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Keva Slim Tea

I heartily want to congratulate Keva Team for coming up with such a wonderful product Keva Slim Tea. Fatness and heart problem made my life in danger. I was put on medicines regularly but there was no relief in my problems. Unhealthy life style & my profession were one of the major causes I think. And I definitely needed some product that can help me to get out of this. One day I met my old friend and he advised me to take Keva Slim Tea along with Keva Heart Care which really proved a great change in my life. It has been 4 months I am taking this continuously and now I am able to deal with this problem very well.
(Mrs. Gauri Sharma, 41 Yrs)
(Jais, Uttar Pradesh)

My daughter was so obese from her childhood. The time she grew she had put a lot of weight that brought so many complications like stomach problems, diabetes .She looked in a very bad shape. She was also suffering with heart & urinary problem. We all were worried about her condition. Then she started taking Keva Slim Tea along with Keva Acai. And to my surprise she has reduced so much. She looks pretty fit now. Her other problems have vanished I am really happy and much satisfied with your product.
(Sikender Rai, 47 Yrs)
(Amlabad, Jharkhand)

Keva Slim Tea changed my completely, whenever I look myself in mirror I can’t believe this is me. Sometimes back I was very bulky and due to my overweight my personality had affected a lot. I was losing my confidence and did not like going out with friends. But on recommendation of my mother I used Keva Slim Tea and surprisingly I have lost 5 Kgs of weight in one month with proper dosage & diet. I am so happy and excited about my new look. Now I can chill with my friends, go out and enjoy my life.
(Deepmala Jain, 28 Yrs)
(Pant Nagar, Uttarakhand)

Overweight was one of major constraint in my defense selection. I had dream of joining Indian Navy as a Pilot so want to join Navy School. But there are health parameters while you got selection. I was good in studies but my excess weight was coming in my way. I was looking for some healthy way to get rid from this. One day my sister told me about Keva Slim tea. Then after attending Product training in Jharkhand I started using Keva Slim Tea along with Keva Acai. And in merely three months of use and gym my body came in shape. Now I am very happy and hoping I will definitely get selected in Navy.
(Dhanraj Pillai, 17 Yrs)
(Chinnakkampalayam, Tamil Nadu)

I was very much over weight and depressed before taking Keva Slim Tea. With this problem I started developing severe heart problems and gastric. But your product completely changed my life as after using Keva Slim Tea my problem started diminishing. I have reduced my weight and now I am more confident and active. I don’t feel any problem in stomach. Keva Slim Tea is an excellent health maker for me. Thanks a lot!
(Hetal Patan, 39 Yrs)
(Limbdi, Gujarat)

I am a physical teacher in school and must look fit, but sometimes I did not feel well because I was constipated and my abdomen felt heavy. I also was overweight and exercises and dieting did not work for me. For a month now I have been taking Keva Slim Tea in the morning and feel great. It has solved my constipation and weight problem. I have reduced 3 Kg weight. Now I am feeling much fit and confident. Also advise my student who are bulky to use this product due to its natural contents.
(Ratna Kandali, 36 Yrs)
(Dhemaji, Assam)

Keva Slim Tea is wonderful product for reducing and controlling your weight. I want to share my experience that Keva Slim Tea has provided me a great looks and body shape. One year back I put on so much weight & also suffering from severe constipation. All herbal treatments and dieting failed in my case, and then one day my friend came with this product Keva Slim Tea which is so much effective. In merely 25 days of use I lost 2.5 Kg of weight. Now it has been two and half month and I have lost total 5.5 kg weight. I have become in shape and looking beautiful. My condition truly changed with Keva Slim Tea!
(Somya Rao, 31 Yrs)
(Soyagaon, Maharasthra)

My sister in law was so bulky and we all were worried about her marriage. She was continuously rejected by candidates for marriage due to overweight. Then our neighbor suggested us to use Keva Slim Tea along with Keva Acai. With these two supplements we noticed wonderful effect on her body and skin. She has lost around 4 kg weight in one month and her skin is glowing like anything. She is looking stunning and recently she got engaged. We all want to thank Keva Industries!
(C.A Venumadhav, 45 Yrs)
(Pamur, Andhra Pradesh)

Keva Slim Tea has completely changed my life. Earlier I was never happy with my body shape and always try to cover with lose stuff. But now I can wear what I want as I regained my waist 30 and my back 36. I am very happy and satisfied with Keva Slim Tea this product is very effective for obese people. Also I was feeling lethargic all the time before using this product. But Keva Slim Tea made me active and full of energy. My heartiest thanks to Keva Slim tea!
(Varsha Durani, 29 Yrs)
(Gulabpura, Rajasthan)

I was very oversized from my age. I am just 27 yrs old & my weight is around 64 Kg. Due to overweight I started very much upset and went in stress. My weight was increasing day by day in spite of using light food and doing exercises. Nothing was helping me. But with Keva Slim Tea I was able to manage my weight. It has been three months and I have regained my normal weight around 58 Kg which is really very exciting. I am so happy to use Keva Slim tea!
(Radhika Verman, 27 Yrs)
(Kailasahar, Tripura)

Friends here I want to share wonderful experience with you. I was an obese person since my childhood. When I realized my overweight has caused so many complications in my health like blood pressure, heart problem, constipation etc. then I seriously tried to get rid of this excess weight. But nothing was relieving me. I felt a lot of relief from Keva Slim Tea just within month of use. My heart problem, BP & constipation have completely gone. Even I have reduced some weight. I feel really very light & energetic all the day with Keva Slim Tea!
(Jaipal Chopra, 43 Yrs)
(Panchet, Jharkhand)

Overweight is really curse for anybody we all know that. I was suffering from obesity for many years even I was feeling very much pain in my knees due this problem. I was very uncomfortable while walking. But with the help of Keva Slim Tea I could cope with this problem and also with Keva Bone health I regained my healthy life. Now I can walk around half an hour continuously and don’t feel pain in knees. All thanks to Keva Slim Tea.
(Parasram Sarangi, 57 yrs)
(Petlawad, Madhya Pradesh)

I am writing on behalf of my mother whose weight was around 85 Kgs at the age of 65. We all know that heavy body at old age brings lot of health problems like BP, heart problem, sugar etc. My mother was also suffering from all these for many years. She was undergone several treatments but no respite. She was in pathetic condition but we could not help her. One day my friend told me about Keva slim tea and on his strong opinion we started giving her Keva Slim Tea in combination with Keva Heart Care and Keva Ancient Mineral Drops. In merely three months of use my mother has lost around 8.5 Kg of weight. She is now free from Heart problem, BP. I am much surprised and also happy to see the marvelous results of Keva products. Thank you again for such innovative products!
(Ashish Vashishtha, 37 Yrs)
(Mowad, Maharashtra)

One year back I was weighed 83 Kg, was depressed and could barely force myself to get out of bed in the morning. Then I learned about Keva Slim Tea which began to turn my life around. I started eating fresh greens and fruits, and followed diet chart. Within two months, my blood pressure and cholesterol level had dropped dramatically. I stuck with this weight loss program and eventually lost around 9 Kg. For the first time in my life, I not only lost weight, but kept it off. With the help of Keva Slim Tea and Keva Acai I feel completely like a new woman.
(Subhash Chandra Sen, 53 Yrs)
(Fatellapur, West Bengal)

My weight was around 76 Kg. My knees lower back and feet ached constantly six months back. I needed help in showering and dressing. I consulted surgeons, but felt an operation was not the best option for me to lose weight and regain my health and independence. When I got to know about Keva products specially Keva Slim Tea, Keva Bone Health and KAMD I thought they can at least make a little effect on my condition. I started using them but I became astonished when I saw my weight reduced around 7 Kgs in these 4 months. Now once again I enjoy the healthy, active life I had cherished as a young person.
(Rajesh Bharati, 43 Yrs)
(Nowrozabad, Madhya Pradesh)

I am heart patient and have been operated twice. Medicines have badly affected my body I started gaining weight which was actually not good for my well being. But I could not help it because I have to take the medicines regularly. One day my friend told me to use Keva Slim Tea with Keva Heart care which really changed my life. Now I can fully enjoy my life feeling so light and full of vitality. My sincere thanks to all Keva team!
(Raj Kamal Sharma, 59 Yrs)
(Lakhisarai, Bihar)

I had been overweight since childhood, and carried the added burden of a family history of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. I tried many diets over the years, but could never make the weight loss stick. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at the age of 45. But just two month of Keva Slim Tea use I soon started losing weight. It is the product of nutritional excellence; I no longer need diabetes medication. I have lost around 7 Kg and my cholesterol levels are at normal ranges. Keva Slim Tea brought me new life which is problem free and I am enjoying my healthy life again.
(Tilak Raj Sharma, 47 Yrs)
(Nadaun, Hamirpur)

I was diagnosed with diabetes when arrived at a hospital emergency room with a blood sugar level of 391, far above normal. Doctors put me on insulin and other medications, but I became very ill and had to get up three or four times a night to eat. I also started gaining a weight and feeling pain in knees, joints. But.soon had lost weight and dropped my blood sugar to normal levels with the help of Keva Slim Tea and Keva Anti diabetic, and was able to stop taking medication. In just three months, my weight dropped from 70 Kg to 64 Kg just because of these wonderful products.
(Rudra Kumar Chauhan, 52 Yrs)
(Mehmand, Chattisgarh)

I began experiencing severe skin rashes and joint pain some 4 or 5 years ago. I was put on steroids and antihistamines, which swelled my body. I took medications on and off over the years, and enjoyed periods of good health in between, when I started using Keva Slim Tea with proper diet. Eventually, I was diagnosed with a series of autoimmune diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis but with Keva Slim Tea and good eating habits I controlled my weight gain. I have now my health conditions under control have lost weight and enjoying a vastly improved quality of life. Thanks to Keva Slim Tea and Keva Team for introducing such a wonderful product.
(Kumkum Patnaik, 42 Yrs)
(Belugaon, Orissa)

I was very much over weight and due to that I developed severe back pain, problem of arthritis before taking Keva Slim Tea. I felt a great change in my health condition with the help of Keva Slim Tea. I am much relieved by using this product. Now I am different person who has confidence in his persona. My problem of arthritis & back pain has diminished completely since I am on Keva Slim Tea & Bone health. Much satisfied with your product and want to say just thanks from the core of my heart!
(B. V Manohar, 38 Yrs)
(Chikmagalur, Karnataka)

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