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Keva ImmunoRich

I really appreciate Keva Industries who formulated Keva ImmunoRich. My 15 year son has absolute IgA deficiency meaning "his body does not produce the A antibody to fight infections". After taking this product for about 3 months he has not gotten sick only very slightly, but not like before that he used to get very sick with bronchitis and upper respiratory infections and had to take a lot of antibiotic treatments.
Akhil Mukherjee (45 years)
Talala, Gujarat

My wife and I work extremely long hours and we have been doing this for the last few years. As a result, we normally suffer from the flu and colds on a regular basis. She started taking Keva ImmunoRich before me and noticed that her susceptibility to mild illnesses was reduced significantly. So she recommended that I take them as well. I started to take it, the first thing that I noticed that my endurance levels improved and I had a better sense of well being. I quickly overcame my sinus problems. I recommend this for persons who are on the go, and need to keep up with a heavy workload and a tight schedule.
Chandrakant Shankar (41 years)
Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh

I started using Keva ImmunoRich 1 year ago. My husband, my two kids and I took it every day. We haven't had any colds, flu viruses or infections since starting it! My allergies (spring seasonal) have been nearly eliminated! I haven't noticed any negative side effects at all. I can keep my family free of upper respiratory infections/viruses while all around us others are getting sick!
Ritika Prakash Yadav (39 years)
Simdega, Jharkhand

I've tried many immune boosting products in my life but none compare to Keva ImmunoRich as a whole when the ingredients, results and price are factored in. it completely eradicated all the infections and flu which I was suffered from.
Jaidev Singh (32 years)
Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

I started taking Immune Boost 7 months back. Everyone around me had colds, the flu and even the H1N1 flu. I am happy to say, that I never got sick with any of them, even though I was exposed almost daily to sick people. I am continuing taking it. THANK YOU!
Jagannath (35 years)
Vaishai, Bihar

I started a new job approximately 3 years ago. I work in a large factory with a lot of people. The first 2 years I worked there I got really sick starting around spring time. Each time it was like a bad cold that lasted approximately 6 to 8 weeks. A friend of mine gave me Keva ImmunoRich to me and I started taking it. I have been taking it as prescribed everyday for 6 months now, and I haven't even tried to get a cold. I'm convinced it works.
Dayaram Khuranna (29 years)
Hassan, Karnataka

Keva ImmunoRich is the best product I know for really "boosting immune system" I usually get sick and can't get out of bed for at least a week, but since I take this I never get sick!! I work with so many people in a resort so "the flu" is always here. This truly is a great product if you want to stay strong through tough weather.
Somkashap (37 years)
Washim, Maharashtra

I am 64 years old and had pneumonia two years ago, my daughter made me take this! Since I have started taking it two years ago, I have not been sick a single day! Not even a cold! I Love Keva ImmunoRich!
Anirud Singla (64 years)
Mahesana, Gujarat

I work at a school and I am in my sixties. Last year I was suffered from pneumonia. I missed 68 days of work. Then I started taking Keva ImmunoRich and refused to take any synthetic drug. What a difference it made! I have lung damage and asthma. I also am on a lot of medicines. I have heart problems fibromyalgia and neuropathy. The members of my family are taking this including my mother-in-law, who had a stroke last year and my father-in-law who has COPD. This is worth to try. We had no side effects. I hope you keep selling this. Keva ImmunoRich is absolutely the greatest product!
Amit Mittal (61 years)
Jalpaiguri, West Bengal

I used Keva ImmunoRich to boost my immune system to help fight off scabies. I can officially say my scabies is gone thanks to this product; this product did as it said and boosted my immune system as far as I can tell. Also I haven't even had a cold all winter and I still haven't had even the slightest sniffle!
Chiranjit Rathore (42 years)
Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

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