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Keva Joints Care Drops

I'm 77 and my right hand was in such bad shape with arthritics, my knuckles looked like little golf ball and the pain was terrible. The Dr. said nothing could be done, and prescribed me pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Well I started looking for something to take that might help. I tried rubs, ice packs, special gloves, everything I could think of and it only got worse. Then I found Keva Joint Care Drops on Internet. Within 2 weeks of regular use of this wonderful supplement the swelling was going down and the pain backing off. I have told many friends about it and they too have brought it. I'm still amazed and can hardly believe it but it’s really working for me!

Rakesh Mahajan (77 years)

Forbesganj, Bihar

This product has made a huge difference in my life. It works very quickly to relieve arthritis pain. I am more mobile and pain free by using Keva Joint Care Drops. I highly recommend this product.

Dimple chaturvedi (53 years)

Abdaso, Gujarat

I am 60 and come with a family history of arthritis. I have had it on my knee for about five years now, had meniscus surgery. It has gradually become more painful such that I feel it at every step. Then this year my hip started to hurt as well. I first bought Pain Killers. It worked very well in one day. Then I got Keva Joint Care Drops because I'd rather take some treatment than a pain killer. I started this every day and gradually the pain has gone from both places. Now I am completely pain free and happy.

Prakash Loomba (60 years)

Perambalur, Tamil Nadu

I have been using Keva Joint Care Drops for over 6 weeks now and my hands are not sore every morning when I wake up. I'd been having trouble for months and had to run my hands under hot water every morning to loosen them up but I still had soreness. It took about a month of using Keva Joint Care Drops before I realized that I wasn't having soreness every day. So far, I'm very happy with the results.

Gayatri Lamba (49 years)

Nanital, Uttrakhand

When I first began trying Keva Joint Care Drops I was experiencing dull pain in my hands behind the knuckles, and little aches and pains in my 71 year old limbs. I have been happily amazed that Keva Joint Care Drops has made my rheumatism discomfort disappear ever since I began using it! I have worked with my hands a lot, and have always been an active worker. I try to stay young as possible, have tried lots of alternative meds to control rheumatism or arthritic pain. Only Keva Joint Care Drops has worked for me!

Aditi Sachdeva (71 years)

Mahashwar, Madhya Pradesh

I was suffering from knee pain for many years but Keva Joint Care Drops has made it possible for me to get up and move around without pain. It's wonderful. I recommend it to all of my friends with joint pain problems.

Praveen Shankar (57 years)

Akola, Maharashtra

My right knee joint area would get very painful, just behind the kneecap, especially after sitting too long. Driving more than an hour, it would get so painful I had to stop, get out and walk for 5 minutes every hour when driving. I had to get a stand-up desk at work. I had tried many different remedies over several years, but Keva Joint Care was the only thing that noticeably helped my knee pain. I noticed some benefit within 1 month. After taking it for 2 months, I had almost no knee pain. Thanks Keva Industries.

Gautam Gupta (39 years)

Mandla, Madhya Pradesh

After years of playing basketball followed by even more years of lifting and pushing heavy loads at work, I thought joint pain was something I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life. I don’t like the idea of taking prescription drugs that can do more harm than good. When I read about Keva Joint Care Drops, I decided to give it a try. And by the end of one month, I began to feel some relief. I feel good about taking a supplement with natural ingredients. It has made an amazing difference in reducing the pain and giving me more flexibility in my joints.

Mohan Kumar Rathore (51 years)

Simdegi, Jharkhand

I had severe pain in my thumb joints, not good when you work on a computer all day. I was forced to wear splints on both hands for some relief. I have tried many supplements and drugs but did nothing to help. Then on my friends recommendation I tried Keva Joint Care Drops and within one and a half month the pain was much less. Now I was able to stop wearing the splints. I am so grateful for this product and will continue taking it daily. Thanks!

Raveena Deshmukh (42 years)

Haveri, Karnataka

I have been taking Keva Joint Care Drops for 7 months for my deteriorated back, with wonderful results. Before taking the product I was in such pain that I had to use a walker. After seeing Keva Joint Care Drops, and using it for about a month, my pain was gone. I rarely have to use an NSAID anymore. I can sincerely and confidently recommend this product!

Indumati (48 years)

Purulia, West Bengal

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