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Keva Grape Seed Extract Drops

My mother was suffering from high blood pressure problem for 5 years. But just after few days of consuming Keva Grape Seed Extract Drops her blood pressure is down to an almost perfect range. This is a wonderful product. Thanks Keva Industries!

Palika Mukherjee (45 years)

Dohad, Gujarat

With Keva grape seed extract drops now my husband’s blood pressure is normal. My husband started taking these 2 months ago. Now he doesn't have to take his BP pills prescribed to him. His BP is staying stable and he isn't having panic attacks from the pharmaceutical pills anymore since he stopped taking those! Thanks Keva for this miracle product!

Janki Shankar (32 years)

Adalaj, Gujarat

I have found on Internet that Grape Seed extract has several health benefits, and has been found to increase levels of antioxidants in blood as well as improve circulation and cholesterol levels. So I have purchased Keva Grape seed extract drops after lot of research as I was suffering from high cholesterol problem. I brought this because it has a good high 95% Polyphenols compared to other brands. With this now my cholesterol levels are stable. Thanks!

Sarvana Prashad (49 years)

Semaria, Madhya Pradesh

My son was suffering from nose bleed problem very often in the past. My friend advised us to try Grape seed extract. So I searched about the same on Internet and came to know about Keva Grape seed extract drops. After just 1 months of use it really improves my son's blood vessel and immune system. He felt better now.

Bimlesh Yadav (40 years)

Lakhimpur, Assam

I have been taking Keva Grape seed extract drops for one year as I have diabetes and I need all the antioxidant help I can get. I believe that grape seed extract helps me because, eight years after my diagnosis, I am controlling my diabetes with exercise and diet management without the aid of medications. I do not have any signs of diabetic complications, so I feel that this product is one of several that help me keep control my sugar levels, along with the diet and exercise.

Jatin Das (52 years)

Supaual, Bihar

I was dealing with premenopausal symptoms. Grape seed extract is good for a lot of things. It reduces my hot flashes and I feel more relaxed after taking it. It is just great for overall health and wellbeing.

Ruchi Gaikwad (47 years)

Uravakonda, Arunachal Pradesh

I have found Keva Grape Seed Extract Drops give me a positive boost of energy. It is the best grape seed extract I have taken and I plan to order more in the future. I take it twice a day with meals for best results.

Ankush Sood (27 years)

Karaikkudi, Tamil Nadu

It took about a week or 2 before I started really feeling a difference. I do feel better, have more energy, and my leg cramps don't bother me at night now! I will definitely add this to my lifelong regimen!

Monap patra (28 years)

Mangalvedhe, Maharashtra

I was almost unable to walk due to severe knee pain. But after taking Keva Grape seed extract drops, now able to walk and suffering from less pain as compared to earlier. I recommend Keva grape seed extract drops to anyone who suffer from pain in their knees. It really does help. Plus it helps to build up your immune system as well. I am very pleased with this product.

Vankateshwar Reddy (32 years)

Santipur, West Bengal

Over the summer I experienced a bout of acute pancreatitis. I was in the hospital for far too long, and when I was released I was told eat low fat, and to take morphine. Well, I was well for a day or two, and then the pain started again and doctor gave me some more morphine. Well that kept up for about 6 weeks. So I started searching the internet. I found several sites that recommended grape seed extract for the same problem. So I started taking Keva Grape seed extract drops. Since then (over a month now) I have experienced no pain, do not take morphine, and am ecstatic! Great product!

Sumita Rani (34 years)

Modsa, Gujarat

I was using Glucosamine Supplements to reduce the stiffness and aching in the evenings. My friend who is Doctor suggested me to take Keva Grape Seed Extract Drops along with it. I was surprised that within a week or so my aches were greatly reduced and stiffness was down some as well. If you are looking for something to keep inflammation under control I found this to do the trick.

Paresh Mahajan (29 years)

Jalgaon, Maharashtra

I was suffering from seasonal allergies for so many years. I was looking for effective natural remedy to get rid of allergies. I brought Keva Grape Seed Extract Drops one month before. Within just one month it helped me with season allergies, sinus and upper airway congestion. I would recommend Grape Seed extract for people suffering with allergies.

Tanu shree (42 years)

Tenkashi, Tamil Nadu

Taking Keva Grape Seed Extract Drops seems to improve my sleep and reduce headaches. I help with weight loss too. Thanks Keva for this wonderful product!

Sunidhi Mkherjee (36 years)

Deoghar, Jharkhand

I purchased Keva Grape Seed Extract Drops for my Mom who has had much trouble with arthritis in her thumbs and wrist. She said that within one week she began to notice that her joints were moving more freely. It did not take away the pain completely but it did help.

Anjali Rathi (32 years)

Kolkata, West Bengal

I heard grape seed is really good for women; it will help prevent the wrinkle, leave the skin bright and smooth. So, I bought Keva Grape seed extract drops one month back. It really works. I quickly noticed improvement to wrinkles and cellulite. It makes my skin soft, health and problem free. Thanks Keva Industries!

Rohini Parmar (36 years)

Kodagu, Karnataka

For many years whenever I washed my teeth I had bleeding gums and one of my front teeth was very sensitive because of the receding gums. Also I noticed that some of my teeth started to become loose! I'm only 36 years old and want my teeth to last a lifetime. For 3 months now I put just one drop of grapefruit seed extract on the toothpaste before brushing me teeth and believe me or not from the very first brush of this kind I have absolutely no bleeding of the gums at all! My gums look and feel healthy, no sensitive tooth and no moving tooth either! On top of this, in the morning when I get up my breath still feels fresh because of that one drop of grapefruit seed extract that I put on my toothpaste the previous evening.

Ragini Bhaskar (29 years)

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

One day my 4-year old boy came home from nursery with itchy and red toes, scaling skin between the toes. It was a fungus infection. I applied Keva Grape seed drops between and around all his toes. The itchiness immediately subsided and the skin gradually healed and did not cause any complaints after that.

Nitin Parekar (39 years)

Rajgarh, Rajasthan

I have purchased Keva Grape seed extract drops to help overcome skin fungus infection on my friend’s recommendation. I had acquired a staph infection after surgery and was on massive doses of antibiotics which caused fungal infection everywhere. I am not able to take the oral fungal medication. I had used fungal powers and fungal creams. Nothing was working. In about 3 days after using this, I was almost completely free of the fungal infection on my skin. By the end of the week, it was completely gone. I would highly recommend this product because of the success that I had with it.

Sushmita Rai (43 years)

Bharuch, Gujarat

I had a terrible sinus infection. I have stated taking Keva Grape seed extract drops for the same and within one weak all the sinus pressure went away. It dries up all the mucus and I didn't have any coughing from sinus drainage. I definitely recommend this product.

Gobind Sharma (28 years)

Nanguneri, Tamil Nadu

We use Keva Grape seed extract drops for mostly an antibiotic alternative and sore throat aid. We have a prescription antibiotic allergic family member, so needed a good alternative. We studied Grape seed extract drops and decided to try it. We now recommend it to anyone considering seeing a doc for a throat or respiratory infection. We have used it successfully to treat strep, tonsillitis, ear infection and even yeast infections. It is an amazing product, very much satisfied with the results of this product!

Nipun Mahajan (32 years)

Lakhimpur, Assam

My husband suffered from a chronic fatigue. My friend recommended him to take Keva Grape seed extract drops. He started taking this in the morning and evening. Now he is experiencing more energy and strength and able to live fife to the fullest. A miracle for us!

Sunidhi Saini (39 years)

Semaria, Madhya Pradesh

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