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Keva Daily Plus

I felt so much weakness and laziness during the whole day for the last one and half year. Took so many herbal treatments but my weakness did not reduce a bit. Now with the help of Keva Daily Plus I am feeling lot of energy and freshness in my life. I am working with lot of interest. Keva Daily Plus brought my happiness back.
(Mohini Chandel, 46 Yrs)
(Miana, M.P)

I was having physical weakness due to age factor. Due to this exhaustion occurred. I tried all ways to get a change. Also I suffered from constipation from the last 6 years. Then I heard about Keva Noni I started taking Keva Daily Plus. After consuming this from last few months now I feel energetic and joint pains due to weakness also improved. I am feeling much healthier and using this product regularly.
(Kanwan Jit Singh, 58 Yrs)
(Bhadaur, Punjab)
I am a 28 years old girl, staying in a working hostel. From several days I developed so many complicacies like loss of appetite, severe fatigue, muscle pains etc. My condition was getting worse day by day. One day my room partner suggested me to use this Keva Daily Plus as she was also using this. I really got surprised to see its benefits now. All my family members are so glad to see me.
(Smriti Pathania, 28 Yrs)
(Nagrota Bagwan, H.P)

My age is 19 years. From the last 5 months, I had suffered a lot due to severe headache. Initially I took so many pain killers but they were proved useless. Then I went to my physician who observed some weakness in my body and advised me to use Keva Daily Plus. With the use of 4-5 days I got relief from this problem. Now I can study properly, thanks to Keva Daily Plus.
(Sukant Mishra, 19 Yrs)
(Jiwdhara, Bihar)
Due to work load and some personal crisis I developed low energy and throughout the day I felt so much trouble in working and also started feeling pressure in my mind. I could not concentrate well. I was so upset due to this condition. But with the help of Keva Daily Plus within 10 days I am feeling much relaxed. Keva Daily Plus changed my life completely.
(Raghunath Singh, 52 Yrs)
(Majri Kalan, Haryana)
Generally people say “good sleep makes your day good” and who knows this better than me. For the last 8-9 months I was suffering from insomnia. I did everything to get rid of this problem. But all my efforts failed. Then one day my husband brought me Keva Daily Plus. And believe me in the regular use of 7-8 days my problem has completely gone, and I am taking good sleep daily.
(Sharada Kumari, 37 Yrs)
(Karanjia, Orissa)
Year back, I was suffering from nerves, shoulder and back pain, and high blood pressure (180/ 115). Two months ago I started taking Keva Daily Plus, and believe me that completely changed my life. My blood pressure is fine now (120/80) and my daily fatigue has virtually disappeared. In my family we all are using this product along with Keva Daily Plus.
(V. Karikaalan, 41 Yrs)
(Neripperichal, Tamil Nadu)
Severe headaches, cold and cough were affecting my life so much for the last 5 years. I developed these problems because of some allergy. I adopted so many therapies to get permanent cure of these problems. But when nothing seemed to be working, I started using Keva Daily Plus with a little hope. But I noticed much improvement in my condition. And Keva Daily Plus helped me in regaining my normal health.
(Makarand Khedeker, 46 Yrs)
(Rangrao Parao, Maharashtra)
For the last 1 year, I was suffering from throat infection and weakness because my job required lot of travelling so I used to suffer from severe throat infection coupled with some cold and cough. It forced me to take antibiotics and other medicines which were leading to further weakness. I was totally upset with my health condition. One day I saw press release on Keva Daily Plus and decided to try it. I bought Keva Daily Plus on very next day after seeing the article & after using it for 2 months all my infections and other problems have gone. I feel much energetic and zeal in my work. My throat infection has completely disappeared. It is really outstanding!
(Harris Williams, 37 Yrs)
(Harrisville, America)
I am a businessman, suffering from several weakness, flu and dizziness. All this was annoying me for almost 2 years. In two years I visited 5 Doctors but didn’t found any permanent solution. Then my mother brought Keva Daily Plus for me. I changed my life, now I am completely satisfied with the results. My problems have almost diminished. My circulatory system has improved. It works effectively for all. Thanks for this wonderful solution!
(Peter Nocioni, 39 Yrs)
(Villanova Castenaso, Italy)
When I first heard about Keva Daily Plus, I was not sure about its results. But, on my friend’s recommendation, my husband and I started taking Keva Daily Plus regularly. Within days I could feel increased sense of well-being and I was surprised at my ability to feel healthy and energetic. My poor appetite started improving within few days of using this product.
(Suzzane Friedemann, 32 Yrs)
(Mühlhausen, Germany)

I am a retired officer in my late 60's. I was unable to walk due to age problem; Keva Daily Plus has definitely given me a quality of life. It made me energetic. I enjoy sharing my experience of using Keva Daily Plus with others and letting them know about my sense of health and well- being. Hopefully I will be able to help others by telling them what Keva Daily Plus can do and improve the quality of their life.
(Samuel Clark, 65 Yrs)
(Wolfboro, America)
I am sharing experience of my brother. He was suffering from weak eye sight and also is anemic. But with the help of Keva Daily Plus he has got much relief from these problems. Now his eye sight is improving and he is full of energy and vitality. We both want to thank Keva Industries!
(Vaijanthi Rao, 36 Yrs)
(Gajapathinagaram, Andhra Pradesh)
I am 29 years old, suffering from severe weakness and regular illness. I tried very much to get rid of the problem of severe weakness & illness but nothing was improving my condition. My condition was disturbing my parents very much as it was getting even worse. Then one day my father bought Keva Daily Plus for me and with its regular use I started improving day by day. And now after one month I am feeling myself healthy and full of life.
(Gautam Mehta, 29 Yrs)
(Sarigam, Gujarat)
I developed stress and hypertension for the last 1 year. That completely made my life miserable. I adopted so many stress management programs but they were not giving me permanent relief. On consulting my physician, she told me that I was suffering from disturbed body metabolic system and that required addition of some supplements in my diet. Then my brother told me to use Keva Daily Plus, that helped me to recover fast from this disease and now I am living my life happily.
(G.V Sidhartha, 43 Yrs)
(Hoovina Hadagalli, Karnataka)
I am 53 years old engineer. In October 2000 I began to have an irregular heart beat and palpitations. I saw my family medical doctor and then a cardiologist. They performed many tests and even 24-hour heart monitor test, but could not find the cause of her problem. The palpitations came every two hours and would last for up to 30 minutes at a time. They were worse when I lay down and became severe when I tried to lie on my left side. None of the things my doctors had tried had worked. I felt that I was going to die soon and had re-written my will and put all of my papers in order. After my examination and treatment I was given Keva Daily Plus to try by doctor. That night I slept great and did not have any palpitations. I have been taking the Keva Daily Plus for 45 days and has only had one day when I had any palpitations or irregular heartbeats. Thanks!
(Zainuddin Rehman, 53 Yrs)
(Palakurthy, Andhra Pradesh)

My story is rather simple. I always had some severe weakness, dating back to my high school days. Over the years, my weakness and negativity increased, they troubled me so badly. My family doctors did not know the cause. I had a battery of tests. The results yielded no new information. They weren’t life threatening but were very uncomfortable and really made my life difficult. I started taking Keva Daily Plus. The weakness reduced immediately. My family is happy for me. In addition, I really do feel calmer. So Keva Daily Plus is really what I needed.
(Sierra Parkinson, 29 Yrs)
(Fortel, Ireland)

One day my friend suggested me your Keva Daily Plus supplement. And within 15-16 day my migraine attacks reduced to large extent. I was an old patient of migraine and that developed many other complications in my body like nausea, vomiting, cold hands, cold feet, and sensitivity to light and sound commonly accompanied with migraine headaches. I got very irritated in light and sound; I usually preferred to lie in a quiet, dark room during an attack. And now I am completely relieved from this disease. I really want to congratulate Keva team for making such an effective product.
(Chaitanya Chandra Mukherjee, 42 Yrs)
(Kunustara, West Bengal)
I was having swollen cheeks for 2 weeks & my ear was suffering a pain. I took medicine but no use. I consulted ENT doc but still no use. Then I came across ConcenTrace & used it regularly. In just a week I was completely fine. Thanks!!
Sebastian Oster (Age-32yrs)
San Francisco, Angentina
I was regularly suffering from Stress, fatigue and indigestion. But with the help of Keva Daily Plus my problem completely vanished. I am so thankful to entire team of Keva who has come up with such an effective product.
(Chander Khurasiya, 44 Yrs)
(Garhi –Malhara, Madhya Pradesh)
I was suffering from muscular weakness for the past 5 years. I was used to develop muscle spam, back pain, muscle pull very frequently. But the day I used Keva Bone Health in combination with Keva Daily plus my problem has reduced within 7 days. I have regained my body strength back and now I can peacefully work.
(Aslam Ali Khan, 52 Yrs)
(Dildarnagar Fatehpur, U.P)
After my second baby I felt lot of weakness and back pain. It just becomes routine of my life. I was so irritated and depressed due to this condition. I took lot of treatments, yoga therapy, and massage therapy but of no use. One day my husband brought me Keva Daily Plus along with Keva Bone Health. I followed regular dosage and now it has been two months I have no pain, no weakness. I am full of energy and look after my family very well.
(Sarita Beniwal, 34 Yrs)
(Manoharthana, Rajasthan)
My immune system was so week. I was used to get affected due to cold, rough weather, developed flu so frequently but friends; Keva Daily Plus has brought remarkable change in my condition. I wish, could have used this product earlier. I am so happy with such a good product; even my parents are daily using this product.
(Birender Sharma, 32 Yrs)
(Ferozepur Jhirka, Haryana)
Keva Daily Plus is such a good product it has helped me a lot to fight against weakness, headaches & stress. I am a working guy; my work requires lot of creativity so sometimes I feel so much stressed. But the day I have started using Keva Daily Plus this has improved my condition a lot. I can manage all my work with happy and creative mindset. I love working now!
(Sukum Tuki, 41 Yrs)
(Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh)

Heavy work load and some personal problems made my life miserable. I started feeling low energy & stressful. But with the help of Keva Daily Plus my problem completely vanished. I am so thankful to entire team of Keva who has come up with such an effective product.
(Simone Dutta, 32 Yrs)
(Kiriburu, Jharkhand)
I had sleeping problem a month ago & now I'm sleeping so nicely and soundly. Earlier I could sleep only 5 hours & felt sleepy throughout the day. But now I can sleep 8 hours a night & my entire day is full of energy. This is all just because of Keva Daily Plus & no pill could do such wonders for me.
(Nandkumar Singh, 44 Yrs)
(Gobra Nawapara, Chattisgarh)
I was having low vision & I was using glasses. I didn’t like wearing glasses as this obstructed me from playing with my friends. I took Keva Daily Plus for only 3 weeks & saw dramatic results in my vision. I could play with my friends, read and do every see every note like never before.
(Dobrogost Kallis, 41 Yrs)
(Lubraniec, Poland)

I've been taking Keva Daily Plus for 3 months & my vision is better and I can see colors more clearly especially while seeing in the dark. I can read newspapers easily. This has made me more independent.
(Robert Evans, 37 Yrs)
(Gibraltar, UK)
Keva Daily Plus has fully changed my life as I was so thin, all the time feeling low energy. I tried many tips like adopting good eating habits, joined gym but nothing helped me. But with the help of Keva Daily Plus I can feel change in my condition. This is really wonderful product I experienced in my life.
(Yvonne Monsbourgh, 32 Yrs)
(Laverton, Australia)

I am 26 yrs old & live alone. I am a workaholic & my eating habits are extremely worse. My friends always advise me for taking proper diet but I find no time for this. I am working on an a very important project of my company & last month my work suffered a lot due to back pain & strain on my eyes. I took one day rest & was fine. Then again I started deteriorating after 3 days. My colleague told that my wrong lifestyle is the reason for such problems & I need to follow a good diet chart with proper rest. I seriously have no time to take rest till next 6 months. I stood helpless at that time. Then Peter told me about Keva Daily Plus & now I am so much active that even I got time to write this comment. I didn’t have to leave the project nor did I have to make any other change in daily schedule. Keva Daily Plus completes the daily requirement of human body & I recommend that every person should try this product for his/her general well being.
(Jemaine, 26 Yrs)
(Heretaunga, Newzealand)
I tried every way for gaining my son’s good health. I tried so many healthy foods, giving him soups; milk, fresh fruits but nothing affected him. We all were worried about his health and even adopted good protein powders but of no use. He was not even concentrating on his studies and all the time complaining about heaviness in eyes. But I am so glad one day my father in law met his old friend and he advised him to give Keva Daily Plus on daily bases. I am so happy with the results of this product and this has completely changed the picture. My son has improved a lot now he can concentrate well on studies. He is so good in physical & other co-curricular activities. This is just because of Keva Daily Plus – I am highly thankful to this product.
(Lisa Soderberg, 38 Yrs)
(Maspelosa, Sweden)

I am preparing for joining Indian Air Force School but due to my underweight and poor health, I was always worried about selection. I am good in studies but my overall persona has kept me in a doubt. My mom brought me Keva Daily Plus and for the last two months I am using this product. Now I can feel noticeable change in my health and very much satisfied with this product.
(Deepak Acharya, 17 Yrs)
(Faridnagar, U.P)

I am so delighted to have opportunity to know about Keva product through internet. I read the details of this product and thought this is something I should try. I bought on the very next day and started using the product. Just after 7 or 8 days, I realized my body is full of energy and I am happily delivering all the tasks in the office. I am so happy with this product.
(Andy Rautavaara, 33 Yrs)
(Kauniainen, Finland)

My husband is an engineer due to workload and stress he started losing his energy. One day he came to know about Keva Daily Plus and decided to try it and ever since the first day he started drinking it, he looks better and more energetic. I recommend Keva Daily Plus in order to enjoy excellent health.
(Gangadevi Adiga, 32 Yrs)
(Channapatna, Karnataka)

I will never hesitate to recommend Keva Daily Plus to anybody who is fighting with weakness, low energy, stress and problems like underweight. I am the example I was living with all these complications but now with the help of Keva Daily Plus I can manage my day very well. It has been a week I don’t feel that someday before I was dealing with these sorts of problems. Much satisfied and more relaxed now!
(Fredrik Ibsen, 44 Yrs)
(Vormedal, Norway)

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