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Keva Omega 3

On doctor’s recommendation I begin taking Keva Omega 3 as an aid to improving my blood pressure and to lower my cholesterol. I have been very pleased with the results. Not only has my blood pressure dropped to near normal levels combined with an active cardio workout schedule but I have noticed an improvement in the amount of pain and stiffness I experience daily from my Lupus/fibromyalgia symptoms. This product has proved to be a useful tool in my fight to return to my optimum health.
Ranjan Patil (38 years)
Kodinar, Gujarat

I’ve been using omega-3 for a year as I was suffering from deposition of plague in the arteries. The results are absolutely unbelievable. It really reduced the plaque and strengthens the functioning of my heart. Now, I am leading a disease free life.
Amreek Singh (34 years)
Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu

Seven years back I had blood pressure and headache. When allopathic drugs failed, I decided to try Ayurveda medicines. Then I came to know about Keva Omega 3. I pursued it for two months and had lot of relief. I felt the effect after few days. It's a very nice therapy and people must take its benefits.
Sandhya Sood (46 years)
Chatra, Jharkhand

I was suffering from arthritis for 10 years. Keva Omega 3 really helped with the arthritic pain I was having in my joints, and getting me to think with more focus again. Keva Omega 3 is a Great product!
Zubeda Fakhri (38 years)
Yavatmal, Maharashtra

Keva Omega 3 is an extremely good value. It really helped me in reducing my arthritis, the pain has greatly reduced. It is a best quality product.
Lallit Kumar (46 years)
Saharsa, Bihar

I started using Keva Omega 3 about 1 month ago. I have had a couple of very noticeable changes in the last couple of weeks. First, the knee joint pain that has affected me over the past couple of years is greatly reduced, almost non-existent at this point!! Also, I have had some areas of psoriasis that are now greatly improved and I notice a difference in my skin. I am very pleased with the quality of this product. Thanks again for putting out such high quality products!!"
Hussain Khan (43 years)
Hassan, Karnataka

For as long as I can remember I’ve had short, brittle nails, slow growing hair, and skin that never glowed without the use of moisturizers or creams. To my surprise, after only one month of taking Keva omega-3, I noticed a significant change in my outer appearance. My nails are strong, my hair grows quickly, and my skin looks amazing! I’ve even turned my friends and family on to this product after sending them pictures of my nails and skin, and insisted they should try first. I never saw these results with any parallel products!"
Karen Shah (46 years)

I am a national athlete so; I need to keep my body in peak performance, to withstand grueling daily workouts. Keva Omega-3, which I take daily, eliminates muscle soreness and speeds up recovery. It helps me gain strength in all areas, as well as maintain it."
Raguvansh Raj (32 years)
Purulia, West Bengal

I have developed low energy and severe fatigue due to work load. It really affected my work. Keva Omega 3 gives much higher energy and concentration levels. It is a Good value product. Thanks.
Rohan Basra (36 years)
Mandla, Madhya Pradesh

My father, diabetic patient, used to take insulin of 15 to 20 units. As a result of Keva Omega 3, the sugar level has reduced and the insulin in-take dosage is reduced to 3 units. Thanks Keva Industries!
Parneet Sood (48 years)
Jaipur, Rajasthan

I have focus and memory problems (which I've had for all of my life), but I didn't want to take stimulants because I've seen people get addicted. One of my friends suggested that I must try Keva Omega 3 supplements, so I decided to go for it. This product really works great, really helps with my ADHD and my short term memories tremendously. I can focus in my studying and no jittery feelings.
Alamgir (42 years)
Lohaghat, Uttrakhand

Over the last few years I have tried various memory enhancing pills and supplements. Omega 3 by Keva Industries has been the best product that I've tried that consistently yields sustainable and positive results.
Tushar Thapar (34 years)
Nandurbar, Maharashtra

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