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Keva Chlorophyll

For years and years I struggled with bad breath. Nothing helped my problem except Keva Chlorophyll. Anyone who has bad breath should buy this! So if you're suffering from bad breath go get this! It is one of the best purchases I made for myself.
Rakesh Jain (31 years)
Satna, Madhya Pradesh

I've been struggling with bad breath since I was a child. My sisters and husband always told me about my breath. I would brush my teeth and tongue and still no success in the long-term. It only helped the problem for a couple of hours until the smell returned. Now, I have no issues because now I amusing Keva Chlorophyll. I have had my sisters and husband constantly check my breath and they are shocked at how there is not even a hint of foul smell.
Radhika Mukherjee (34 years)
Rohtas, Bihar

My husband and I work extremely long hours and feeling severe fatigue and weakness. On doctors recommended we started to use Keva Chlorophyll. So far we feel better and more energetic. It has made a positive difference in our lives.
Ruchira Sharma (29 years)
Mohali, Punjab

After just one month of taking daily dosage of Keva Chlorophyll, I feel energized and revitalized. All symptoms of insufficient flow of oxygen and fatigue in my system are gone. I definitely recommend this product.
Shamsher Singh (31 years)
Kovilpatti, Tamil Nadu

I was dealing severe fatigue, unable to do my daily work and was much stressed. I was having digestive problems also. Then my friend suggested me to take Keva Chlorophyll. It is a very good product. I did notice with the very first use increasing in my energy, and alertness. It was also very useful to my digestive system. I am having better energy levels, make it through a 10 hour work day now without afternoon fatigue. Now, a great day is possible all because of Keva Chlorophyll!
Sandhya Sethi (41 years)
Raichur, Karnataka

I purchased this product a while ago and I use it every day. I can say using Keva chlorophyll prior to a workout assures a longer session, because I feel more energized and sharper. I am very much satisfied with Keva Chlorophyll.
Farukh Ahmad (28 years)
Bankura, West Bengal

I bought Keva Chlorophyll for my wife who has Sickle Cell Anemia/SS Hemoglobin Disease. Her Hemoglobin Level was very low. It has raised her normal red blood count to a higher level, reducing frequency and severity of her crisis. I highly recommend this product, very easy to take.
Yogesh Gupta (39years)
Indore, Madhya Pradesh

When looking for information about what to do to with a sudden anemia diagnostic, Keva Chlorophyll was offered by my father who works for a natural store and tried this amazing product. I had to share the information with other anemia sufferers, I never knew anything about the illness, and it turns my world upside down. After few days of using I have found great improvement in my hemoglobin levels. My fatigue and weakness are all gone with this wonderful product.
Sandhya Jaiswal (37 years)
Patna, Bihar


This is my second order and on time again. I have COPD but after taking Keva Chlorophyll now walking three miles a day and breathing much better. I would recommend this product to everyone suffering from same problem.
Karan Thapar (43 years)
Godda, Jharkhand

This is a great product. I had major stomach and digestive issues, and with a slight altering my diet and use of Keva Chlorophyll on a daily basis, I have noticed a tremendous improvement. This is a Good stuff. Works well.
Rajan Patial (45 years)
Virudunagar, Tamil Nadu

I was overweight, and struggle everyday to have just a spark of energy. On top of that, about 2 years ago, it was like my whole digestive system shut down. But Keva chlorophyll increased my metabolism and gave me energy better. I have lost 3 Kg in 4 months and digestive issues are also resolves now. It has been the best choice I have ever made for myself.
Ruchi Sharma (28years)
Veraval, Gujarat

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