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Keva Solar Energy Drops

Today I am sharing very interesting experience related to Keva Solar Energy Drops. I am 40 yrs old women suffering from Osteoporosis for the last 12-13 years even before my marriage. Earlier I did not take my problem very seriously but as the time was passing my problem started troubling a lot. My level of frustration was increasing every day and I felt pretty helpless. But KSED changed my life completely. It gave me such a relief from unbearable pains. Now I am leading normal life!
Smita Pandya (Age-40yrs)
My problem was associated with skin diseases like acne, eczema and blemishes for the last 7-8 months. My physician told me there was some kind of allergy I might have developed because of pollution. I used many treatments herbal as well as allopathic but nothing was relieving me. Then I used KSED and within 7-8 days this product has shown its effects on my disease. My acne was reducing and in one and half month my disease was completely cured. This is very effective on allergy and now I have a healthy skin.
Himani Karhade (Age-33yrs)
Partur, Maharashtra
: I had a terrible allergy all over the skin but I don’t know its actual cause. Severe headaches were also disturbing me. I tried so many herbal products, used allopathic medicines but that were relieving me for some time not permanently. But with Keva Solar Energy Drops I saw wonderful effect on my skin, within one week. My allergy has completely disappeared and I am feeling well.
Parth Biswas (Age- 34yrs)
Ormanihi, Jharkhand
I am 36 years old woman; I had been dealing with this chronic problem for the last 3 years. This problem was stealing all my peace and comfort. Specially in winters I felt much stiffness and pain in my joints. That was more irritated thing that all the treatments and medication for this were failed to give me some respite. But when I started using KSED my life completely changed. Within use of 20 to 25 days I started improving. Now it has been 3 months I am regularly taking KSED and regained my health. Really KSED is a great product!
Gauri Merchant (Age: 36 years)

For the last 7-8 years I have been dealing with stiffness and severe pain in my joints and bones. I did every possible treatment but nothing proved beneficial to me. That also developed severe complications in me like weakness, stress & cold n cough etc. But with the help of Keva Solar Energy Drops, I can deal with my problem in much comfortable way and I am enjoying my life completely!
Prashant Kaler (Age-42yrs)

For the last 9 yrs, I have been suffering from this problem. But with last 2-3 yrs my problem had been really affecting my life like anything. I consult many physicians, orthopaedicians, but of no use. My problem was increasing day by day. Before 2 months, one of my colleagues Mr. Hansraj suggested me to use Keva Solar Energy Drops and hence it is natural product my doctor allowed me to take this with medications. That was really surprising in duration of 2-3 weeks my condition started improving with the medicines I was taking earlier. Now I am regularly using this product & that is managing my problem to a great extent. God bless Keva!
Rumila Paliwal (Age-39yrs)
Baewar, Rajsthan

I am a 36 years old business lady. I suffered severe pains in left knee and elbow and right hand. I could not walk and hold objects with my right hand. But Keva Solar Energy Drops made my life much easy and pain free. My heartiest thanx to this marvelous health product!
Michel Bernard (Age-36yrs)
Rixheim, France
I was suffering from severe back and joint pain from last 5 yrs but I took the risk of ordering this KSED. After using for about a week I also felt that it’s not going to Work, but I continued to use it and for my surprise I found that my pain was reduced by 80% after first month. Thanks to KSED!
Padmagriha Airani (Age-43yrs)
Kopol, Andhra Pradesh
My son is 16 years old, he was very anemic & his health was deteriorating for the last 10 months. We did not understand its reason. We took him to the doctor for the thorough check ups but doctor told us he needs some healthy diet & supplements. But we were already taking care of his diet and that was not solving his problem. One day one of his friend’s mother Mrs. Smita Pandya told me about KSED. I brought it immediately and started giving him daily. And that was really surprising to me his condition tremendously improving. Now he pays more attention to his studies earlier that was not possible due to weakness. I really appreciate your effort to make such a innovative product.
Rachana Jain(Age-39yrs)
Rajakhera, Rajasthan
I had developed asthma in my early 40s. I was experiencing breathing problem and trust me I cannot explain what I was going through. With many medications and treatments somehow I tried to manage my critical condition. But KSED saved me from all the misers and problems. This health product has shown excellent results in just one month and this acute Asthma is very much under control. I am very much thankful to KAMD.
Vaibhav Shukla (Age-40yrs)
Rasra, U

I was suffering from breathing problem for the many years. Due to this I used to feel tired and sweat during working and also while walking. Doctors advised me some medicines and told that I was suffering from asthma. But there was no improvement. Mr. Dinanath Upadhyay suggested me to use KSED, I started consuming this wonderful product. After taking this for 1 month I could see improvement. Now I am not having breathlessness during walking or working. Now I am able to work smoothly and efficiently. Thanks to Keva Solar Energy Drops!
Ashwani Yadav (Age-48yrs)
Baktiyarpur, Bihar

I am heartily thankful to Keva Solar Energy Drops for helping me to combat with this chronic disease. I can’t explain how painful & stressful my life was. But now I can manage my problem with KSED regular use and now I am leading healthy life!
Gervais Bader (Age-56yrs)
Saumer, France
I am quite pleased with results of KSED and I want to express the gratitude by writing you. 10 years back I developed diabetes and that lead to severe weakness & pains in joints etc. I thought I would live all my life with these problems. But 5 months back my friend suggested me to use KSED. And I started using KSED with some hope but I got astonished when my health started improving. Now with the help of KSED I am living in a much healthier way! Age-51 Yrs ()
Sarla Bala(Age-51yrs)
Dharampuri, M.P
I am 44 years old man by profession a civil engineer in MNC. 7 Months back I started feeling severe weakness, loss of appetite and pains in muscles. Initially I took some painkillers but when my problem became intolerable I consult my physician. He advised me to add some supplements and also to take healthy diet. Still nothing was working on me. My brother insisted me to take KSED, and believe me within 15 days, I regained my normal health. Now I am not feeling any pain & weakness. That is all because of KSED.
Ranjeet Bhaduaria (Age-44yrs)
Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan

Just one year back I developed severe problems like cold and cough, constipation and headaches. I was very disturbed then I decided to consult my doctor. But all his treatments failed on me, I remained uncomfortable all the day. My friend suggested me to use KSED as it is very helpful in the treatment of various allergies. I followed his advice and used KSED for a month regularly; it showed its effectiveness on my problem. I am very much satisfied with KSED. And want to give many congrats to KSED team for making such an innovative product.
Nivethini Aiyer (Age 27 Yrs)
Kiranup, Tamil Nadu
KSED results are amazing on cold problem. I have personally experienced this thing. I am 33 years old housewife and was regular patient of cold, back pains etc. My doctor told me I might have developed some kind of allergy. When nothing was treating my problem, my husband bought Keva Solar Energy Drops. Within 7 days of use, my problem starts improving and now I am free from this irritating problem. All thanks to KSED!
Shruti Aiyer(Age-33yrs)
Pappinisseri, Kerala
My son is 8 years old, his health is always a matter of concern for me and my husband. He was continuously suffering from fever, cold & allergies. He could not even concentrate on his studies. We took him to doctors and also did some herbal treatments. But not even a single bit improvement was there. One day his friend’s mother suggested us to give him Keva Energy Solar Drops. We followed her advice and started KSED immediately. My son improved a lot in just 10-12 days. Now I am regularly giving him KSED and he is studying properly and enjoying completely! Age-36 Yrs ()
Anju Thapar (Age-36yrs)
Rampura Phul, Punjab
My father is 62 years old, about 10 months back he started living very disturbed and depressed. Earlier we thought that the age factor might be the reason but when he started living alone and even not taking his meals regularly. We worried and we took him for the check up our doctor prescribed some medicines. Treatment was not improving his condition. But when we started giving KSED, we noticed tremendous improvement in his condition only in one week. We are very happy with the results of KSED!
Theodobald Walter (Age-30yrs)
Vreschen-Bokel, Germany
I am suffering from this chronic problem for the last 5 years. My condition sometimes became very critical as I was feeling shortness of breath, chest pain etc. I was regularly on medications and checkups. My family was very disturbed with my condition. My neighbor told me use KSED as it is herbal and free from any side effects. I noticed KSED helped me a lot in managing my problem in just two months and also I am feeling more energetic and full of life.
Gorakshi Nayar (Age- 49yrs)
Perungudi, Tamilnadu
I developed this severe problem nearly 9 months back. My life was highly disturbed & my spirit of living in a happy way was diminishing. Then one day my fast friend insisted my family to use Keva Solar Energy Drops and believe me that was quite surprising to me n my family that now I am completely out of that miserable condition and enjoying healthy & good life. I am heartily thankful to KSED to bring me back to normal life.
Julie Habert (Age: 31 years)
Tadcaster, U.K
My experience is about me son who is 9 years old. We were noticing lack of concentration in him for several months. Even he tried to focus on his studies but he was not able to learn things. Then my sister told me to use KSED on regular basis. I gave him KSED as per recommended use then we saw marvelous improvement in his learning ability. That’s quite amazing!
Vaishnavi Bhave (Age-37yrs)
Anjar, Gujarat

I am sharing very interesting experience of my daughter; she is only 11 years old. She was very weak in her studies as she took very much time to learn even very small things. I and my wife were very disturbed about her attitude towards study. But one day our physician suggested us to used Keva Solar Energy Drops as the problem may be due to some deficiency. And guess what he was right. Our daughter started improving in her studies in very short time of KSED use. KSED is indeed a wonderful product!
Jaswant Bhule (Age-41yrs)
Walgaon, Maharashtra
I was regularly dealing with weak immune system. I was suffering from loss of appetite, severe fatigue, flu and cold. My health was declining day by day. But when I started using KSED, after 10-12 days my health improved in a significant way. I am so thankful to KSED to help me to regain my normal health.
Olivier Quintin (Age-32yrs)
Strasbourg, france

My son was suffering from very weak immune system with several complications like flu, cough and cold. He is just 10 years old and that was really disturbing his studies. We gave him every possible treatment but nothing was working on his health. Then one day his grandmother called me and informed me about KSED, I started using this product. In very short time of 7-8 days my son improved a lot. Now he is taking interest in his studies too. I am much satisfied with KSED effectiveness.
Dorian Plouffe (Age-35yrs)
Montbeliard, France
I am a heart patient for the last 10 years. I have to take much care of my health as sometimes I felt shortness of breath, numbness, and chest pain. I was completely on medicines & my condition was not that stable. I was living under threat of heart failure as medical reports were not good. But with the KSED use in one month I am feeling much relieved. I am now leading much normal life. All because of Keva Solar energy Drops!
Toussaint Collignon (Age-56yrs)
Haguenau, France

KSED is very wonderful and effective health product. I am 46 years old man, working in the MNC. I was regularly complaining with chest pain & breathing problem. After proper check up my doctor told me I have some minor blockage in the arteries. He gave me some medicines and advised me to come for regular checkups. My family was very worried after hearing all this. My sister in law suggested my wife to use KSED. So I started using KSED on regular basis, after use of one and half month I noticed much improvement in my condition. Now I can deal with my problem in an effective way.
Joscelin Delatte (Age-46yrs)
Macon, France
I was continuously suffering from low back pain for the last one year. Nothing was working on my problem as I used number of therapies. But my condition became more miserable because sometimes I found difficulty while walking or doing any physical activity. But my heartiest thanks to KSED for relaxing me and make me free from this painful disease.
Payton Jurian (Age-27yrs)
Rayleigh, U.K
I was suffering from muscular weakness for the last 5 years. And that led to muscle cramps, pains & twitching. My problem became much severe in winters as I dealing with swelling in muscular parts. After taking so many medicines, on the recommendation of my friend Sujata I switched to KSED. That was really surprising to me its use of 15-20 days solved my problem completely. My humble thanks to KSED Team!
Sukanya Mishra (Age-37yrs)
Motipur, Bihar
I was dealing with this chronic disease for the last 5 years. Severe weakness led to twitching, cramps, aches and pains, and joint and movement problems. Sometimes I found difficulty in breathing. I was leading very painful life. Then my father brought me KSED and that was really unbelievable that my problem diminished in just one month of regular use. I am very impressed with its effectiveness!
Eleonora Mancini (Age-31 yrs)
Alghera. Italy
I was regularly dealing with numbness, muscular & joints tingling, pains and weakness. I tried every treatment which I was told to do but nothing was helping me. Then I started using KSED this is wonderful product I have ever seen in my life. It completely relaxed me from this irritating condition. Now I am leading healthy & normal life all because of Keva solar!
Quinlan Chaopman (Age-39yrs)
Glinton, U.K.
I was suffering from tuberculosis 8 months back. I took regular treatment & took care of my health. But I did not recovered from this chronic disease. I was feeling very low all the time and I thought there is no way left to regain my normal health. But all thanks to KSED because this excellent product improved my health & brought me out of severe weakness.
Hiltrude Hofmann(Age-37yrs)
Stadtlohn, Germany
My 7 year old son developed this problem. Initially we ignore his irritability & disturbing behavior but later that became intolerable. We took him to our family doctor and he said give him proper diet and vitamin supplement. Then my father in law suggested me to use KSED. That was really much astonishing that his mood started improving. He is behaving very nicely and studying properly. That was such a relief to me, all I want to say is ‘thanks to KSED team.’
Veronique Riendeau (Age-34yrs) )
Haguenau, France
I developed this problem after my first delivery. And I was dealing with leakage of small amounts of urine during coughing, sneezing, or doing any physical movement. I consult gynecologist for this but nothing helped me. But when I started taking Keva Solar my problem started recovered. I noticed sharp improvement in my condition in just 10-11 days. Now I am completely free from this disease.
Racquel Murphy (Age-33yrs)
Kempsten, U.K
My father is suffering from posture rigidity & instability, sleeplessness and disturbed mood etc. his condition was very miserable and nothing was helping him. We were advised to give some vitamin D3 supplement then we started using Keva Solar Energy Drops. That was really great surprise for us that he started improving day by day in just 15 days of regular use. I and my family are heartily thankful to you all!
Desideria Greco (Age-37yrs)
Lanusei, Italy
My daughter is just 10 years old but she has gained lot of weight in few months. We tried everything to get rid of this problem. But nothing was helping in fact she was gaining weight regularly. We were all worried about her condition then one day our family friend came to just meet us then he suggested us to give her Keva Solar energy Drops. It’s such an innovative product I must say. My daughter regained her normal health and she is living healthy life.
Adelaide Rainville (Age-35yrs)
Rees, Germany

Obesity is one of the biggest curses from the health point of view. My sister started gaining weight 12 months back and she tried everything to cope with this problem. She tried physical exercises, meditation, dieting etc. But nothing seemed to be helping her. Then my friend suggested her to use KSED regular as it is 100 % herbal product without any side effects, she started using this. And in just one month her problem started improving and now she is back in her normal health. That’s really product!
Edouard Baize (Age-24yrs)
Epernay, France
I developed this problem for the last two years. I was continuously suffering from loss of appetite, vomiting, constipation & chronic weight loss. Regular health checkups and medications were merely helping me to cope with this problem. My life was on death bed. But my mother, who is a natural therapist, brought Keva Solar Energy Drops. I started taking regular dosage of KSED, and I noticed great change in my condition. I recovered from my miserable condition. And now I am leading healthy life!
Lewenhart Moller (Age- 36yrs)
Mettmann, Germany

I was suffering from this fatal disease from the last one year due to my excessive drinking habit. My life was very upset. I went through so many treatments but nothing was helping in combating with this disease. I was getting weak day by day and my life turned really hell. But now I can deal with this problem confidently. With the help of KSED as I observed much improvement in my condition. Now my problem has been solved to a large extent.
Toinette Quintin (Age- 39yrs)
Macon, France
I am suffering from this problem for the last 5 years and that affected my kidneys too. I started suffering from severe headaches, poor diet and weakness. My physician suggested me to take Keva Solar with the prescribed medicines. And that really changes my life. Keva Solar gives me such a relief from this severe disease. I am so thankful to Keva Solar Team.
Elliot Pelletier (Age-48yrs)
Montbeliard, France
I was suffering from skin infection that led to irritation, itchiness & burning sensation in the left leg and some part of neck. I used many antibiotics but my problem recurred again after some days. Then I used KSED which solved my problem in just 20 days of regular use. I am very impressed with the effectiveness of this product. Thanks to KSED!
Annaliese Schneider (Age- 36yrs)
Hagen, Germany

I was continuously suffering from this chronic skin problem. But with the regular use of Keva Solar Energy Drops I got complete relieved from this irritating disease. KSED cured me problem and solved skin irritation, rashes & infection.
Tammaro De Luca (Age-27yrs)
Sacile, Italy
I was continuously suffering from painful bones, particularly the hips and dealing with easily fractured bones. I was diagnosed with this chronic disease 12 months back. I was given several treatments but nothing was affecting on this problem. But with the regular use of Keva Solar for two month I can easily manage this problem.
Belzebub Clarke (Age-49yrs)
Werfen, Austria
I am sharing my experience related to our Maid’s son. He is just 3 years old and we noticed very weak growth in his overall health. He was feeling difficulty while walking. Also he was dealing with dental deformities. Then I just told my maid to give her Keva Solar Energy Drops and that was really astonishing that he started improving. Now he is recovered completely from his illness.
Rocquel Lloyd (Age-34yrs)
Mikofalva, Hungary
I am a tourist guide by profession and just 29 years old. 8 months back I discovered severe skin infection in my neck and chest part. That was really painful and giving burning sensation. When I started using Keva solar on regular basis, I recovered in a marvelous way from this irritating problem. Now I regained my normal healthy skin.
Ferdinand White (Age-33yrs)
Lezha, Albania
I want to thank Keva to introduce such an innovative product in India. This product has really proved magic for my son’s problem. I am Sharda Kapoor, mother of 6 year old autistic child. We were facing lot of problems in managing with this disease. We took him to various Autism Management Centers but very small improvement was seen. After using KSED my son & my family is easily managing with this problem. I am so thankful !
Harinarayan (Age-37yrs)
Itiki, Karnataka

Being a mother of autistic child, I am always trying to make 8 yr old son more comfortable. I want him to manage more n more things of daily life. And I must say Keva Solar Energy Drops helped me a lot to do that. I am really thankful to Keva Industries for bringing such an innovative product in India.
Petricia Louanna (Age-41yrs)
Glinton, UK
My daughter of 11 years has an abundance of allergies. That was really disturbing her studies. She sometimes got irritation in her eyes and that took many days to cure. We were really worried about her health. Then one day my old friend Obadiah Cooper told me about Keva Solar Energy Drops. I immediately brought this product for my daughter but that was pretty surprising to see her improvement level. I am so impressed with the effectiveness of Keva Solar Drops. Now she is regularly using this product and enjoying well.
Orlagh Chapman (Age-37yrs)
Verpelet, Hungary

I was regularly dealing with skin irritation, redness and rashes for the past 5 years. I didn’t understand why I am suffering from this kind of problem. On consulting doctor he diagnosed some kind of skin allergy. And all his treatments failed after that I used many herbal medicines but they did not give me permanent relief. Then I started using Keva Solar Energy Drops they worked on my problem very effectively and now I am free from that irritating skin problem. All thanks to KSED!
Salvatore Esposito (Age-39yrs)
Matera, Italy

I can manage all my skin problems with the help of a very effective and innovative product Keva Solar Energy Drops. I found this product as an ultimate remedy of my skin problem as I was continuously dealing with skin allergy, rashes, itchiness and redness. I want to thank with the bottom of my heart to Keva Solar Energy Team! Age-41 Yrs
Le Martniere (Age-41yrs)
Kerlouan, France
I developed severe muscle fatigues and indigestion for the last 4-5 years. I consulted number of physicians and they did various pathological tests but nothing was diagnosed and their all treatments failed. My sufferings were not ending in fact they were increasing and that made me weaker. One day my father brought me KSED to use though it is herbal product there are no side effects and is very convenient to use. I had never thought that someday I will get rid of this problem but this product changed my views completely. I got permanent relief from this serious disease in one month. Thanks to KSED!!
Griselda Keller (Age-37yrs)
Dortmund, Germany

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