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Keva Coenzyme Q10 Drops

I purchased Keva CoQ10 Drops as an alternative to high blood pressure medicines because of their side effects. It took about a month, but it really did make a difference. Now most of my BP readings are in the normal range. So I think that this supplement's effect on me is awesome. I have not felt any side effects from this supplement. I have recommended this product to a friend for high blood pressure and he also has shown improvement.

Pranad Mukherjee (42 years)

Chennai, Hyderabad

I am 53 and my blood pressure before taking Keva CoQ10 Drops was usually around 140-160/85-95. High Blood Pressure also runs in my family although we are all extremely thin and eat a diet heavy in fish, rice and veggies. My grandfather died from complications from untreated high blood pressure. Both my parents are on medications for their high blood pressure and I really want to avoid that if I can. I exercise, eat right and my blood pressure was still high. I started taking Keva CoQ10 Drops about 3 months ago and it took a couple of months for me to see any consistent effect but my blood pressure (even with my still stressful job) is now consistently 120-130/70-80 which is normal range. I am thrilled! Keva CoQ10 Drops really works!

Diwakar Sachdeva (42 years)

Nasik, Maharashtra

A Little over a year ago I had a triple bypass and I knew I had to change my lifestyle and eating habits. I found out about CoQ10 from one of my close friend. Within 2-3 months of taking Keva CoQ10 Drops my blood pressure is normal my circulation is back in my legs. I attribute my circulation improvements, along with my blood sugar and weight control to Keva CoQ10 Drops and of course better health food choices.

Nitin Bankar (42 years)

Hisar, Haryana

I have only been taking Keva CoQ10 Drops for a few days but I think it is helping my heart. I've had arrhythmia since I was overmedicated with thyroid medication, and had a heart procedure done last April. I'm on a couple medications and am hoping this will help me where I won't need to stay on the medication the rest of my life.

Dipanshu Bangia (42 years)

Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh

My mother and people I know personally managed to reduce their cholesterol by just using Keva CoQ10 Drops without the side effects of the prescribed medicine like muscle spasms, even depression etc. We are very impressed with this product.

Minakshi Sharma (42 years)

Chikkaballapur, Karnataka

I was having high cholesterol problem but skeptical about using herbal supplements. But Keva CoQ10 Drops really works. I started taking this as it is recommended by my physician and this dropped my cholesterol 48 points.

Umesh Kumar Yadav (42 years)

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Ever since I was a kid I had a hard time staying focus, I struggled in school and in sports. Recently I got the job of my life but I still had trouble staying focused at work and I couldn't reach the all the demands that were asked of me. I set out trying to find something that could help me stay focused I tried many different methods and techniques none of them worked for me. Then I heard about Keva CoQ10 Drops, at first I wasn't sure if it would since for me since everything else failed but on my first weak trying it I noticed a major difference I was getting done with my work a lot faster and I wasn't getting distracted by almost anything like I used to. I have been using Keva CoQ10 Drops for a while now and I must say it has really change my life around, I can finally live a more healthy and focused life.

Vankatesh Babu (42 years)

Karnal, Haryana

When diagnosed with ovarian/peritoneal cancer, I read various medical studies; a small study had a great result with their patients who used CoQ10. I did have chemo, but had a 2 in 5 chance of being cancer free in 5 years. I have been taking Keva Co enzyme Q10 Drops and am cancer free as of PET/CT scan at 5 years. It is an excellent product and I am very much satisfied with the results of this product. Thanks Keva Industries!

Maudita Rani (42 years)

Nattam, Tamil Nadu

I have used Keva Co enzyme Q10 Drops for close to 50 days now and have had great results. I have started taking this for migraines to help control them. I have not had one since I started taking Keva Co enzyme Q10 Drops and I was getting one once a week. Great Product!

Om Prakash Bansal (42 years)

Nowrozabad, Madhya Pradesh

I have taken Keva Coenzyme Q10 for over a year now and have noticed positive changes in my face. Overall the skin appears to have a healthier complexion. Wrinkles around my eyes have decreased. People frequently comment on my skin. Only 2 years ago I suffered from frequent stress related outbreaks and always had a “tired look.” Now my skin is glowing. Thanks Keva fot this wonderful product!

Lokesh Dhanrajgill (42 years)

Songsak, Meghalaya

I was suffering from poor memory and concentration. I have been taking Keva Coenzyme Q10 for over 6 months at the recommendation of my doctor, my family and I believe it has helped to increase my memory.

Jai dev Pandey (42 years)

Navsari, Gujarat

I’m a skeptical person, but was having issues with viral infections (herpes - warts and mouth sores). I read in an article that CoQ10 could help with my issues. I have found Keva CoQ10 Drops on internet and I was happy to find this quality product. Within a few weeks, my warts were gone. I've also noticed a reduction in mouth sore occurrence and in recovery time. I've taken many other supplements and not really noticed an affect from them. This is wonderful product and I highly recommend it to person suffering from same problem.

Pinakin Joshi (42 years)

Yavatmal, Maharashtra

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