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Keva Menstrual Care

I was on initial stage of endometriosis which caused severe cramps, heavy bleeding and my menstrual period would occur more than once a month. My physician told me this condition will get worse with time so need to take care of that problem. I was so weak and got dark circles around eyes. But with the help of Keva Menstrual Care my condition got stabled. I was so surprised and happy as well to see the results of this wonderful product. This product really works!
(K. S Balasaraswathi, 39 Yrs)
(Velankanni, Tamilnadu)

I am a 39 year old woman, and I have suffered from menstrual cramps all my life. After 4 months of taking Keva Menstrual Care juice the symptoms have almost disappeared.
(Rebecca Della Penna, 39 Yrs)
(Vercelli, Italy)

Irregular menstrual cycle and frequent headaches were my main problems. I was so upset due to this problem. My health had affected a lot. I took so many medicines, did yoga and added healthy food in my diet but nothing was helping me at all. But with the help of Keva Menstrual Care I got so much relief. It has been three months I am on this product and from last month period my periods have become much stable. I am really happy with this kind of wonderful product.
(Promila Chander Sen, 33 Yrs)
(Rishra, West Bengal)

I was suffering from irregular periods and stomachache for the last two or three years. Keva Menstrual Care is one of the best women products I ever used. This product has really worked miraculously on my problem. My weakness has gone completely. My periods are now regular and feeling myself healthy. THIS IS JUST BECAUSE OF KEVA MENSTRUAL CARE!
(Nilu Deshmukh, 35 Yrs)
(Kasara Budruk, Maharashtra)

I developed Dysmenorrhoea almost three years back. I also could not sleep at night, was suffering from regular pain in abdominal part. I was taking prescribed painkiller medication. My friend recommended Keva Menstrual Care. Within few days I had no pain and had the added bonuses of being able to sleep at night without taking pills! Keva Menstrual Care has changed my life!!
Eloisa Bisceglia (Age-24 Yrs)
(Terni (TR), Italy)

I am a patient of menorrhagia means problem of heavy bleeding from last one year. I was very anemic and there was no confidence in my life due to my weakness. But Keva Menstrual Care completely changed my life and this product has helped me to regain my confidence level back. I was feeling healthy and my life is full of energy. I want to thanks you all!
(R. Shamita Ganesh, 44 Yrs)
(Gudibanda, Karnataka)

I was in my menopause period for the last six months and I was suffering from heavy menses sometimes it continued for 20 days or more. I became so weak but no medicine or other therapy was working on my condition. I condition was getting worse day by day. I was even advised to operate the uterus to just get rid of this problem. But I am really thankful to God that my neighbor told me about this Keva product which changed my life. After merely 2 months of regular intake of this product my condition started improving. Now my periods have become so normal like 2 or 3 days in a month from last 2 month. On that note I would like to congratulate your team to come up with such a lovely product.
(Kamlesh Kumari, 50 Yrs)
(Mandhata, U.P)

I was suffering from monthly periods abnormalities for the past 5 years. I used to get tired. My body was so lethargic and inactive. Now I am taking Keva Menstrual Care regularly. I have seen drastic changes in my problem. I am really amazed to see the wonderful results of this product on my menstrual problem.
Teagan Flynn (Age-42 Yrs)
(Maigh Cuilinn, Ireland)

I was developed excessive bleeding six months back and my periods continues till 8 to 9 days in a month which was not a good sign. During that time I was not able to go outside and hesitant to enjoy my normal life. I was irritated all the time and even developed weak eye sight. I consult gynecologist and her treatment was not helping me bit. One day my mother told me about Keva Menstrual Care and I started using it you won’t believe in second period cycle my periods became so stable. I am so thankful to this product!
(Ashu Rajput, 34 Yrs)
(Jol, Himachal Pradesh)

I was having irregular periodical cycle. After knowing about Keva Menstrual Care, I started taking this as per the recommended dosage and it has been 1 and half month that I have been consuming this product. And after the intake of Keva Menstrual Care, I found a great difference in my periodical cycles. It started coming on time. Now my periodical cycles are regular and I feel fresh and healthy thereafter.
Aiko Takahishi (37 Yrs)
(Godo, Japan)

With the help of Keva Menstrual Care my problem of excessive bleeding has gone completely. Earlier I was suffering from over normal bleeding which lead to cause anemia and severe back pains. But with the help of Keva Menstrual Care I managed to cope with this problem. Now I am experiencing a healthy period!
(Usha Kapadiya, 43 Yrs)
(Chorvad, Gujarat)

Keva menstrual care has made wonderful effect on my irregular periods they were playing hide & seek with me all the time. There was no fixed time of their arrival. Sometimes they came in 15 days or sometimes they repeat after 40 days or so. On recommendation of my mother in law I started using this product. And you won’t even believe that my periods are so regular and come on time. Now I don’t feel pain in stomach and irritation. This product really worked on my condition.
(Uma Yadav, 33 Yrs)
(Baihar, Madhya Pradesh)

My niece developed excessive period at age of just 21 which was really disturbed her health a lot. That also brought bad effect on her studies. She was disturbed all the time and we don’t want to go for allopathic treatment because she was not married yet and we don’t want to take risk of any sort of complications in her married life. One day I discussed this problem with my friend and she advised us to use Keva Menstrual Care. We also find this the safe way as this is herbal product and should contain no side effects. I was quite astonished to see the difference in her condition in merely one month of use. She improved a lot and now she has regained her health and interest in studies back.
(Bhadradri Pinakapani, 41 yrs)
(Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh)

I was suffering from premenstrual syndrome and irritability, tension, and dysphoria like problems surrounded me commonly during 10 days prior to menses. But the day I had started taking Keva Menstrual Care all my symptoms have gone completely. Now I feel healthy and normal life before and after periods. That was possible all because of Keva Menstrual Care.
(Aparna, 27 yrs)
(Lumding UA, Assam)

During my periods I was feeling fatigue, backaches, sore breasts, frequent headaches all the day. I was so afraid whenever next period comes every time. Keva Menstrual Care helped me to manage with this kind of fear. I am so lucky having to know about this product on time. Now I am feeling good all the day.
(Premlata Dutta, 21 Yrs)
(Sahnidih, Jharkhand)

I was often suffering from diarrhea & food craving at the time of menses. Frequent Vomiting during that period used to make me so weak. For two or three days even I could not walk properly. It was so irritating condition but with the help of Keva Menstrual Care my condition improvised a lot. I am not feeling vomiting tendency anymore. Now I can lead a healthy period!
(Prajna Harihar Das, 34 Yrs)
(Kendujhar, Orissa)

Today I am going to share my amazing experience with Keva Menstrual Care. For many years my periods were so irregular which was really matter of great concern for me. Even sometimes periods came after 3 or 4 months. We consulted number of physicians, Ayurvedic Practitioners but all failed. Suddenly one day I went to market for shopping where I read small poster of Keva Industries products where I got to know about Keva Menstrual Care. On contacting Keva distributor, he recommended me this product very confidently. So I started using this product and you will not even believe my problem solved in just 3 months of use. Now it has been more than 4 months my problem gone completely. All thanks to Keva Industries!
(Sanchita Verma, 38 Yrs)
(Pithora, Chattisgarh)

Keva Menstrual Care helped me a lot in gaining my normal periods back. I am so thankful to your research team for coming up with this wonderful product. All my internal problems, rough skin, pimples have gone completely and also I can feel glow on my skin. I am so glad for providing me a healthy and normal life!
(Sandhya Reang, 22 Yrs)
(Sabroom, Tripura)

As we all know excessive bleeding is not good for overall health and I was the victim of this problem which ruined my health almost months back. I tried lot of herbal treatment and medicines but nothing was effecting me even to small extent. One day my suggested me to use this product which really gave me life changing experience. Just in two month of regular use I was able to get rid of this problem. Now I feel normal periods and living normal and healthy life.
(Gayatri Singh Rathore, 37 Yrs)
(Hindaun, Rajasthan)

I have been taking Keva Menstrual Care for almost 3 months and I have definitely seen and felt the difference. I seldom get fatigued even after long hours of work during periods. I have recommended this to my friends, and those who have tried this are very thankful to me for introducing the product to them. For instance, ever since my mother-in-law started taking this supplement, her problem of excess bleeding have normalized (she undergoes tests regularly, as recommended by her doctor for monitoring). She has been taking Keva Menstrual Care regularly and has maintained an extra bottle at hand.
(Olivia Armstrong, 31yrs)
(Colfax, America)

Keva Menstrual Care is one of very good product you have come up with I can say so because I have experienced its superb results on my periods problems. During periods I had to deal with stomach pain, backache, vomiting and loose motions. First two days I could not go out like on work because my condition became so critical for that period. I tried lots of good herbal tonics for women, adopted healthy eating habits but nothing changed my condition. One of my colleagues told me about your product and I started using this. I was not that confident but to my wonder this product on me very positively. After using this product in my next period cycle I didn’t feel any pain or vomiting. I was so much relaxed and even went to work like my regular routine. Now I am on this product as a precautionary measure so that this problem would never recur again. I am so thankful to all of you!
(Subbaya Raghunathan, 28 Yrs)
(Ettayapuram, Tamil Nadu)

I was having physical weakness due to heavy bleeding. Due to this Fatigue occurred all over my body. I tried all ways to get a change. Also I suffered from constipation from the last 6 years. Then I heard about Keva Menstrual Care & I started taking this. After consuming Keva Menstrual Care from last few months now I feel energetic and problem of bleeding has gone away. All my family members are so happy to see my health.
(Tia Lopez, 43 Yrs)
(Litchfield, America)

I am so happy to see the results of Keva Menstrual Care on my daughter’s condition. She is just in 12th Class and suffering from very severe pain in stomach during periods. But with regular intake of Keva Menstrual Care my daughter’s problem went completely. Where she used to avoid the school during periods previously, now she is going to attend the farewell which coincidently falls during her period time in January 2013. This all can happen just because of Keva Menstrual Care!
(Sita Handa, 41 Yrs)
(Sadaura, Haryana)

From many years I was suffering from menstrual disorder means irregular periods which all the time keeps my body fluffy. I developed so many pimples on my face and even my body weight increased a lot. But with the help of Keva Menstrual Care I started feeling normal periods. Now all my pimples have gone away and my weight is in control. I think my health has regained back.
(Simran Kaur, 24 Yrs)
(Mahilpur, Punjab)

I tried Keva Menstrual Care and I was desperate to try anything to give me some energy, reduce abdominal pains during my menstrual cycle. I have been trying it for a month now and I am amazed how much energy I have. During these days I can fully enjoy my life. I feel the energy throughout the entire day. Thank you so much for this.
Jackline Everson (Age-23 Yrs)
(Vancouver, Canada)

Earlier I was suffering from painful periods and my life was like hell in first two days every time. I had a lot of stomach pains, irritations and suffered from moody behavior. I tried some healthy tonics and adopted good eating habits but very little improvement was there. But when I started using Keva Menstrual Care along with Keva Acai I started feeling my life full of energy. This is really great product I ever experienced!
(Nirupama Panikkar, 29 Yrs)
(Kalliasseri, Kerala)

Keva Menstrual Care has changed my life completely I am so happy and cherished to share this. Sometimes I had severe cramps, uneasiness, and loss of appetite during this period. But now it has been three months I am on Keva Menstrual Care and enjoying healthy periods like you have written on your product. God bless and cheers!
(Sushila Misra, 37 Yrs)
(Kavisurjyanagar, Orissa)

I was having abnormal menstruation problem since 5 years after taking some strong medication during my illness. In the menstrual cycle every time I couldn’t do anything due to severe pains & cramps. I got to know about Keva Menstrual Care & used regularly for 60 days. Now my period problem has improved a lot. I can work no matter even then it is first day. I will always be grateful to Keva Menstrual Care who brought this miracle.
Maria Walters (Age - 25yrs)
(Toukley, Australia)

My periodic cycle was not good & I was very depressed for this. My sister suggested me to take Keva Menstrual Care. Now I am enjoying healthy periods. I would always be thankful to you for bringing this sort of women product.
Tiffany Douglas (Age-28yrs)
(Chu, Kazakhstan)

I was having problem in my menstrual cycle. I couldn’t do anything due to heavy pains. I got Keva Menstrual Care & used regularly for 3 months regularly. Now I have no pains in those days my condition has become much stabled now. I can work no matter what time of the day. I will always be grateful to Keva Menstrual Care who brought this miracle in my life.
Sussane Lambhergher (Age-31 Yrs)
(Creglingen, Germany)

I was having Menstrual Disorder for the past one year. I took Keva Menstrual care in combination with Keva Acai juice. Now my all problems have cured & also my skin has glowed, I am very happy.
Nakisha Che (30 Yrs)
(Narinang, Malaysia)

I was suffering from Menorrhagia for the past 1 year. I used to get tired. My body was weakening. Then I started taking Keva Menstrual Care, within one month I noticed improvement in my problem. Now I am taking this product regularly. I have seen drastic changes. My condition has improved a lot witnessing lots & lots of energy.
Zheng Xiuzhen (Age-46 Yrs)
(Kampong Ayer Samak, Singapore)

My daughter suffered from disturbed menstrual cycle. She looked in a very bad shape and also got some skin problems. She was also suffering with urinary problem. Then she started taking Keva Menstrual Care. Now she is very relaxed and experiencing healthy period. She looks so pretty now.
Noriko Inukai (Age-37 Yrs)
(Kamijima, Japan)

I am 53 years old, and for more than 2 years I've been suffering from severe back pain, and heavy bleeding. It was my menopause period and I was paying more than 100$ a month in medicine and drugs. When I heard about Keva Menstrual Care and started taking it, and after just a few days I started feeling better. I have been Keva Menstrual Care for more than 3 months now, and I don't have to use medication and I feel much relieved.
Bengta Haakonsson (Age-53 Yrs)
(Eksjö , Sweden)

I have been taking Keva Menstrual Care and getting good results in irregular periods cycle. I suffered from constipation and during periods my lower abdomen used to get swelled but with the help of this product both conditions have now improved. I started taking Keva Menstrual Care on recommendation of my family friend and felt better immediately after start taking this.
Lisa Paterson (Age-35 Yrs)
(Surrey, UK)

I am a shopkeeper and must have to sit patiently at shop, but during periods I did not feel comfortable due to excess bleeding and also my abdomen felt heavy. For a month now I have been taking Keva Menstrual Care in the mornings and evening and I feel great. It has solved my excess bleeding and abdominal problem. Now I feel more confident and active. It is superb.
Lorriane Duguay (Age-41 Yrs)
(Perpignan, France)

I am a believer of Keva Menstrual Care. Without any doubt it has completely changed my life. Previously the menstrual cramps I suffered were unbearable; it was also irregular until I discovered Keva Menstrual Care. Now everything has been changed my period comes normally and the best part is that they no longer are painful. Really, it truly is extraordinary and delivers such good results.
Dian (Age-22 Yrs)
(Mekarsari, Indonesia)

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