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Keva Feminine Drops

I just turned 40 this year and have been struggling with severe PMS symptoms for about 10yrs like bloating, sore breasts, cramping, drenching night sweats and bad mood swings to the point that it was affecting my relationships. Unwilling to take synthetic hormones, I heard about natural Keva Feminine Drops but never took it seriously until now!!! I have only been using Keva Feminine Drops for four months and all my symptoms have greatly diminished. The first month I only noticed a slight change but by the third month I began noticing big changes. It has completely changed my life. Thanks!

Archana Bhardwaj (40 years)

Mangrol, Gujarat

I bought Keva Feminine Drops for my mom for her premenopause symptoms and she told me that it helps her so much with hot flashes and night sweat. She is experiencing less headache and backache as well.

Anjali Rathi (40 years)

Yavatmal, Maharashtra

My gynecologist recommended Keva Feminine drops to treat menopausal symptoms, as I did not want to use hormones. Taken as directed, it is very effective in eliminating menopause symptoms for me, i.e., hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, headaches & more! I have used it for one year with great results.

Fatima Sheikh (52 years)

Jamtara. Jharkhand

I went through several months of hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. After 2 months of using Keva Feminine Drops my flushes reduced by about 50% and by 3 month I was only having the occasional flush. I would recommend anyone having hot flushes to give this a try.

Bharti Devi

Katihar, Bihar

I used to suffer with horrible cramps, to the point that I would need to stay home from work because I couldn't function! I have been taking Keva Feminine Drops for almost two months now and it has eliminated the need to take pain killers. It has also really helped with other PMS symptoms such as irritability, bloating and fatigue. It has completely cleared up my hormonal acne. It is an amazing product!

Satwinder Kaur (43 years)

Onder, Madhya Pradesh

I began taking Keva Feminine Drops to regulate my menstrual cycle, which is nonexistent because I have PCOS and I got a period after 4 weeks of use! I am quiet thrilled with the results of this product!

Sandhya Sethi (31 years)

Bantral, Karnataka

Keva Feminine Drops, for me, has been the best natural way of bringing hormonal and emotional balance. I had a complete hysterectomy last year and decided I didn't want to rely on too many synthetic remedies to help me through the menopausal symptoms. Keva Feminine Drops has helped tremendously, especially with the emotional side of the hormonal change! I highly recommend this to anyone who'd rather go the more natural way.

Harshita Shah (39 years)

Kalol, Gujarat

My husband and I were healthy 28-30 year olds trying to conceive a child. After 41 months of trying, 2 rounds of IUI, an HSG, many blood tests and lots of money, we decided to give up on standard medicine. I started a gluten free diet in addition to taking Keva Feminine Drops. I think Keva Feminine Drops had the most impact because of the results I had the first month. My cycle is usually 35-40 days long, yet the first month, I was quite surprised to have got my periods on day 30, something that has never happened. I had a positive test! Thanks Keva Industries for this wonderful product!

Kulyash Rani (28 years)

Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh

At only 21, I was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis outcome of a major hormonal imbalance almost certainly from having too much estrogen circulation. I was prescribed of hormone poisoning medication to mask the deliberating symptoms of endometriosis such as PMS, excruciating monthly cramps, ovarian cysts and food allergies. I ended up with even worsening of my symptoms. I started doing research on my own and I became desperate to find a cure since my body chemistry clearly did not tolerate synthetic treatments and birth control, and Keva Feminine Drops kept coming up in the search engine for hormonal balance. I was desperate at that point and was ready to try anything natural that I could get my hands on, and let me tell you one thing I am so glad I tried Keva Feminine Drops because it has absolutely changed my life. I felt a relief in my anxiety, my throbbing cramps and most importantly I had my energy back.

Seema Thakur (23 years)

Jodhpur, India

For someone who has suffered from hormonal acne for the past 8 years, Keva Feminine Drops is a miracle product!! I was on birth control for quite a few years, but it never fully cleared my face. I had tried everything else, laser treatments, blu light therapy, acid peels, microderm abrasion, antibiotics; I went off back and was looking for a natural alternative to help keep my face clear. I did some research and read what this supplement can do for hormonal imbalances. I started taking daily supplement and about two months in I was becoming very discouraged. I was still having horrible huge cystic acne breakout, worse than ever! Around month third I didn’t get my normal premenstrual breakout and my face was clearing. I literally cannot believe everyday when I wake up and look in the mirror that my face is finally clear! I wish I could tell everyone and anyone who knows they have and suffer from hormonal acne about this wonderful product.

Shruti Rawal Mahajan (34 years)

Karnal, Haryana

I had uterine fibroids. I have massive cramps because of the fibroids and really heavy periods. I didn’t want to use hormone treatments because of their side effects and after a lot of research I brought Keva Feminine Drops. After I started taking this supplement my periods are lighter and cramps sometimes manageable. I am very happy and satisfied with the results of this wonderful product!

Chittra Thakral (41 years)

Chitradurga, Karnataka

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