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Keva Heart Care

This is Manav from Maharashtra. I was suffering from some heart problems, like high cholesterol level. All I can do was to live on medicines. I was living under lot of tension as my work is like this secondly my eating habits are not so healthy. Every time I was frightened that I can get heart attack any time. But with the help of Keva Heart Care, I am much relaxed and felt much stability in my cholesterol level. This product has completely changed my life. I really appreciated this product very much.
Manav Patil (Age - 41 Yrs)
(Manchar, Maharashtra)

I am so happy to write you on behalf of my father in law. He is a heart patient and suffering from hyper tension. He tried so many natural products to get rid of this problem in a natural way but nothing gave him relief. But the day he is on Keva Heart Care, I can witness lot of difference in his condition. He is enjoying his life in a much better way just with the help of Keva Heart Care.
Savita Mohanty (Age-38years)
(Raighar, Orissa)

I was diagnosed with high heart risk as my bad cholesterol level was so badly increasing. My doctor told me to take proper medication and normal exercises. But there was nothing changing my condition. I was so much in panic. But I really want to thank my brother who has advised me to take Keva Heart Care. Initially I was hesitating to take this product as I was not sure. But when I started taking this product within few days my condition got improved. I am so glad that Keva has launched such a great product.
B. Nagarajan (Age-53years)
(Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu)

Hello to everybody. I am Lokesh Aiyer from Tamilnadu would like to share my experience with Keva Heart Care, Bone health & KAMD. I was suffering from arthritis, hypertension & piles for past 8 years due to which I was always lacking strength in my body. I could not walk, work & even do daily chores of life. I got to know about this innovative product one day and I started taking them on daily bases. After a few days I started felt the difference. I am able to walk now without support & manage all my work myself. Thanks to these three. I wish I should have tried those 8 years ago. I wasted so much of my life struggling with myself.
Lokesh Aiyer (Age-47years)
(Mulbagal, Karnataka)

I was suffering from Coronary Artery disease two years ago. This disease involves cholesterol-laden plaque deposition in the blood vessel walls which can later develop blood clots and heart attacks. So my physicians told me take this seriously and follow the medication and diet strictly. I was of very young age so he told me I can recover faster. Also he advised to take Keva Heart Care on daily basis and I followed proper dosage of this product. And now I am absolutely fine.
Mani Ram Bagree (Age-56years)
(Bilara, Rajasthan)

My name is Sarah. I want to give a testimonial in writing about Keva Heart Care that I have started taking from the last four months. The initial problem was high blood pressure, constant headache, chest pain and back pain. Now I am completely free from this life threatening complication. I want to thank to all of you from bottom of my heart!
Sarah Harisi (Age-38years)
(Nellore, Andhra Pradesh)

I came across this wonderful product on the internet, I through to give it a try. Now, I have taken the product for four months, and I have seen very good improvement in my health condition. I am having healthy heart now as my cholesterol is on level and I have not even need to take medications just because of this product. All my sincere thanks to Keva Team!
Manohar Guria (Age-45years)
(Khunti, Jharkhand)

This is something I would like to share with you about wonderful product Keva Heart Care. I developed hypertension, fast heart beats which is certainly not a good symptom for anybody. I went to my physician and he gave me some medication and some healthy life style tips. But that was not enough to get me out of this problem. Then one of my friends suggested me to use Keva Heart Care on regular bases. He told me this product is natural so does not contain any side effects. Then with a little hope I decided to try this. After two months of following proper dosage I am completely out of this problem. My heart beats have come back to normal. And now I am living healthy and happy life.
Dasaratha Bebbarman (Age-57years)
(Belonia, Tripura)

My cholesterol level suddenly started rising and I was regularly taking the medicine on time but was mere effect in my condition. I knew the fact this is not a good sign and I should do something to get rid of this problem. Thank god one day my father brought Keva Heart Care bottle for me and he advised me to use this on regular bases. Now I am much relieved from this problem. I am really thankful to my dad and Keva Industries!
Vipul Dhokrat (Age-39years)
(Rehti, Madhya Pradesh)

I was recently diagnosed with Irregular Heartbeat (Heart Arrhythmia) and that made my life full of miseries. Suddenly I started feeling breath shortness, chest discomfort and dizziness. I started taking medicines but no respite from this problem was seen. After some days I got to know about Keva Kidney Care and Keva Noni juice. I started taking this juice and capsule regularly and now it has been two months. I am completely out of this problem and leading a healthy life!
Sonit Dhekial (Age-44years)
(Kumguri, Assam)

Keva Heart Care provided me great relief from high cholesterol level. My condition is much stable with the help of this product. I come to know about this innovative healthy product around 3 months ago and really not to say much I am so thankful to my colleague who introduced me about this product. My heart problems, cholesterol problem have gone completely and cherish every moment of life!
Kapilesh Kumar (Age-56years)
(Rajarhat Gopalpur, West Bengal)

I was diagnosed with several heart problems, stress and overweight. Number of medication I followed but did not make any difference. My work was something like I had to live under stress. But I have family responsibilities and is only son of my parents. That made me so worried. One day my wife brought me Keva Heart Care as her friend is naturopathy consultant. On her directions I started taking Keva Heart Care on regular bases. In time of 22-25 days I saw sudden change in my condition. Now I am so relaxed and enjoying my work a lot. I never keep this product out of stock. Because in next 6 months I am hoping to get rid of this problem completely.
Abhilesh Panigrahi (Age-38years)
(Jeypore, Orissa)

At the age of 32 yrs I developed high blood pressure and all my body was full of pain. Suddenly I got serious frequent headaches. All this has really brought my health so down. I was feeling so shattered as nothing was helping me. But with the help of Keva Heart Care I started relaxing a bit. Now it has been 2 and half months I am continuously using this product in combination with Keva Acai and feeling great energy. For the last 1 month I didn’t have any headaches now I am happy and so thankful to Keva Industries!
Jaswant Chandelas (Age-32years)
(Surat Garh, Rajasthan)

I am a heart patient and regularly taking medicines because my cholesterol has disturbed a lot due to my bad eating habits. I was doing daily exercise as my physician told me to do so. But nothing was giving me much relief. As soon as I stopped taking medicines, my condition recurred. Now with the help of Keva Heart Care I can manage my problem of cholesterol very well. After two month of use, my medicines reduced. I am really thankful to this amazing product!
Manish Choksey (Age-43years)
(Gulganj, Madhya Pradesh)

I am high BP patient which leads very bad effect on my heart. Sometimes I started feeling pain in my left chest. So I went to physician he told me my BP problem has bad effect on my heart. So advised some yoga & medication. Then my father brought me Keva Heart Care along with Keva Noni juice. I started very fast recovery from this condition. Now my BP is much controlled and this can only happen with the help of these superb products.
Neelima Desai (Age-34years)
(Paliyad, Gujarat)

Just at the age of 37 only, I started feeling some complaints related to heart. My physician told me my arteries developed coronary arteries disease. But that was on initial stage. So can be managed with medicines but looking at my age I was so frightened. Then he also advised for Keva Heart Care initially to be taken thrice a day for first month then twice after one month along with medicines. I did the same and to my surprise when I went for check up my heart problem vanished completely.
Roshan Lal (Age-37years)
(Sitamarhi, Bihar)

I was going through some emotional stress for the last one year and that leads to chest pain, shortness of breath. On consulting my physician he told this stress has affecting the heart and you need to take care. Then I did yoga, tried to keep myself busy and happy and also took medications regularly. But not helping that much. Then my friend who is distributor of your products, Mr. Vrijesh Kumar insisted me to take your products Keva Heart Care in combination with Keva Acai juice. And thank god I took his advice seriously and started taking the products regularly. Only after 15 days of use my stress vanished completely. There is no burden in my mind now. I am much relaxed. In one and half month of use my heart problem has gone astray. Really thankful to Keva Team!
Paresh Nishad (Age-40years)
(Rajnandgaon, Chattisgarh)

I am writing this letter on behalf of my brother Mr. Amrit Lal who is 61 yrs old. He is regular heart patient and on medicines. On advice of one of my colleague I started giving Keva Heart Care to him regularly. After merely 25 days of use, I noticed much difference in his condition. He has started recovering very fast. Now it has been almost three months and doctors have reduced some of his medicines. We are really very happy and amazed to know this product really worked.
Bhaanulata Gotikhe (Age-52years)
(Nyalkal, Andhra Pradesh)

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