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Keva Marks Clear cream

I was fed up with my pimple marks but Keva Marks Clear Cream worked like magic in making them reduced. You can completely trust this product rather than using any other anti marks cream.
Lilavati (27 years)
West Bengal

I have started using Keva Marks Clear Cream around 2 months back. It has started showing results now. My acne scars have started to lighten. I have ordered one more pack and will continue using it. It is a very nice product.
Mukund Bakshi (32 years)
Gudulur, Tamil Nadu

My mother has ordered Keva Marks Clear Cream for me. The results are unbelievable. Using it for 1 month it reduced marks of pimples. I am definitely going to order this product in future. Thanks Keva Industries for this amazing product!
Anu Juneja (23 years)
Nasik, India

I started to use Keva Marks Clear Cream for my hyper pigmentation from acne and it's been helpful in fading dark spots. I absolutely love Keva Marks Clear Cream, the best thing that was ever made to get rid of marks and dark spots! This stuff is awesome! My face looks smoother and a more even tone! I would purchase this again. As a bonus, I also love the way the cream smells.
Ranjit Ahuja (28 years)
Faizabad, UP

Throughout my childhood, I had chronic acne. I started breaking out in 4th grade and it got really bad really fast. I never had confidence because of it. The acne started to settle down in the middle of 7th grade and by the end of the school year, it was gone. But all the acne left me with a forehead full of scars. Now, since using Keva Marks Clear Cream, I feel like I don't have to hide because of my scars. Thanks, Keva Marks Clear Cream for healing my confidence.
Anupama Chawla (22 years)
Jodhpur, India

I have purchased Keva Marks Clear Cream a month ago. I use this on my dark spots (acne scars) on my face from years ago. Keva Marks Clear Cream cleared every scar off my face, even the ones from age 14 and I am 20 now.
Ms. Kalpana Kalia (20 years)
Chattisgarh, India

I have tried skin peels and microdermabrasion as well as other creams to help even out my skin tone and eradicate some small marks I have left on my face from spots but none have worked as well as this. I have been using Keva Marks Clear Cream for about a week only and I am already seeing results. My marks have faded, my skin tone is much brighter and clearer and even. I have oily skin and this so far has not clogged up my pores. It smells nice and spreads onto the face nicely and easily. It smells nice too and works as a really good base for applying make-up.
Parneet Khurana (35 years)
Hisar, Haryana

Acne scars, aging, hormone estrogen levels, reactions to prescription drugs such as salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide are all causes of hyperpigmentation. Some people use bleaching creams to treat hyperpigmentation, but these can take up to 6 months to show any results at all, if any, and can contain all kinds of harmful chemicals. Laser treatments are also being used to treat hyperpigmentation, but these treatments are very expensive and can sometimes make the condition worse rather than better. Keva Marks Clear Cream is what I recommend. I have been using this Ayurvedic formulation and it has really helped with my hyperpigmentation. I like that it’s organic - especially because I have sensitive skin. I recommend it to you - best of luck!
Sahil Sharma (32 years)
Veraval, Gujarat

A few years ago, I was bitten by a dog on my face. It required stitches in my lip. The wound was so deep you could see my teeth through the cut. The scar it left behind made me very self-conscious, so my doctor suggested that I use Keva Marks Clear Cream Now, I honestly don't even notice the scar most of the time. I am eternally grateful for this product.
Dheeraj Jain (34 years)
Akola, Maharashtra

I was at a bonfire and a bottle in the fire exploded and cut my face pretty badly. I had three cuts: one on my eyelid, the second in the lower corner of my eye by my nose, and the third right below it on my cheek. Being a 17-year-old girl at the time, I was very self-conscious about my scars. But after using Keva Marks Clear Cream on all my scars, people hardly even notice them anymore, and they are much easier to cover up with makeup. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn’t used Keva Marks Clear Cream!!
Pooja Kundu (20 years)
Coach Behar, West Bengal

I didn't have any problems with stretch marks while I was pregnant with my son, but after I got home from the hospital I noticed I had some stretch marks on the front of my stomach. They made me really unhappy and a little ashamed, actually. My sister actually told me about Keva Marks Clear Cream. When I used it, I started seeing results within five weeks, which was a lot faster than I thought! By the 12-week mark they were a lot lighter and harder to see! I couldn't feel them as much, either, because they were smoother. I even recommended it to my friend. I just want to spread the word about Keva Marks Clear Cream to whoever I can because I've tried it and it worked for me.
Sunidhi Bangia (29 years)
Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh

The day I turned 25 I had a shingles flare-up, the first one since I had chicken pox when I was little. It happened on my face, and I was mortified and embarrassed of these blistering red spots on my forehead. After the blisters healed, I used Keva Marks Clear Cream and soon saw results. I'm gaining my confidence back and the scars are looking better. I'm so thankful for your product!
Harkishan Singh (26 years)
Dugadda, Uttrakhand

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