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Keva Vitamin C Face Wash

Keva Aloe face wash is one of the best face wash I have ever used. I have very oily, large pored skin and this face wash has really helped. I love the size, price and the fact that it is comparable to much more expensive washes and works even better. My skin has never looked this clearer and been less oily.
N.K. Khelkar (32 years)
Rudraprayag, Uttaranchal

My skin recently broke out in severe acne, and any kind of soap was extremely irritating to my face, even many soap free cleansers I used were very drying and irritating. But Keva Aloe face wash was not irritating, has great ingredients, and I really think it is helping with my acne, as well as with red marks. I have been using this product for several months.
Santhana Prakash (28 years)
Changalang, Arunachal Pradesh

I love Keva Aloe face wash. I have had acne for years and in the last year or two, I've gotten a lot of wrinkles under my eyes too because of severe allergies (I'm only 25). I use Keva Aloeface wash and Keva Moisturizing lotion even and my face hasn't looked this good since I was 5. This face wash is phenomenal. My skin still looks great. Try it; you won't go anywhere else.
Ruchira Kakkar (25 years)
Raigad, Maharashtra

I really love Keva Aloe face wash! Last year was a really rough year for my skin. No matter what kind of soap I used or vitamins I took, my skin still seemed to break out worse than ever before. Then, my friend suggested me that I must try this product. Within days my skin looked better! It was less oily than before and the redness had gone down substantially. I have suggested this product to numerous friends. It's so great; I will never try another product! I am a customer for life.
Kiren Gowitrikar (31 years)
Jashpur, Chattisgarh

Keva Aloe face wash is a very impressive product! I have very sensitive combination skin that is quite dry but prone to breakouts. Many cleansing products either worsen the dryness or lead to acne flare-ups. This face wash is gentle enough for my skin, doesn't cause breakouts, and removes makeup effectively. I use this in the evenings to remove makeup and soothe my skin in the morning. I will definitely purchase this again!
Kanta Chaudhary (34 years)
Akola, Maharashtra

I bought Keva Aloe face wash a couple weeks ago. I started using it slowly as I do with any new product. After washing my face with it for almost a month, it has my praise. It truly cleanses, and is very powerful at doing so. It leaves no residue on your skin, no oil, no weird stickiness, nothing!! My skin has improved greatly since using it. The Aloe really helps with scaring. This product is awesome in my book, and I will be purchasing again.
Rupali Shah (30 years)
Kandla, Gujarat

I love Keva Aloe face wash, it has done wonders in clearing up my skin, from a face full of pimples to clear and smooth. I have repurchased the Keva Aloe face wash a total of 4 times now and it is now my miracle face wash. It works well without over-drying and contains no harsh chemicals. I will definitely recommend.
Samruti Verma (36 years)
Piliphit, Uttar Pradesh

My boyfriend has very sensitive skin and frequent eye eczema flare-ups, so I was looking for something natural and soothing that was still cleansing enough to take care of some minor acne. We have tried numerous natural and drugstore cleaners, but after using Keva Aloe face wash a few times I have never seen his skin so clear and smooth. Wonderful product!
Shruti Chadan Mahatal (26 years)
Almora, Uttrakhand

I have tried many cleansers over the years. I came across Keva Aloe face wash by accident when I was looking for a face wash that was not tested on animals and free of chemicals. I'm 32 and have combination skin that is usually oily by the end of the day with occasional zits. This face wash has a pleasant smell and makes my skin feel so balanced! I am on my 3rd bottle of it and will continue to buy it for a long time. It makes my skin glow and looks healthy.
Vikas Charan (32 years)
Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh

Keva Aloe face wash is probably the best facial product I have ever bought. After 3 months of using I saw lightened pigmentation (freckles, sun spots). My skin loves Keva Aloe face wash. My skin looked amazing! I have been getting so many compliments lately about how great my skin looks. I am hooked and especially love that it's completely natural!
Vikas Kumar Rathore (36 years)
Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Keva Aloe face wash is the best Facial Wash I have used. It makes my face feel wonderful. It leaves my face soft and clean. It has really improved the health of my skin. Great for sensitive skin and does not dry out my skin. It does not leave any residue. Recommend highly.
Pragati Desai (28 years)
Gurhwa, Jharkhand

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