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Keva Glucosamine plus

My hip had been bothering me for 6 months. I'm 75 and wearing out. A friend suggested Keva glucosamine Plus to me. He told me that his doctor wanted him to think about a knee replacement when he decided to try Keva Glucosamine Plus. He told me it had been 7 years and he still has the same knee. I figured it was worth a try. After less than 2 weeks I noticed that my hip joint wasn't bothering me anymore. It sure beats taking a lot of pain killers. I highly recommend it for greasing up and smoothing out your joints.
Mukund Bakshi (75 years)
Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh

Keva Glucosamine Plus is the best supplement I have ever purchased because it gave me my life back! I suffered chronic pain for 9 years every day. I have Fibromyalgia. The more I used my muscles the longer they would hurt during the rest of the day/night. This made me avoid doing practically everything because the pain was unrelenting, intense and no over the counter NSAIDS, helped. One particularly bad, pain filled day I was online grasping some ways to get rid of the pain, there I have read about Keva Glucosamine Plus. I bought it, started it. Now, my pain is GONE!!! I suffered for years unnecessarily!!!!
Nitin Bankar (55 years)
Mangrol, Gujarat

I was suffering from osteoarthritis. I had tried everything else, acupuncture, massage, water therapy, prescriptions, and analgesics before taking Keva Glucosamine Plus. This works for me! I highly recommend this supplement.
Govardhan Kumar (50 years)
Yavatmal, Maharashtra

I've had trouble with my knees since I was a kid. As a 40-year old, the condition is sometimes painful, especially when working out using resistance training. I regularly walk up and down a set of stairs at work, and my knees often ache throughout the climb. About 2 weeks after taking Keva Glucosamine Plus regularly, as directed on the bottle, I noticed my knees no longer ached when taking the stairs. I was really amazed.
Govind Hirwani (40 years)
Jamtara. Jharkhand

I have had lower back problems for years, and was recently told that I have a degenerative disc problem. However after taking these capsules for a few weeks, I have been amazed that the pain in my back is gone, even after jogging. They are like a miracle drug to me and I will never stop taking them!
Taruna Bansal (48 years)
Katihar, Bihar

I have used Keva Glucosamine Plus for about 1 year. It is fabulous. I am 72 years old and have degenerative disc in my lower back. Keva Glucosamine Plus along with a mild pain reliever helps enormously. I walk 2 miles daily and go to the gym 3 times weekly. Nothing else I have ever tried works as well.
Jagdish Nima (72 years)
Purba medinipur, West Bengal

Keva Glucosamine Plus relieves pain and stiffness. It is easy to swallow does not cause me any side effects. Thanks Keva Glucosamine Plus for this amazing product!
Amar Singh Verma (48 years)
Mandla, Madhya Pradesh

I have used Keva Glucosamine Plus for many years for pain relief from arthritis and help for other chronic pain on the advice of my orthopedic surgeon who also takes Keva glucosamine plus. Knowing your product is pure builds my confidence in Keva Glucosamine Plus I am a very satisfied customer!
Hari Lal (58 years)
Pithoragarh, Uttrakhand

I have used Keva Glucosamine Plus for 6 months! I recommend it to everyone I know. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and this was recommended to me by a Rheumatologist. It is the best recommendation I ever received from a doctor. I really love this product! Unbelievable results!
Kishan Chawla (53 years)
Jodhpur, India

Three year ago I injured my right knee, had repair surgery eight months later, it was unsuccessful, then after a year’s wait had a knee replacement. My doctor said I would have to have my left knee replaced as well because it was in worse shape than the other, loaded with arthritis and worn out, no way did I want to go through that again. I had been using another product prior to surgery without many results, my therapist suggested me to try Keva Glucosamine Plus, I did and in a month my left knee was pain free and has been for about a year. The rest of my joints feel great too. I'm back in exercise class and loving every minute of it. I am a Keva Glucosamine Plus fan for sure and I tell everyone about my awesome results. Thanks for producing such a fine product.
Raman Kapoor (43 years)
Udaipur, Rajasthan

I'm 40 years old; there is protrusion of lumbar intervertebral disc, constantly aching back. My friend suggested me to take Glucosamine. I wanted a pure glucosamine product that had been widely tested. I started taking Keva Glucosamine and the pain improved greatly. Thanks Keva Industries
Raghav Khanna (40 years)
Panipat, Haryana

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