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Keva Sea Buckthorn Drops

Keva Sea buckthorn Drops is like a miracle to me, it helped my skin in many ways. After about 2 weeks of using this product, I noticed my skin felt noticeably softer and smoother. Thanks Keva Sea Buckthorn Drops!

Hariram Yadav (32 years)

Agroha, Haryana

I have started taking Sea Buckthorn Drops of Keva Industries for my skin. I had dry patches as well as adult acne. I saw a major improvement within one month after starting this product. I have continued to take this for about a year now and my skin looks radiant! The dry patches went away, my acne scars are virtually gone and my breakouts are minimal. I have also suffered from joint problems and after using this I also noticed that my joints don’t hurt anymore. Thanks Keva for making this product - it has really made a difference!!!

Abhishek Berman (35 years)

Pant Nagar, Uttar Pradesh


I have been using Sea Buckthorn Drops for a few months now and have had a big improvement in my skin tone. This product also reduces the wrinkles and gives a healthy glow. 

Saurabh maisuria (23 years)

Dhemaji, Assam

I suffer from keratosis pilaris (red bumps) on my upper arms. Since I’ve been using Keva Sea Buckthorn Drops, it has cleared up. Keva Sea Buckthorn Drops has done wonders for my skin

Prathik Soni (41 years)

Amlabad, Jharkhand

From last 4 years I was dealing with severe eczema. After Doctors recommendation, I started using Keva Sea Buckthorn Drops. I’ve been using this product for 3 weeks, and it’s doing the job. It made good progress in healing my eczema from the inside and out. The patches have been healing faster than before. The purity of this product makes a difference.

Manish Arya (37 years)

Soyagaon, Maharashtra

I have only been taking Keva Sea Buckthorn Drops for 3 weeks. But my nails health has improved. They are much healthier and growing. I also had a hard time taking off weight since I have become a diabetic. I have lost 8 pounds. I am very happy with the results of this product.

Varinder Bhatnagar (28 years)

Pamur, Andhra Pradesh

I decided to try this product because my hair was becoming thinner. I've been using the Sea Buckthorn Drops for about 6 months and what a difference, especially noticeable in the second month of use. My hair is restored to having body and being shiny. Although I have always had strong nails, I think they are even stronger now. I've recommended this product to a friend at work who has very soft nails.

Suman Kharbanda (31 years)

Surat, Gujarat

I’ve been taking Keva Sea buckthorn Drops for about three months now. I have noticed that my skin looks and feels better and I have a ton of new hair growth. This really excites me because I have pretty thin and frail hair. Overall, I feel pretty good. It improves my hair, skin, nails, mood and overall health.

Ajay Mehta (42 years)

Nebadhai, Duttapukor

After having twins, my weight has increased and my hair was falling out ridiculously. I came to know about Keva Buckthorn Drops from one of my friend. I’ve been on this for 3 weeks. At first I wasn't sure anything was happening. Now after the third week I’ve lost 4 Kg and instead of handfuls of hair coming out in the shower now just a few strands.  I am very pleased with the results. Thanks for this great product.

Abhiman Yadav (29 years)

Karaikkudi, Tamil Nadu

I was suffering from Intestinal Bowel Disorder. I have tried almost everything with little relief. My mother advised me to use Keva Sea buckthorn Drops. I have tried this product, with little relief and was pleasantly surprised that it actually helped! I had been waking with pain during the night, and this product has made a huge difference in my sleep and quality of life. Thank you Keva Industries for this wonderful product.

Sonal Sethi (45 years)

Santipur, West Bengal

I have year-round allergies (dust, pollen, weeds, etc.). I used to take nasal sprays and eye-drops every day. After doing a lot of research I have purchased Keva Sea Buckthorn Drops. I have been using it for 2 months and so far I've been most pleased with the product. It helped ease my symptoms, my nose is less congested and itchy, my eyes are clearer, and I'm sneezing less, with no noticeable side effects. This product is like a miracle to me.

Nisha Bansal (32 years)

Naupatna, Orissa

I'm always skeptical of herbal remedy claims. I was very pleasantly surprised when this product worked! I tried over several weeks under different conditions. In each case my allergy/cold symptoms were significantly improved.

Gaurav Prakash Singh (43 years)

Bagalkot, Karnataka

I have bought Keva Sea Buckthorn Drops for my daughters 14 and 11 who both suffer from seasonal allergies. These drops work amazingly well in helping with their sneezing and runny nose. I also love that it is not a drug but all natural product with no side effects.

Harivansh Parmar (48 years)

Purulia, West Bengal

I have started taking Keva Sea Buckthorn Drops because of its liver healing properties. I had been diagnosed with a fatty liver and was looking for a natural supplement to lower my AST & ALT levels, which were alarmingly high. I have been taking this product for about 4 months and my last liver enzyme tests were just about normal. Additionally, my triglyceride and cholesterol levels are all within normal levels (which were not prior to taking this supplement). Thank you Keva Sea buckthorn Drops!!

Lakshdeep Saaho (39 years)

Chandrapur, Maharashtra

I was contending with high blood pressure problem. After trying different medical methods, I decided to try Ayurvedic treatment. I came to know about Keva Buckthorn Drops from Internet. After using it for 4 months, now my blood pressure is completely normal. Thanks Keva Industries!

Sandeep Katoch (46 years)

Avinashi, Tamil Nadu

I have been taking Keva Sea Buckthorn Drops and noticed a considerable difference with my vision. I have been troubled all my life with blurred vision and have a lot of sensitivity with my eyes. I have been taking it for a while and made a great difference. Thanks for the help. I will stay in touch.

Rachi Deviani (34 years)

Palamu, Jharkhand

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