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Keva Fairness Cream

Keva Fairness Cream is the best face cream I have ever bought in my life. It makes my skin clear of all acne/marks and makes it very clean. I used it regularly and I could see the results in 1 or 1/2 weeks. And since this product is natural, I am not scared of the after effects which it might cause. It is an awesome product.
Kirti Sharma (36 years)
Kishanganj, Bihar

Thanks Keva Industries for this very good product. I just love how it leaves my skin feeling nice and soft with an even glow. My skin is very sensitive and acne prone but Keva Fairness Cream is perfect for it. No breakout, no peeling. Wow!
Sushmita Roy (25 years)
Dharwad, Karnataka

I am really happy with my purchase. I was a little apprehensive at first, because I thought it would lead to breakouts on my skin. But I was pleasantly surprised because within a week of using Keva Fairness Cream, 2 of the darkest scars on my skin that I had been struggling with for over 2 months became noticeably lighter. It also serves as a great base for my powder foundation and doesn’t cause streaking or make the skin look patchy and no breakouts!! All in all a great purchase!!
Deepti Mehta (29 years)
Pithoragarh, Uttrakhand

I used to have age spots and uneven skin tone and tried many over-the-counter pricey lotions then I came across Keva Fairness Cream which a friend of mine suggested. I used it twice a day for a week and there was big difference in overall skin tone. I got amazing results when I used it for facials and nothing I have ever used could compare that. I can’t imagine living without Keva Fairness Cream. It is an awesome Keva product.
Chaman Malhotra (28 years)
Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

This product was as described and pictured; it smells nice, not overpowering and very light and absorbent on skin; not greasy at all; it does protect the skin from sun/heat and after regular use it tends to lighten the skin, make it more even; it keeps my skin from being dry.
Rohan Bajaj (29 years)
Bilwara, Rajasthan

I have darker skin, and this made my skin feel smooth, improved my acne, and evened my skin tone. This is simply amazing! It does leave my skin feeling smooth. It also helped clear up some blemishes that I constantly get. My skin is completely fair and lovely with Keva Fairness Cream. I highly recommend!
Sharad Pawar (31 years)
Vyara, Gujarat

I love this Keva Fairness Cream. In fact, I am a big fan of all Keva Products. They are the best at keeping my face even toned and acne mark free. It feels good on the skin. It is not greasy and smells good.
Aarushi Jaiswal (34 years)
Purnia, Bihar

It is a great moisturizer, gives the pinkish glow and clears up dark marks and acne scars. It also lightens skin tone. I just love it!
Saurab Sethi (27 years)
Nadia, West Bengal

I started to use Keva Fairness Cream one year ago and it did wonder to me. My skin got smoother, brighter and complexion got better and better. Thanks Keva Industries for this wonderful product!
Arun Setia (36 years)
Chitradurga, Karnataka

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