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Keva Noni

I am 36 years old and was suffering from Acidity problem from last 3 years almost. I tried many things but didn’t find a permanent solution. It made me so worried about my health. I was quite depressed. Then one day on my uncle anniversary party I met a doctor. I discussed my problem with him and he suggested me to take Keva Noni. He was also a using it for. I believed on his words and started taking noni within few days & I found that my acidity problem got solved. Keva Noni is reality effective. I recommend it all my friends and relatives.
Suzan Raymond (Age-36years)
California, USA
I had developed the problem of acidity and muscular pain for the last 7 years. I could not even enjoy my favorite dishes due to acidity. I was also suffering from muscular pains, back pain and sometimes full body aches. Severe weakness and pains affected me a lot. I did so many treatments to cure these problems but nothing was working then one day my son brought Keva Noni for me and I started using this product regularly and now I am completely free relieved from this problems Thanks to Kava Noni.
Dheeraj Kumar Rana (Age-27)
Sarkaghat, Himachal Pradesh
I am grateful because Keva noni juice is really helping with my acne problem. For the last 8 years I have been trying to cure it. Now I am drinking Keva Noni and very happy with the results. It’s incredible; I take it in the morning before breakfast and before dinner. Little by little I am noticing an improvement in my skin when faced with sun, wind, heating, when before it was terrible Thank you.
Amy Diaz (Age-32years)
California, USA
I am 18 years old. I used to get sick very frequently and my body resistance was also very poor. My hemoglobin was 7.0 and I was regular prone to illness. My studies became irregular and due to weakness I was unable to concentrate on it. My dad was using Keva Noni and he started giving it to me as well. Within a month’s time the hemoglobin reached 10.8. My energy level also increased. In these three months not even once I fell sick. Thanks to Keva Noni
Shelly (Age-18 years)
California, USA
I have been suffering from arthritic pains for many years, having to take medicines every day which in turn caused unwanted side effects, until my daughter gave me a bottle of Keva Noni juice as a gift. Within 2 weeks I started feeling the results. I am changed man now and feeling much better, this is why I recommend Keva Noni to everyone. Thanks for this wonderful product!
Liza Butterfield (Age-56years)
Georgia, USA
I am a chronic asthmatic and got serious asthma attacks 3-4 times in a month. But Since I started drinking Keva Noni, my asthma has almost disappeared. I also think that noni is helping to boost my immune system; I used to get the flu frequently, but now I seldom get it. It is miracle to me!
Silvia Dark (Age-39years)
California, USA
I am 42 years old, 4 years back I hurt my back while exercising and had been living with often unbearable pain of my life. I started drinking Keva Noni from June of this year and my back pain has gone by 70% and now within only 7 months I can go outside now and throw a football back and forth with my kids with absolutely no pain.
Robin (Age-42years)
New Jersey, USA
I am 63 years old, and for more than 10 years I've been suffering from severe back pain, and arthritis. I was paying more than 100$ a month in medicine and drugs. When I heard about Keva Noni and started drinking it, and after just a few days I started feeling better. I have been drinking Noni juice for more than a year now, and I don't have to use medication and I feel great.
Thomas (Age-63years)
California, USA
I am a teacher and for the past 3 years, I have been suffering from severe Backache and Indigestion. One day my friend surprised me by explaining benefits of Keva Noni and suggested me to try it. After using it for about four months, now I feel very comfortable. My backache has totally disappeared and my digestion has improved. I am really thanks Keva Noni.
R. Walker (Age-42years)
Florida, USA
From last 3 years my brother was suffering from bipolar disorder. We've tried all different treatments, mood stabilizers, antidepressants, etc., but with all of the treatments he has had relapses. Then his doctor recommended Keva Noni for him and we thought it is just one more natural product that did not work, but since the first day we noticed tremendous improvement in his behavior. He is taking Keva Noni from last two months and has had no episodes, whereas before I had episodes at least once or twice a week. I strongly recommend Keva Noni.
Roger Newton (Age-35years)
California, USA
Year back, I was suffering from nerves, shoulder and back pain, and high blood pressure (160/110). Six months ago when I started to drink Keva Noni, it changed my life. My blood pressure is good (120/80) and my daily fatigue has virtually disappeared. Now I give noni to my children (ages 12 and 7) and now they rarely get the flu and have more energy.
Mark Thompson (Age-39years)
California, USA
I was a sugar patient for the last 5 years. I was taking regular insulin injections, but my condition was getting even worse. I was feeling so much weakness, severe pains in joints and headache. I observed significant change in my condition with the proper use of Keva Noni juice. This really regulates my sugar level in the body and I am feeling much better.
Mukund Mishra (Age-47)
Bachwara, Bihar
For the last one year I was suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Abdominal cramps and pain, severe fatigue, loss of appetite made my life full of discomforts. I took so many medicines but they were relaxing me for some time, nothing was giving me permanent cure from this trouble. Then I used Keva Noni, I saw marvelous improvement in my condition and now I am relieved from this disease in one month.
Rukmani Jadhav (Age-62)
Dabhoi, Gujarat
I belong to a family of doctors with specializations in different fields. I was facing the problem of high cholesterol levels. I tried many expensive medications which have had harmful side effects on my body including pains, especially on the legs. But, since I have started drinking a Keva Noni before breakfast in the morning I feel like a young man and the cholesterol levels in my blood in normal. It is a non medicinal fruit juice but it cures very fast about any disease. I am feeling very happy to use Keva Noni regularly.
J.S. Baker
California, USA

I was suffering from high Cholesterol for the last 5 years. Doctors restricted me in take any fatty item. I was on regular medication and was feed up of this. My friend introduced Keva Noni to me. With this I experienced marvelous result. Now I am free of drugs, no longer I need any medication. I am very happy and thankful to Keva noni.
Mohsen Abdul (Age-35 years)
California, USA
Year back, suddenly one day I started feeling exhausted. I went to the doctor and I found I had high triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure. Drinking Keva Noni daily is helping me.
Kristin (Age-43years)
California, USA
Severe headaches, cold and cough were affecting my life so much for the last 5 years. I developed these problems because of some allergy. I adopted so many therapies to get permanent cure of these problems. But when nothing seemed to be working, I started using Keva Noni with a little hope. But I noticed much improvement in my condition. And Keva Noni helped me in regaining my normal health.
Kamal Kishore (Age-22)
Nawanshahar, Punjab
I am a tourist guide. I was suffering from chronic pharyngitis because of that I used to suffer from severe throat infection coupled with cold and cough. It forced me to take antibiotics and other medicines which were leading to further weakness. In a nutshell I was totally upset with my health condition. One day I saw an article on noni and decided to try it. I bought Keva Noni Juice & after using it for 3 months all my infections and other problems have gone. I feel much energetic and zeal in my work..My throat infection has completely disappeared. It is really outstanding!
I am a businessman, suffering from Circulatory problem, constipation, giddiness and acidity. All this was annoying me for almost 2 years. In two years I visited 5 Doctors but didn’t found any permanent solution. Then my mother brought Keva Noni for me. I changed my life, now I am completely satisfied with the results. My constipation and my giddiness have almost diminished. My circulatory system has improved. It works effectively for all. Thanks for this wonderful solution!
Kiris Aadil (Age-26years)
California, USA
A month ago I started using Keva Noni for my colon problems, and I was not sure if it will work, but I am noticing a big improvement. In the past I could hardly eat anything and today I can eat all my favorite stuff. I feel great and I assume it is due to the Keva Noni.
Eliza (Age-29years)
California, USA
I have been drinking Keva Noni and getting good results. I suffered from constipation and weight problems; both conditions have now improved. I started drinking Keva Noni and felt better immediately after starting to drink Keva Noni mixed with grape juice. It has also helped me with my insomnia.
California, USA

I am host of live shows and must look good for it, but sometimes I did not feel well because I was constipated and my abdomen felt heavy. I also was overweight and slimming treatments did not work for me. For a month now I have been taking Keva Noni in the mornings and I feel great. It has solved my constipation and weight problem. Now I feel more confident and active. It is wonderful.
Joseph Ben (Age-30years)
A year ago I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease with diarrhea and blood loss, stomach pains, decreased energy, bone aches, and weight-loss, in short such a large number of problems that I was taken to the hospital in serious condition. One day when I was very sick in the intensive care unit my father brought me Keva Noni to take. The next day the pains were gone and I had more energy. I began to get better and in 15 days I was able to leave the hospital. I was taking 30-60ml of noni everyday in the mornings and in the afternoon. My depression improved and I was able to sleep again, whereas before I was never able to sleep for more than 3 hours at a time because the pain bothered me so much. Now it’s been a year since I've had a relapse in my condition and I take Keva Noni daily and also recommend it.
Jorgen (Age-32years)
California, USA
I am about 22 years old and have cystic fibrosis. I get sick very often because of my low immune system and low energy and it is hard to eat. My mom has been taking Keva noni for a long time and I never really believed in it. But after trying lots of medications without any result, I decided to give it a try. I started taking it twice daily before having meal. My appetite has increased by 20 times. I have gained weight and my strength and muscles are much better and I'm just happy! It’s only 2 weeks I have seen much better results than medication from doctors, Keva Noni is the best!
Jorge S. Jergen (Age-22years)
California, USA
I am diabetic from 10 years and also suffering from joints pain, muscle spasm and ankle pains. Even I was not able to walk, my condition was getting more and more critical. I was completely dependent on medicines but things were not improving. Then my son brought me Keva Noni. It is so wonderful product that within the use of hardly one month my pains were gone and doctor has reduced my dose also as he saw much improvement in blood sugar levels. Thanks Keva Noni!
Akamal Khan (Age-48)
Bhira, U.P

I am diabetic patient and have been using Keva Noni for last two months. In past my sugar level was very high. I tried lot of medications with temporary results. Then suddenly one day my cousin told us about Keva noni for my sugar. I decided to try it and ordered one for me. Now after two months my sugar level is almost normal. It also helped me to beat a chronic insomnia. I really recommend Noni juice as a dietary supplement.
David Brook (Age-51years)
California, USA

I am 40 years old and for the last 6 years I had high blood-sugar levels. Since I have started taking Keva noni the sugar levels have dropped to 110 while earlier my blood-sugar levels was always above 290. My medication doses has been lowered from two pills to just one a day. Keva Noni is a real companion.
Henry Moore (Age-40years)
Nevada, USA

My mom has been diabetic for 9 years but recently complications started, she was always ill, but then started to suffer from high blood pressure, vision problems, cholesterol and a long list of other problems. She consulted many doctors and tried all the medicines and drugs they told her to use, without positive results. One day a friend told my mom about Keva Noni. Since then she is an active woman, no longer stays in bed feeling ill. It is incredible.
Ana Raymond (Age-20years)
California, USA
When I first heard about Keva Noni Juice I was not sure about its results. But, on my friend’s recommendation, my husband and I started taking Keva Noni Juice daily. Within days I could feel increased sense of well-being and I was surprised at my ability to feel healthy and energetic. My husband and I both experienced how our immune system was strengthened after drinking Keva Noni. I am feeling strong and healthy since taking Keva Noni Juice. The journey continues....
Silvia Andrus, (Age-34years)
California, USA

My husband Mr. John Harris is an engineer due to workload and stress he started losing his energy. One day he came to know about Keva noni and decided to try it and ever since the first day he started drinking it, he looks better and more energetic. I recommend noni in order to enjoy excellent health.
Louise Brown (Age-43years)
California, USA

I am a retired officer in my late 60's. I was unable to walk Keva Noni has definitely given me a quality of life. It made me energetic. I enjoy sharing my experience of using Keva Noni with others and letting them know about my sense of health and well-being. Hopefully I will be able to help others by telling them what Keva Noni can do and improve the quality of their life.
Tommy Loberg, (Age-64years)
Alaska, USA
I was dealing with weak eyesight problem and in the age of only 14 years I was using spectacles. But this became more serious when the degree started increasing and severe weakness was also one of the reasons for my disturbance. I was anemic. But within 1 month of use of Keva Noni, my eyesight has much improved now and also I am not feeling any sort of weakness.
Aruna Panchal (Age-22)
Vansoda, Gujarat
I am a 20 years old girl, staying in a hostel for studies. From several days I developed so many complicacies like loss of appetite, severe fatigue, muscle pains etc. My condition was getting worse day by day. One day my room partner suggested me to use this Keva Noni juice as she was also using this. I really got surprised to see its benefits now. I am feeling much healthier and using this product regularly.
Jasmeet Gill (Age-20)
Dhariwal, Punjab
I was surprised by Keva noni. I am just 23 years old and for the past 10 years have suffered from gastritis. I started taking Keva noni a month ago and wow! It seems that it works on every problem. Now every member of my family is its regular user.
Christine Hua (Age-23years)
California USA

I was suffering from this disease for the last 2 years. Regular abdominal pains, vomiting, short of breath really disturbed me a lot. My physician advised me to use Keva Noni with some medicines. I used this product as per dosage chart then I saw significant recovery in my condition. I am using Keva Noni for the last two months and I am much relaxed. It has also given me physical strength and I am free from that severe problem.
Shikha Dhawan (Age-33)
Fazilka, Punjab
I am 41 years old commander. I was suffering from gastritis and an intestinal ulcer. I saw the gastroenterologist and was given treatment, but it didn't work at all. Three months ago I started to drink Keva Noni juice before breakfast and I feel much better, and even have lost weight. I feel better and my personal appearance has noticeably improved.
Andrew Ben (Age-41years)
California, USA
I am a believer of Keva Noni. Without any doubt it has completely changed my life. Previously the menstrual cramps I suffered were unbearable; it was also irregular until I discovered Keva Noni. Now everything has been changed my period comes in normal cycles, and the best part is that they no longer are painful. Really, it truly is extraordinary and delivers such good results.
Monica Gordon (Age-26years)
California, USA

I am a 39 year old woman, and I have suffered from menstrual cramps all my life. After 4 months of drinking noni juice the symptoms have almost disappeared.
Maria Alba (Age-39years)
California, USA
My brother is 29 years old. Three years ago his liver started troubling him. After diagnoses doctor confirmed Cirrhosis of Liver and prescribed very strong drugs. He was getting weaker & weaker and was on bed rest. His colleague visited us at home and suggested him to try Keva Noni. After using it, My brother felt a great strength and freshness in my life. He has not touched medicine after 20 days of taking Keva Noni. It has been five months now and he feels very active, energetic and full of life.
Anny Edward (Age-27years)
California, USA
I am a 19 years old college student. From the last 5 months, I had suffered a lot due to severe headache. Initially I took so many pain killers but they were proved useless. Then I went to my physician who observed some weakness in my body and advised me to use Keva Noni. With the use of 4-5 days I got relief from that severe disease. Now I can study properly, thanks to Keva Noni.
Rashmi Sawant (Age-19)
Chalisgaon, Maharashtra
I was suffering from heart problem associated with high cholesterol level. Doctor told me to control my diet and do some exercise and prescribed some medicines. I did everything but that was not controlling my cholesterol level in the body. But Keva Noni really worked well on this and now I am leading a normal life. Thanks to Kava Noni!
Ghanshyam Saini (Age-57)
Devgarh, rajasthan
Two years ago I had a hemorrhoid operation, but my recovery was very slow and I still suffered, but since I have started drinking Keva noni I have seen noticeable improvement in my pain. It is a marvelous Product. I recommend that everyone should try it. Thanks!
Henna Burger (Age-47yaears)

I would like to share what Keva Noni has done for my family. My father is 54 years old, and for a long time he has suffered from hemorrhoids. He has tried many treatments to improve his condition, but nothing has worked. He did not want surgery, but had begun to feel that he had no other option when he heard about noni; he started to drink noni about a year ago and today is completely healthy. It really works.
Norma Raymond (Age-28years)
California, USA
Keva Noni proved really very beneficial in the cure of hepatitis. I was continuously suffering from loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, pain in the body, severe weakness. I went through so many treatments but nothing was helping in combating with this disease. But with the regular use of Keva Noni, my condition started improving and now I am feeling much better.
Hitesh Verma (Age-42)
Pithora, Chhattisgarh
I am a BP patient for the last 5 years and that affected my kidneys too. I started suffering from shortness of breath, severe headaches and weakness. My physician suggested me to take Keva Noni with the prescribed medicines. And that really changed my life. Keva Noni gives me such a relief from this severe disease. I am so thankful to Keva noni Team.
Sonali Dasgupta (Age-46)
Asansol, West Bengal
My wife was diagnosed with hypertension, uric acid, high cholesterol and triglycerides, and even with treatment her health did not improve. Then my uncle recommended Keva Noni juice, and my wife has been drinking the juice for a month and noticing improvement in her health. All symptoms of hypertension, cholesterol etc. has disappeared. She seems to be very energetic. It’s truly amazing!
Milan Richard (Age-42years)
California, USA
I was suffering from hypertension and BP problem for the last 2 years. But this problem made my life disturbed. Severe headaches, lot of stress was affecting my personal as well as professional life. One day I shared my problem with one of my colleague who told me to use Keva Noni and that was quite surprising to me as within two weeks I was much relieved from this irritating problem. I am so much thankful to Keva Team.
Suresh Chand Verma (Age-37)
Morena, Madhya Pradesh
I had indigestion problem from many years. After having anything I felt like vomiting so I was feared of eating anything and getting weaker and weaker. I lost my interest to do any activity. Then my physician told me about Benefits of Keva noni; I started taking Noni and in the first three weeks I started feeling the difference. Now I could eat well. There is no vomiting and I feel very good. I am happy now and my digestion is also good now. Keva Noni is a gift to me and my family. It is really amazing!
Peter Ludwig (Age-43years)
California, USA
Generally people say “good sleep makes your day good” and who knows this better except me. As for the last 8-9 months I was suffering from this problem. I did everything for the cure of this problem. But all my efforts failed. Then one day my husband brought me Keva Noni. And believe me in the regular use of 7-8 days my problem has completely gone, and I am taking good sleep daily.
Rashmi Sangma (Age-36)
Rangram, Meghalaya
I was usually suffering from intestinal disorder for the last 2-3 months. I consulted my physician & he prescribed me some medicines but that was not helping me completely. Severe weakness, pains and infection were unbearable. I would like to thank whole Keva Noni team for giving me relief from this serious disease.
Rajaram Venkatraman (Age-47)
Badvel, Andhra Pradesht
I am a housewife, my age is 33 years, and for the last 3 years I had been suffering from the severe muscular and joints pains. I could not do my routine work properly. It was so painful, I consulted my physician and he gave me several medicines. When nothing was relaxing me, one day my husband brought Keva Noni for me, and with the proper usage, I am much relaxed now and I found this product very effective on this.
Neetu Bothra (Age-33)
Jhalawar, Rajasthan
I am 30 years old, working in a company. I had developed Liver problem due to excessive drink 1 year back. I was properly following my doctor’s advice and taking proper medications on time but that was not relieving me. I was getting weak day by day and my life turned really hell. But one day my father suggested me to take Keva Noni as this is completely a natural product and has no side effects. Within one month of proper use I am much relieved now and leading a healthy life.
Rameshwar Mohan (Age-30)
Uttangarai, Tamil Nadu
I am a 35 years old, housewife and mother of two children. Severe muscular pains made my life miserable. I was not getting any relief in spite of adopting so many treatments. I used some physical therapies, but nothing was comforting me. Then I tried Keva Noni which helped me a lot in fighting against these severe pains.
Shiwani Bansal (Age-35)
Gohana, Haryana
I am a 25 years old girl, and nearly 12 months back, I started gaining a lot of weight due to my unhealthy eating habits. That was really depressing me. I started doing regular exercises, and I quit eating unhealthy food but that not helping me to get rid of this problem. My weight was increasing like anything. One day my Grandmother suggested me to use Keva Noni and trust me in a one week; I observed improvement in my problem. And it has been 3 months I am using Keva Noni and I have regained my normal health.
Divya Jain (Age-25)
Hapur, U.P

I am an athlete and for last few months my overweight was affecting my performance. Then I heard about Keva Noni, at first I didn't believe until I decided to give it a try. Within two months I've lost 15 kilos, it is controlling my rhinitis condition; my overall performance in sports. Now I recommended Keva noni to all my friends. It is natural, and healthy and safe. Thanks!
Martin (Age-33years)
California, USA
I am 48 years old. I had no energy and was not feeling well in general; partly because of my extra weight and diabetes. I have been drinking noni juice for 4 months now and lost about 20 kg. My sugar level has gone down to normal. Noni is fantastic.
Eliza Estrada (Age-48years)
New York, USA
I was very much over weight and depressed before taking Keva Noni. I could not eat even fruits and vegetables. I could not sleep during nights properly. After using Keva Noni I felt a great change in my life. I have reduced my weight and now I am more confident and active. I can sleep well. Keva Noni is an excellent health maker for me. Thanks!
Jackson Thomas (Age-47years)
California, USA
For Last six months I have been suffering from symptoms of paralysis and doctors told me I am likely to get paralytic stroke. I was also suffering from cold. He prescribed me very strong medicines which were causing restlessness to me. Them I come to know about Keva Noni and after taking it for three months, now the same doctor says there is no chance to paralytic attack. My other problems have also diminished. Thank you!
N.J. Kippen
California, USA
I suffered a lot from pains in my legs due to poor circulation and varicose veins. Then I came to know about Keva Noni and its benefits from my physician and started taking it. I have been drinking Keva noni for one year and the pain and heaviness in my legs have disappeared. I am very happy with its results and recommend it to those who also suffer from poor circulation. It actually works.
Kathryn Arolina (Age-28years)
California, USA
I was a heart patient for the last 2 years. My physician reported that there was a partial blockage in the arteries. That was causing pain, numbness and swelling in my left leg. Even I could not walk. I regularly followed my doctor’s advice and took proper medicines. But there was very minor improvement observed in my condition. Then one day my friend told me to use Keva Noni. And this natural product is so effective, within one month my condition was much improved and now I am leading a normal and healthy life.
Shivdayal Sharma (Age-57)
Bandipura, J&K
I was suffering from breathing problem for the last 6 year. I used to feel tired and sweat during working and also while walking. Doctors advised me medication and told that I was suffering from asthma. But there was no improvement. My boss introduced Keva Noni to me. After taking Noni for 1 month I felt a great improvement in my performance. Now all symptoms of Asthma have been disappearing. Now I am able to work smoothly and efficiently. Thanks to Keva Noni.
Aayam Shah (Age-53years)
California, USA
Keva Noni helped me a lot in treatment of psoriasis. I was suffering from this disease for the last 3 years. This disease damaged confidence level. I didn’t want to see my skin in the mirror. But when I started using Keva Noni, intensity of rashes started decreasing considerably. And in 4 months I regained my confidence and healthy skin and l love myself.
Poonam Banerjee (Age-37)
Salabani, West Bengal
I am 29 years old, suffering from severe weakness and regular illness. I tried very much to get rid of the problem of severe weakness & illness but nothing was improving my condition. My condition was disturbing my parents very much as it was getting even worse. Then one day my father bought Keva Noni for me and with its regular use I started improving day by day. And now after one month I am feeling myself healthy and full of life.
Rekha Patel (Age-29)
Disa, Gujarat
I am 45 years old lady, suffering from lots of health problems like stomach pain, acidity, diabetes and BP for last 2 years. Last year my daughter suggested me to try Keva Noni. I made my mind and decided to try this. I started taking Keva Noni, and you will not believe me, all my health problems are solved within a month. Now I am feeling healthy, with lots of energy throughout the day. At nights I am enjoying sound sleep which wasn’t possible earlier. Now, I am giving this health enhancer to everyone in my family.
Daisy Smith (Age-45years)
New York, USA
I want to share my wonderful experience about Keva Noni. I developed severe abdominal disease nearly 3 years back. I was continuously suffering from stomach pains, poor appetite, and weakness. I went through so many treatments for the proper cure of this chronic disease. But nothing was giving me relief from pains. But that was quite surprising to me that within 15 days of use, Keva Noni has shown its effects. Now I am feeling myself healthy and full of life.
Pankaj Sisodia( Age-43)
Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh
I had suffered with a pain and discomfort in my lower stomach area and was afraid to go to the doctor because of my fear of what I would find out. On recommendation of my dietitian I started taking the Keva Noni and the pain and the discomfort went. Now I use noni for everything including digestion, constipation or any discomfort. I can swear by noni, it works with every condition you can think of. I am 51 years and I have no complaints, I drink noni even when nothing is wrong because it cleanse you and get rid of the toxins in the body.
Maria Burbank
California, USA

I was a Piles patient & also suffered diabetes and B.P problem. My doctor told that coz of Diabetes & B.P along with piles, it is not safe to operate for Piles. My world was shattered at that point of time as my doctor had explained me in such a way that I felt lying on a dead floor. Fortunately a colleague of my doctor heard of the case & gave me ConcenTrace. I started taking it daily & within a 10-15 days I felt so much relief from all my problems. Now I feel I am back to life. Thanks sooo much.
Kate Fox (Age-65yrs)
Guadalajara, Mexico
I am a 40 years old working person & want to share my experience with Keva Noni. For the last 1 year, I have been dealing with severe stomach problems. I was not getting any permanent solution for its cure. I was regularly following my doctor’s advice but that was not giving me any relief. Then my father suggested me about Keva Noni. And trust me my problem started improving from the very first day of using this wonderful product.
Jaiprakash Narayanan (Age-40)
Aruppukottai, TamilNadu
I developed stress and hypertension for the last 1 year. That completely made my life miserable. I adopted so many stress management programs but they were not giving me permanent relief. On consulting my physician, she told me that I was suffering from disturbed body metabolic system and that required addition of some supplements in my diet. Then my brother told me to use Keva Noni juice, that helped me to recover fast from this disease and now I am living my life happily.
Saket Jethani (Age-34)
Nilanga, Maharashtra
I am a 56 year old lady; my suffering began three and half years ago when one morning I found my knee swollen. When I went to the doctor he told me he could only give me pain medication and I should try to limit the strain I put on that knee. Even worse, a month later the other knee also had swollen and the doctor operated on it. The cramps in my left knee disappeared, but continued in the right knee. I then started drinking Keva Noni I can tell you with certainty that this works almost immediately. I am very happy and able to resume my work; the knee no longer bothers me and the swelling has gone away.
Jose C. Broz (Age-56years)
Maine, USA
Hello. I am 36years old. I had high levels of triglycerides (up to 1500) and cholesterol (up to 600) for four years now. I tried almost every medication without any positive result and then suddenly one day my doctor suggested me to use Keva noni. After only one month of drinking Keva Noni juice I have lowered my triglycerides from 645 to 200. I am still surprised by the results. Now I am a regular user of Keva Noni.
Wilson (Age-36years)
California USA
I was suffering from intestinal disorder. My life got completely disturbed with the continuous pain in stomach, high fever, and fatigue. One of my friends advised me to use Keva Noni juice as this is very useful in treating intestinal problems. I followed her advice and after the regular use of 2-3 days my condition was treated promptly. And I am completely recovered from this disease.
Jaswant Rathore (Age-53)
Ramsar, Rajasthan
I was suffering from Urinary problem for the last 4 years. This is an embarrassing and frustrating problem. But with the regular use of Keva Noni my problem was relieved and I am leading healthy and normal life.
Nirmala Pathak (Age-38)
Saharanpur, U.P
I am 25 years old, working in a private company. I was continuously dealing with weight loss, weakness, loss of appetite, tiredness. On consulting physician, he advised me to take some healthy diet and supplements. My father brought Keva Noni juice for me. That really proved a wonderful product for me, in the regular use of two weeks I observed much improvement in my condition. That’s really the most effective health product I have used in my life.
JShankar Rangarajan (Age-25)
Nanjangud, Karnataka

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