergy, nausea for very long time, may be 2-3 years. That was some kind of allergy because my working place is sulphur industry, where I had to deal with a lot of industrial pollution. When nothing was working on me, I was told to use KAPD by my brother. He had personally used this product and he was cured fully. I am regularly using this product, and that was unbelievable to me I got completely cured from rashes and nausea. I can deal with this pollution in a very convenient way. All credit goes to KAPD!!
Aroon Yodsuwan (Age-39 Yrs)
Narathiwat, Thailand

6 months back I suddenly broke out in terribly itchy rashes that were diagnosed as an allergic reaction because of working near steel industry. My doctor gave me very strong medicines with little results. The rashes would calm down and then start up again. My problem recurred every time that made me disturbed. I was not getting relief in any means. But regular use of KAPD gave me complete cure from severe skin allergy. Now KAPD helped me to experience a normal and healthy life.
Cecil Aw (Age-52 Yrs)
Tawau, Malaysia

I have had great results with using KAPD to treat skin allergies because of industrial pollution. KAPD has healed all the skin problems like acne, skin rashes, redness and itchiness. I would recommend this product to everyone who is suffering from any kind of allergies. My personal experience with this product is very good. It shows its effects in very few days.
David Smith (Age-42 Yrs)
Oakvale, Australia

I am working in the construction company as a senior civil engineer. I developed skin allergy because of dust and pollution one year back. I had suffered from skin rashes on the neck, legs and chest. I used so many medicines and consulted many physicians but nothing cured me. One day I came to know about KAPD; an herbal and pure product & started using it. Within 6 days I saw my rashes were decreasing and I don’t feel any itchiness in the skin. Now I am regularly using KAPD and leading a normal life.
Maurie Upaiga ( Age- 38 Yrs)
Arawa, Papua New Guinea
I am doing job of Sr. Production In charge in Cement manufacturing company for the last 4 years. As I came in contact with many allergens I started developing some skin allergies and shortness of breath. My doctor told me I was diagnosed with sensitization against allergen like potassium dichromate etc. But that was my work how I can protect myself from this. When nothing was relaxing me my wife brought KAPD for me and the day I started this product I felt little improvement in my condition. Now I am using this for the last 3 months and I don’t feel discomfort in working. This product has balanced my professional and personal life. Thanks to KAPD!!
Oprah Gathara (Age-45 Yrs) ()
Nyamira, Kenya
KAPD has given me 100% relief from my skin problems caused due to working in the plastic industry. This is a wonderful product; it has solved all my health related troubles. I was suffering from dizziness, cough and cold. My immune system was not working properly. Then I started using KAPD which has relaxed me from the severe health problems. I am very much satisfied with its results. Thanks to KAPD!!
Andras Barasz (Age-42 Yrs)
Csanadpalota, Hungary
I was suffering from some kind of skin disease like rashes, blemishes, blisters etc. from dust and smoke. When I came from office, I got severe headaches and fatigue which causes loss of appetite and stress. I was very disturbed from this problem. My physician told me I needed some product that boosts my immune system. Then my wife Sujata suggested me to use Keva Anti Pollution Drops product as she had heard its benefits from some friends. I immediately started using KAPD and that proved really very effective on my problem. Now I am cured and my disease never recurred again in the use of just two months.
Sanjay Kriplani (Age-37 Yrs)
Pandua, West Bengal

I had severe allergy from smoke which caused several skin problems all over the body like rashes, redness, and itchiness all over the body for the last 12 months. When I visited my physician, he told I had some kind of skin allergy from dust and smoke as I live near industrial area. One day I got the chance to go in Keva’s seminar held near our city. I went there with my friend. And I bought Keva Anti Pollution Drops, within 7 days of use my allergy completely vanished. All thanks to KAPD.
Sunil Mahajan (Age-22 Yrs)
Malkapur, Maharashtra

I was continuously suffering from irritation and swelling in the eyes, nausea and headaches for many years. My doctor said that I might have developed this problem because of adverse effects of air pollution. He gave me medicines and eye drops but that was not helping me. One day I went to my friend’s house and he suggested me to use KAPD. As this product is 100% herbal and without any side-effects, my physician allowed me to use this. I was very surprised to see its benefits. My problem has gone in the regular use of 15 days and it never came back. Just because of KAPD!
Santanam Reddy (Age-32 Yrs)
Proddatur, Andhra Pradesh

Six months back, I developed some sort of allergy in left leg, there was so much itchiness and I could not stop myself scratching it until it started bleeding. I went to so many skin specialists but of no use. Then I used Keva’s KAPD internally and KAMD externally. These products are so effective, itchiness, rashes have completely cured, I am very happy with these products. I would recommend KAPD to all who are suffering from any kind of allergies. Sitaram Tiwari (Age-45 Yrs) ()
Jewar, U.P

I developed some kind of allergies because I daily travel a lot as my job is such. I was dealing with watery eyes, headaches, cold and cough. For the last 2 years I was trying to cope with this problem and took many medicines. When nothing was working on me I got very depressed because that was affecting my professional life. Two months back I started using KAPD. This product really helped me to fight against this disease. Now my problem is solved and I can work properly and lead a normal, healthy life.
Asimnandan Nambiar (Age-37 Yrs)
Manjeri, Kerala

I was very disturbed from the itchiness, rashes on my back four months back. I started wearing cotton clothes but that was not helping me. I used so many medicines and skin lotions but my problem was not reducing. When I talked to my brother regarding my problem, he told me to use KAPD. With a very little hope I used that product and believe me, my allergy has cured within 7-8 days. KAPD really works!!
Geeta Shandilya (Age-33 Yrs)
Khurai, M.P
I am working in a chemical industry, I daily woke up with itchy rashes all over the body that came and went throughout the day and moved to different areas of my body. I found great relief from the itching, redness by rubbing KAPD on the affected areas. I had this problem for the last 5 years and nothing helped me. But KAPD brought peace in my life and I am so thankful to KAPD team.
Losif Nikholaevich Stalin (Age-42 Yrs)
Kaspiysk, Russia

For the last one year, I have been suffering from skin rashes, itchiness, watery eyes and severe fatigues. I consulted many dermatologists but my condition was not improving an inch. My job involves lot of travelling and that developed bad eating habits in me. I used many herbal products but they were not giving me permanent relief. My wife insisted me to use KAPD, and this product is so wonderful that my problem has gone permanently in just three months. God Bless KAPD!!
Cheng Hwai Min (Age-38 Yrs)
Lingwu, China
I was continuously suffering from skin allergy like skin rashes, itchiness and irritation because of smoke for the last 5 years. And six months back I was suffering from symptoms of paralysis and doctors told me, I am likely to get paralytic stroke. I was also suffering from cold. Raju Vashishth introduced me to Keva Anti Pollution Drops and after taking it for three months, now the same doctor says there is no chance to paralytic attack. Even the allergy to smoke has vanished. Thank you.
Sukant Mishra (Age-56 Yrs)
Parasi, U.P
I was dealing with a lot of stress, muscle fatigues and indigestion for the last 8-9 years. I consulted number of physicians and they did various pathological tests but nothing was diagnosed. Then many doctors told me I am suffering from some kind of allergy from dust and pollution. But their all treatments failed on this disease. My sufferings were not ending in fact they were increasing and that made me weaker. One day my papa brought me KAPD to use though it is herbal product there are no side effects and is very convenient to use. I had never thought that someday I will get rid of this problem but this product changed my views completely. I got permanent relief from this serious disease in one month. Thanks to KAPD!!
Balwan Chaudhary (Age-44 Yrs)
Godda, Jharkhand
I had developed allergy from household cleaning products like detergents, insecticides etc. When we used this product my throat was choked all the day and I could not utter even a small word. But my allergy had completely gone with the use of KAPD. It is so effective product and I would suggest this product to everybody dealing with any kind of allergy. This product helped me to get back to my normal health.
Angidi Sithanen (Age-32 Yrs)
Chamouny, Mauritius
I have been diagnosed with skin allergy because of working in the hazardous chemical unit. I was to deal with heavy rashes all over the skin, irritation in eyes and sometimes minor fever. My health was declining day by day. I used many medicines, eye drops and lotions but that relaxed me for some time. My problems resolved for several days then recur. I have been treated with ointment, antibiotics. Then I used KAPD on the suggestion of my neighbor, this product worked on my allergies very well. Now I don’t feel irritation and scratching any more. I am much satisfied with KAPD!!
Yui Takahashi (Age-37 Yrs)
Kagamino, Japan

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