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Keva Fruit and Apricot Scrub

This Fruit and Apricot scrub of Keva Industries is wonderful. Every other scrub I have ever tried has dried out my skin. I have been using this Fruit and Apricot scrub for almost a month now and I can honestly say I have never once had that problem. I love this stuff.
Gurbir Bath (29 years)
Churu, Rahasthan

My fiancé has had acne since he was a teenager. He's tried several things, to no avail, which is understandably frustrating. I have used Keva Fruit and Apricot scrub for awhile, and I noted to him that it was actually the thing that kept my own skin nice and clear. Now after using Keva Fruit and Apricot scrub my fiancé’s skin is noticeably clearer.
Sudhandu Singh (28 years)
Narsimapur, Madhya Pradesh

Keva Fruit and Apricot scrub is the only facial scrub I will ever use. I use it about 4 times a week and use Keva moisturizing lotion and I hardly ever have blemishes! I love this scrub!
Archana Shankar (32 years)
Godhra, Gujarat

Nothing works better than Keva Fruit and Apricot scrub to remove the leftover makeup and residue your makeup remover left behind. I use it twice a week on my acne prone skin.
Rajesh Sharma (32 years)

Keva Fruit and Apricot scrub really helped me. I have oily skin and my pores are large, I used this product for four weeks and my acne disappeared and my pores were clean. It really helps if you have oily skin. It really works.
Nalesh Birju (38 years)
Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

I have used this product for years. I have sensitive skin. Keva Fruit and Apricot scrub is a great scrub and gives you a nice fresh feeling. It makes your skin nice and smooth and it looks great after it. It is great for exfoliating once or twice a week.
Dev Vishwas (46 years)
Sirohi, Rajasthan

I've used many scrubs over the years. Keva Fruit and Apricot scrub has got to be my favorite. I wish it had been available when I was young and really had troubled skin. Now, I still have some trouble with blemishes and white heads, but my skin is no longer as oily as it used to be.
Dhanjay Prashad (29 years)
Madhubani, Bihar

I have normal to oily skin and have occasional issues with adult acne. My skin is very sensitive. This product, much to my surprise, did not irritate my skin at all. In fact, after using Keva Fruit and Apricot scrub a few times I found my skin to look noticeably fresher and healthier. This scrub also seems to be working its magic on my acne issues. My acne isn't completely eliminated but I've noticed the occurrence of new acne is far less frequent since I've been using this scrub. All in all a great scrub!
Dildeep Singh (31 years)
Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

I have few pimples and black heads. But ever since I've been using Keva Fruit and Apricot scrub my face has been cleared and renewed 90%. I really love this product!!! It smells wonderful and easily removes old, dry, dead skin and revealing fresh, new, soft and supple skin.
Bimlesh Shankar (34 years)
Palamu, Jharkhand

Keva Fruit and Apricot scrub is the only Scrub, I have been able to find that does not make my skin break out, rash, or get pimples! I use it thrice a week to wash off my makeup and leave my skin feeling smooth. It is gentle enough to not irritate your skin but strong enough to remove makeup. It visibly tones your skin and it smells great.
Uday Kumar Rathore (38 years)
Kota, Rajasthan

Keva Fruit and Apricot scrub is absolutely the best product I have ever used in my entire life! I have used other off brand scrubs, gels and nothing has worked. I have been using it Keva Fruit and Apricot scrub for only a couple days and I can already see a significant difference in the size of my pores, the amount of acne, and the amount of oil. According to me, by far this is the best product in the market.
Diwakar Sahni (42 years)
Tehri, Uttrakhand

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