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I would like to share my experience with you all. From past 5 years, my mother was suffering from high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Few months back one of my friend advised us to use Kevital Capsules. After two months of following proper dosage now she is completely out of this problem and living a healthy and happy life.
Rajesh Birju (32 years)
Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh

I was suffering from High Blood Pressure two years ago. My physician has told me to follow the medication and diet strictly. He also prescribed me with Kevital Capsules. Initially I was hesitating to take this product. After using it for 2 months, now my condition is improving. I am very happy and satisfied with the results of this product.
Nalesh Sharma (38 years)
Uttrakashi, Uttrakhand

I was suffering from some heart problems, like high cholesterol level and deposition of plaque in arteries. I have tried so many treatments but nothing gave me relief from this problem. But with the help of Kevital Capsules felt much stability in my cholesterol level. This product has completely changed my life. I really appreciated this product very much.
Dev Raj (46 years)
Sirohi, Rajasthan

10 years back my brother was diagnosed with hypertension. His cholesterol level was also high. We have used so many medications but gave only symptomatic relief. Then someone suggested us to try Kevital Capsules. He started taking this formulation and results came out to be positive. We are very thankful to Keva Industries for this wonderful product.
Gitanjali (42 years)
Chikkaballapur, Karnataka

I was experiencing breath shortness, chest discomfort and dizziness from last 6 months. I went to my physician, and diagnosed with Irregular Heartbeat (Cardiac Arrhythmia). I really want to thank my friend who has advised me to take Kevital Capsules I have started taking this capsule regularly. I am completely out of this problem and leading a healthy life!
Debo Sree Roy (39 years)
Malda, West Bengal

My mother was having angina problem and had a heart attack also. On doctor’s recommendation, she started taking Kevital Capsules. 4 months ago. We have noticed that she started improving. And her condition is much stable. My whole family is thankful to Kevital Capsules.
Dhanjay (29 years)
Motihari, Bihar

Last year I was suffering from severe respiratory infection along with severe cold and cough I went to doctor and he prescribed me Kevital Capsules. With the daily use my infection also gone with this. Now, I am enjoying my life in a much better way just with the help of Kevital Capsules.
Diljaan (31 years)
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

I was experiencing severe fatigue and weakness. I have tried many therapies before using Kevital Capsules. When I read the several benefits of this product, I brought it and started using on regular basis. I have found relief in treating my problem with this amazing product.
Bimlesh Kumar Rathore (34 years)
Palamu, Jharkhand

For the past 5 years I was suffering from muscular weakness. I used to develop muscle spam, back pain, muscle pull very frequently. But the day I used Kevital Capsules my problem has reduced within 7 days. I have regained my body strength back and now I can peacefully work.
Uday Shankar (38 years)
Kota, Rajasthan

I had chronic fatigue syndrome for about five years. I was suffering from weakness, muscle pain, impaired memory. I was really looking for healthy and effective way to reduce this problem. Then I used Kevital 2 months back, I really felt improvement in my condition. I really find Kevital Capsules invaluable.
Diwakar Sahni (42 years)
Tehri, Uttrakhand

Kevital was introduced to me approximately 10 months ago. I began to use as a supplement to increase my energy level. It boosts my energy levels and I am able to do my work efficiently. Thanks Kevital Capsules.
Farukh Mishra (38 years)
Wardha, Maharashtra

For the last 5 years I was suffering from muscle aches and stiffness. My problem started diminishing with the use of Kevital Capsules and now I am leading healthy and happy life. All thanks to Keva Industries!
Shyam Babu (45 years)
Gudalur, Tamil Nadu

I was suffering from weak eyesight. I used to work on computer in my office. Then my doctor advised me to use Keva Capsules. After using it, I have found improvement in my eyesight. I am very much satisfied and happy with the results. Thank you for this amazing product.
Shah Harshit (34 years)
Lakhpat, Gujarat

My father was suffering from weak eyesight. We went to doctor he diagnosed that due to age factor macular tissue started degrading. He advised us to take Kevital Capsules. After using it, I have found improvement in her eyesight. We are very much satisfied and happy with the results. Thank you for this amazing product.
Mohan Yadav (29 years)
Siwan, Bihar

I had personally been suffering from insomnia for over three years. I used to take Sedatives but they caused addiction. Now I am taking Kevital Capsules on recommendation of my uncle and I have found great results, now I sleep great every night.
Tarak Gupta (47 years)
Ahwa, Gujarat

From last five years I am facing a problem restlessness and poor sleep. Few months back, my sister who was using Kevital Capsules, suggested me to try it. Within a couple of days I experienced a great change. Now I feel quite good actually. I do sleep like a baby.
Rajeshwari (38 years)
Gondia, Maharashtra

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