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Keva Milk Thistle Drops

I had high liver enzymes for the last 8 years. I found Keva Milk Thistle Drops from internet and took it for 6 month daily. Just had the blood work done and my liver function tests were in the normal range for the first time in 8 years. It worked well for me.

Prabhu Raj (45 years)

Warha, Maharashtra

I'm a heavy hard liquor drinker used to drink about 4 days a week about 10-14 shots a day at times. 2 years back, I have found that my liver enzyme levels were elevated. So I cut down on drinking to 2 days a week and about 5-8 shots a day while taking Keva milk thistle daily. A year later I rechecked my liver enzyme levels and I was amazed to find that enzyme levels are within normal range. It is a great product!

Rahul Mukherjee (37 years)

Satyamangalam, Tamil Nadu

Lunavada, Gujarat

I had been suffering from localized pain under my right ribs for several months. I had also been diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver disease two years back. After taking Keva Milk Thistle Drops Within a week the pain was gone! I will continue to use this product for the rest of my life.

Ranjita Thakur (42 years)

Murshidabad, West Bengal

Since 2010, I have been checking my liver function on a regular basis. Being overweight, my liver GOT & GPT enzyme values have been always well above the recommended levels. On Doctors recommendation I started taking Keva Milk Thistle Drops about 1 year ago. No other change in life habits, except for light exercise, Last week I took a lab exam again. My liver enzyme levels are completely normal and healthy. My doctor advised me to keep taking this formula.

Nilesh Kumar Yadav (34 years)

Ormanihi, Jharkhand

I have psoriasis and Keva Milk Thistle Drops really helps me to clear it off. In 2 month time, scaling is gone only red tender spots were left which eventually healed up as normal skin in another 2 months time.

Chalitar Ram (37 years)

I have been taking milk thistle daily for years. I started because of its liver cleansing effect and then realized that it keeps my face from breaking out. I am an older female, 61, and I still get acne.  Keva Milk Thistle Drops really support my liver and skin health and I am very much satisfied and happy with the results of this product.

Poorba Khurana (61 years)

Bantral, Karnataka

My friend has Hepatitis C and her doctor strongly recommended taking milk thistle. After doing a lot of research she started taking Keva Milk Thistle Drops and she say she feels better and it works. I always have my liver checked yearly since I used to be a compulsive drinker always worried so I take it as well and found great results.

Saruchi Khanna (39 years)

Jagdishpur, Uttar Pradesh

I can feel a difference when I take Keva Milk Thistle Drops, I am 26 years old and have been abusing my liver for a very long time, whether it is drinking or drugs I wasn't taking into consideration all the damage it was doing to my liver. I'm clean now and very into taking care of myself, this helps me a lot.

Tanushree Lamba (26 years)

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

I am diabetic and also take statins as well as Metformin. Both of these drugs can cause liver damage. I had also been a heavy drinker and my liver enzymes were high. Now after taking Keva Milk Thistle Drops regularly, my liver panel was normal this month after about 8 months of this regimen. Wonderful product!

Sudipto Bhaskar (51 years)

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

I purchased Keva Milk Thistle Drops for my hormonal acne. It seems to really be helping. Since starting taking it daily, my skin has cleared up tremendously. I will continue taking this as long as my skin stays clear!

Shyam Babu (29 years)

Rohtak, Haryana

I have tried other supplements with good results; but this one has proven to be the best. I have been diagnosed with hereditary sclerosis of the liver which was not advanced. So I decided to take Keva Milk Thistle Drops. After using it for 4 months now I am experiencing no more pain, no stomach swelling; and upon further examination also reduced development of the problem. This product has helped me tremendously.

Pradeep Sharma (42 years)

Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh

I am diabetic and Keva Milk Thistle Drops has helped to stabilize my blood sugars I also feel better since taking this product, which probably has a lot to do with my blood sugars being lower now. I would definitely recommend this product to others, especially diabetics!

Inderjot Singh (43 years)

Valparai, Tamil Nadu

I've been on an intense liver detox for years and Keva Milk Thistle Drops is a fabulous addition to the daily regimen as it boosts my liver enzyme production that helps purify the blood. Thanks Keva Milk Thistle Drops!

Diwakar Saini (53 years)

Jaypere, Orissa

I have suffered from Hepatitis for more than 10 years. I have tried so many supplements and medication but each liver function test shows my liver is under malfunctioning status. Last year, I happened to find Keva Milk Thistle Drops, I decided to give it try. I tried it for 8 months, and found positive results. My liver is again functioning normally, perfectly within the standard range. Thanks Keva Industries!

Amit Sehgal (47 years)

Gyanpur, Uttar Pradesh

I have had severe and extreme leg swelling and really bad redness in my left leg for over 4 years. I started thinking that because of the many medications that I have to take, maybe my liver is probably on overload, so that's when I found Keva Milk Thistle Drops, I decided to try it. After about 5 months of taking this product, I can honestly say that it's changed my life! I no longer have swelling or redness! Thanks Keva Industries!

Amitabh Sheikh (32 years)

Supaul, Bihar

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