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Keva Kidney Care

Dear Keva Team I want to thank you for creating such a great product for Kidney stone patients. I was regular patient of Kidney stones. Regularly I was on medicines and but suddenly my problem rose. I was feeling so much pain and suffering from frequent vomiting, restlessness. My condition was not getting better in spite of taking medicines. But my physician suggested me to take Keva Kidney Care along with medicines. This natural product really proved working in my condition. I have two major stones in Kidney of 5mm and 8 mm. And in merely two months of use I was free from stones. But still I am taking this supplement regularly for three months and wish my stone problem would never recur again.
(Meenakshi Gupta, 41 Yrs)
(Mihijam, Jharkhand)

I start developing stones in my kidney and as my physician told me to stop taking some vegetables (not advisable to take in stone problems) and gave some medicines. I started following doctor’s advice but it was not relieving my much. The size of stone was around 3mm & 2 mm initially but it was not breaking down. Then on suggestion of one of my friend I started taking your Keva Kidney Care which proved really very effective in my problem. Now it has been a month I am using this and completely free from this stone. My sincere thanks to Keva Industries!
(Virchand Desai, 53 Yrs)
(Dohad, Gujarat)

I am a Kidney stone patient for the last 5 yrs and during this time I developed stones 4 or 5 times. With medicines and precautions I was dealing with them. Sometimes they disappear and in one or two month they again started developing. I was suffering from severe pain and weakness as I don’t feel good all the time. I would like to thank god for sending my sister in law in my house. She brought Keva Kidney Care for me firstly I was hesitating to use this but after taking my physician’s advice I started taking this product. Now with the help of this product, I can manage my kidney stone conveniently. Now I don’t feel pain and my stones broke down in smaller pieces and get out of the body through urine. I continuously taking this product for three months and much relaxed now.
(Pankaj Gurjar, 34 Yrs)
(Gairatganj , Madhya Pradesh)

I started taking Keva Kidney care just two months ago and to my surprise Stone problem in Kidney started diminishing. Previously I was regular victim of this problem and really looking for some good supplement help me to get rid of this situation. My father one day told me to use this product and just after 20 days of use my stones started breaking and my problem was reducing day by day. Recently I got my latest scan report in which it is clearly mentioned big stone formation in my kidney have stopped. I am thankful to this wonderful product!
(Shashi Varaiprasad Naidu, 47 Yrs)
(Eddumailaram, Andhra Pradesh)

Now I can enjoy healthy & happy life just because of Keva Kidney Care, this product proved miracle for me. I am much satisfied by taking this as my kidney stone problems and urethra infections got stopped. My physician has reduced the medicines and told me to have three months course of this miraculous product after every two months. It has helped me a lot and I regained my health back.
(Jagmohan Singh, 52 Yrs)
(Zaidpur, UP)

One year back I developed Kidney stone problems. I was diagnosed with stones of around 5mm & 7mm. They were causing pain and vomiting. Whatever I was eating that comes out through vomiting. My situation went very critical. I was admitted in hospital twice in last four months. With medicines I was passing my every single day but one day my friend advised me to take Keva Kidney Care. On his advice I started taking this product along with medicines. Now it has been 2 months and I am much relaxed. On that note I seriously want to thank to bring such a good product in the market.
(Nandalal Baij, 37 Yrs)
(Santipur, West Bengal)

I am writing on behalf of my Mother-in-law, who is 61 yrs old, she is Kidney stone patient. In every 2 or 3 months she developed severe pain and stones of around 5 to 8 mm. Her condition sometimes goes very serious. Last month our family friend came to see her and that time she talked about Keva Kidney Care. She convinced us a lot to use this at least once as we were under fear to take supplement. After consulting our family doctor we started giving her this product and to my great surprise in merely 1 month of use she started recovering from the problem. Her Kidney Stones started reducing. I am really very grateful to your company for making such a good product!
(Talom Rajiju, 39 Yrs)
(Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh)

I was having urinary tract infections for the past 10 years which leads to Kidney stones in my body. I was already on medicines but this Kidney stone made my life more miserable. Sometimes I felt so much pain and irritation I was sick of taking medicines. My health was affecting a lot but the time I started using Keva Kidney Care my condition started much improving. Not only was able to get rid of these painful stones but also from Urinary tract infections. I am highly thankful to your entire team for making my life better!
(Duttaram Kanitkar, 63 Yrs)
(Bilali, Maharashtra)

This is to say my heartiest thanks to Keva as I was very much upset due to Kidney disorders and severe renal stone problem. I suffered from this pain for the last 5 years. I was regularly on medicines and getting no much relief. I was advised to take Keva Kidney care by one of my good friend and I decided to try this at least once. After 20 days of use, my condition started improving. Then after complete one month of use I got my reports that my stones are breaking down and my physician reduced my dosage. I am so happy and satisfied to use this product.
(Sudarshana Lalbhai, 58 Yrs)
(Adalaj, Gujarat)

I must say Keva Kidney Care is one of very important product for Kidney Stones. Actually I was suffering from Kidney Stones for the last 3 years and regularly taking medicines. But every time my problem recurred after 5 or 6 months. But when I started using Keva Kidney Care supplement my Kidney stone problem has diminished completely. I am so glad I got to know about this wonderful product.
(Ramya Gowda, 35 Yrs)
(Tekkalakote, Karnataka)

One year before I was diagnosed with Kidney stones and then I started taking medicines. As long as I was taking medicine I remain fine but as soon as I left taking them my condition again got worse. Then I started taking Keva Kidney Care along with Medicines and in merely 20 days of use my stones started breaking in to smaller pieces. My condition recovered. Now I am feeling much better just because of this product.
(Parasram Sarangi, 52 Yrs)
(Semaria, Madhya Pradesh)

Kidney stones & severe urinary tract infections made my life miserable. I was suffering from unbearable pain and infections despite of taking medicines. One day I got the chance to go in Keva product training where I heard about Keva Kidney Care and its benefits. Then I decided to use this product, it was very surprising only after few days of use my condition improved a lot. Now it has been 3 months I am using them and I am completely free from Urinary Infections and also painful stones. A big thank you from my side to you all!
(Prafulla Chandra Sinha, 49 Yrs)
(Lakhimpur , Assam)

Keva Kidney Care managed to help in my painful stones in kidney which made my life seriously miserable. Now I am not feeling any pain and also able to eat my food properly. Otherwise whenever I ate more than one chapatti it all used to came out through vomiting. I am so relieved and satisfied to have this product.
(Chandreshwar Sahaye, 65 Yrs)
(Supaul, Bihar)

I have just been diagnosed with 3 mm Renal Stones 5 months back. I have been in severe pain for a week with moderate pain for almost 6 months before that. I was very terrified to know about this. One day my father brought Keva Kidney Care and then I started taking this along with medicines but I was so astonished to see that my kidney stones went lessen. I am glad my father knew about this wonderful product and saved me from painful situations. Great work Keva, good going!
(Ram Swarup Nagaich, 47 Yrs)
(Jaithara, Uttar Pradesh)

After scan I got to know I have kidney stones just 5 months back. My condition was not in control sometimes I started screaming due to severe pains. Medicines were not giving me much reprieve. One day my wife brought Keva Kidney Care and after 25 days of use I saw much improvement in my condition. Now I feel no pain and disturbance, my health has regained now. I am very much thankful to Keva!
(Nilamani Biswal, 49 Yrs)
(Naupatna, Orissa)

With the help of Keva Kidney Care I can deal with my Stones problem. I am taking this supplement for the last 3 months and now I don’t feel pain. This supplement really provides my much support in my condition. As per my recent report the stones are breaking down to smaller pieces. In fact some of the stones have passed out through urine. I am very satisfied with this kind of natural product!
(Satyendra Nath Mitra, 54 Yrs)
(Nebadhai Duttapukor, West Bengal)

I was suffering from Kidney Stones for the last 10 years. Sometimes they disappeared and sometimes they started troubling me. I was looking for some natural treatment and was sick of taking medicines. One day my family friend brought me Keva Kidney Care and showed us benefits of this product. Then I started taking this and only after one month of use my condition started improving. It has been 5 months I am taking this supplement and able to cope up with this problem very effectively.
(S.P Venumadhav, 37 Yrs)
(Uravakonda, Andhra Pradesh)

As you know Kidney Stones are very painful and once they start developing you need to take the medicines regularly to get yourself free from pain. I was victim of same problem and on advice of my healthcare physician I started taking Keva Kidney care as a supplement. In few days of use I felt very much relaxed. Now I am recommending this supplement to everyone who is suffering from stones in kidney. I am so much satisfied and impressed with this unique formulation!
(Jagjivan Thakur, 48 Yrs)
(Forbesganj, Bihar)

I was suffering from Kidney stones for the last 2 years as I am only 35 years so was very surprised to know that I have this painful problem. My health physician gave me few medicines and advised to take some precaution in eating. I was following everything but after 3-4 months my problem always bounces back. I don’t understand how to deal with that. One day my brother brought me Keva Kidney Care which really proved very beneficial in my condition. I noticed the results in just 20 days of use. Now my stones have completely gone but as a precaution I do regular course of one and half month after gap of 2 months so it can never come back again. All thanks for Keva Industries! .
(Ramasamy Chandrasekhar, 35 Yrs)
(Karaikkudi, Tamil Nadu)

I was having severe pain due to Kidney Stones frequently for past 6 years. I took lot of medicines but of no use. My world was shattered at that point of time I was in miserable condition and has to take medicines daily. Fortunately I heard of Keva Kidney Care, I started taking it daily & within 10-15 days I felt so much relief from all my problems. Now I feel I am back to life. Thanks so much for helping me out in this problem.
(Madhavrao Gopal Joshi, 43 Yrs)
(Mangalvedhe, Maharashtra)

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