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Keva Goji Berry Drops

I had high blood pressure. When allopathic drugs failed me, I took to Ayurveda based Keva Gojiberry Drops. Pursued it for two months and had lot of relief. Thanks Keva Industries for this wonderful product!

Nilesh Gupta (38 years)

Warha, Maharashtra

I am 53 and my blood pressure before taking Keva Gojiberry Drops was usually around 140-160/85-95. High Blood Pressure also runs in my family although we are all extremely thin and eat a diet heavy in fish, rice and veggies. My grandfather died from complications from untreated high blood pressure. Both my parents are on medications for their high blood pressure and I really want to avoid that if I can. I exercise, eat right and my blood pressure was still high! (And I have a stressful job). On friends recommendation I started taking Keva Gojiberry Drops, about 3 months ago. My blood pressure (even with my still stressful job) is now consistently 120-130/70-80 which is normal range. I am thrilled! This stuff really works!

Pradeep Kumar (53 years)

Satyamangalam, Tamil Nadu

High Cholesterol

I have purchased Keva Gojiberry Drops for the first time. My total cholesterol levels were at 236 (not extremely high) but needed attention. I thought I would give this product a try because it is all natural ingredients. I had been taking it for a period of about 3 weeks when I had my next blood work done and lowered it to 190. So the product does work!! I recommend it to anyone needing a natural remedy to improve their LDL and overall levels. 

Raman Bhalla (40 years)

My husband has high cholesterol level problem and after about 3 months taking Goji Berry Drops, It has helped him tremendously. His blood cholesterol no longer fluctuates and more stable now. This all happens because of this amazing product. Thanks!

Ritu Chadha (28 years)

Hisar, Haryana

Energy is the most important thing to me. I have inoperable colon cancer that has spread to my stomach and liver and I’m on intensive chemotherapy. When I was first introduced to Keva Gojiberry Drops, I talked to my oncologist who told me they wouldn’t interfere with my treatment so I started taking Keva Gojiberry Drops. It’s better on my stomach and seems to get into my system faster. It is doing a great job giving me support for the side effects of the chemotherapy. I have been taking it for almost 6 months and I have the energy to keep a positive attitude to fight the cancer, which is now shrinking.

Harish Bansal (25 years)

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

I heard about Keva Gojiberry Drops and thought if I found it I would try it. Since then I have purchased this product for a year not just for myself but for a family member too. For me, this product really helped with my stress and anxiety. I began noticing a difference in the first day. Great product! Thanks!

Rohan Lamba (43 years)

Lunavada, Gujarat

I purchased Keva Gojiberry Drops for my elderly Mother to assist in her battle with macular degeneration, and she's extremely happy with it. She has absolutely no gastrointestinal problems with it. I highly recommend it to people looking for a source of Goji antioxidants. Thanks!

Indraveer Kochar (43 years)

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

I had a problem of gas formation in stomach. It became such a recurrent ailment that I was afraid of even drinking water lest it led to gas formation. Despite the normal intake of food, squire meal, the problem persisted. My belly got stiff and bloated. I tried allopathic drugs and also underwent sonography, nothing helped. Then I started taking Keva Gojiberry Drops on Doctors recommendation, I pursued it for six months and got positive results.

Ramesh Danrajgill (39 years)

Bantral, Karnataka

I had a poor sight. The vision was weak both far and near. I tried run-of-the mill medical means but received temporal improvement. Then I started taking Keva Gojiberry Drops after reading about it in an article. To my delight, I noticed that now I could see quite afar with clarity. It was a pleasant surprise.

Radhika Mukherjee (41 years)

Jaypere, Orissa

Natural blend of herbs in Keva Gojiberry Drops supposed to help the body rid itself of toxins. I have been using this product for a month now, and the acne that has bothered for nearly two decades is gone. Different things work for different people, but I think this is safer and works better than a lot of prescription drugs I have tried. Thanks Keva Industries!

Arjun Khurana (35 years)

Murshidabad, West Bengal

I have never used vitamins for hair growth. My hair is very short and hasn't grown in quite some time. I read up on Keva Gojiberry Drops and decided to try it. I only brought a 30 day supply but I can tell you that I have noticed a difference in my hair. It has become thicker and even grew some!!! I can't wait to order some more!!

Karuna Thapar (25 years)

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

I used to get frequent sinus infections. I started using Keva Gojiberry Drops and it helped me to a great extent. I am now getting infections less frequent and less severe. I will definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs to boost up their immune system and lower their chances of infections.

Guneet Gupta (40 years)

Valparai, Tamil Nadu

I have been taking Keva Gojiberry Drops for over 3 years now. I have had fewer colds and have not missed many days due to colds as it improved my immune functioning. I would highly recommend this product to everyone who has a history of getting cold and cough during the winter months.

Zohar Khan (41 years)

Medaramehta, Andhra Pradesh

I started a new job approximately 3 years ago. I work in a large factory with a lot of people. The first 2 years I worked there I got really sick starting around spring time. Each time it was like a bad cold that lasted approximately 6 to 8 weeks. A friend of mine gave me Keva Gojiberry Drops and I started taking it. I have been taking it as prescribed everyday for 6 months years now, and I haven't even tried to get a cold. I'm convinced it works.

Sushmita Kundu (31 years)

Nadaun, Hamirpur


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